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61. Let me tell you what people in purple districts want (since I live in one) and what I mean:
Mon Dec 3, 2018, 05:37 AM
Dec 2018

* Many are not ready for Medicare For All because they are concerned about costs. Expansion of the ACA (i.e. getting drug costs down, expanding Medicaid, 55 year old Medicare buy-in) is more palatable for them right now, which is an advance but more moderate.

* The majority in these districts believe in the individual's right to own guns for hunting, sport shooting, and self protection. They are mostly ok with increased background checks (with exemptions for current gun owners, gun exchanges between family members, etc.) and more attention on mental health. But they don't want gun bans. And some on the far left do.

* They don't want extreme regulation on business.

* They want middle class tax cuts, not tax increases. They especially want property tax cuts. (Some on the far left want to increase taxes on everyone for more social programs.)

* They want fair comprehensive immigration reform and support DACA, but they also want the border secured (which is part of comprehensive immigration reform), period.

* They want people to be responsible and work hard, and policies which reflect this. ("Welfare is a hand up, not a hand out." ) And they don't want people on welfare programs using the money to buy junk food or liquor.

* They do support investments in their schools, roads, bridges, and broadband.

* They want good-paying jobs, not just social programs or things like a "higher minimum wage." They want good jobs and careers that pay more than ANY minimum wage.

* They support public safety, law and order, veterans, and national security.

* They want respect. Many attend church and have traditional family and cultural values. They don't want to be ridiculed for it.

This is why many moderate, and not far-left, Dems flipped districts from red to blue in November. They were moderate candidates, like Jared Golden in my congressional district (Connor Lamb in PA, and many others) who COULD win in a purple district that often elects Republicans or have had Republican representation for many years. Candidates seen as "too liberal" usually can not win in these districts.

Well... 2naSalit Dec 2018 #1
I can abide by naming landmarks after famous conservatives, racists not so much... DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2018 #2
Oh, don't get me wrong 2naSalit Dec 2018 #6
"hard to change a name of a place after all these years" left-of-center2012 Dec 2018 #3
Good grief... 2naSalit Dec 2018 #7
That name change doesn't bother me. He was a president. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2018 #8
He never said anything publicly, though his campaign for president started at Merlot Dec 2018 #32
Thanks left-of-center2012 Dec 2018 #13
And air traffic controllers still call it National because they hate Reagan. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2018 #27
With good reason. Glad they have a long memory. Merlot Dec 2018 #33
So do most locals. Or they call it DCA. spooky3 Dec 2018 #42
For those who may not know ... left-of-center2012 Dec 2018 #45
They're not "extinct". awesomerwb1 Dec 2018 #4
They voted for Republicans and lost. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2018 #5
oh dear, let's not take them for granted. Merlot Dec 2018 #34
Riiight. Because that's what I was saying. awesomerwb1 Dec 2018 #36
Rename it to Barack Obama Airport Access Geek Dec 2018 #9
lol.. oh the delicious irony. Cha Dec 2018 #57
They are NOT "extinct" by ANY means. One election isn't an extinction. You have to KEEP it by LBM20 Dec 2018 #10
Actually, if they knew what "far left" policies really are, they would probably Merlot Dec 2018 #37
Let me tell you what people in purple districts want (since I live in one) and what I mean: LBM20 Dec 2018 #61
Well, you certainly speak for a lot of people. Merlot Dec 2018 #63
How about Gwen Stefani? EricMaundry Dec 2018 #11
Or Michelle Pfeiffer. Dave Starsky Dec 2018 #14
Robert Mueller International Airport EricMaundry Dec 2018 #18
What about Diane Keaton? shanti Dec 2018 #25
It was named after Wayne over the objections of his family . . . Journeyman Dec 2018 #12
If he never made those racist comments I would have deemed him worthy of the honor. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2018 #24
I Flew In and Out OF There A Lot ProfessorGAC Dec 2018 #64
They're not extinct, just encysted. nt eppur_se_muova Dec 2018 #15
Really piss them off. Call it the Saul Alinsky or Gore Vidal Airport. TheBlackAdder Dec 2018 #16
Republikans kant rede so gud...think more along the lines of comic books. pecosbob Dec 2018 #26
++ !! Rename the airport and dedicate on Cesar Chavez Day lunasun Dec 2018 #52
Wow! I was totally unaware of that. Yes . . . rename it! Vinca Dec 2018 #17
The airport should be renamed, but I don't think Republicans are extinct in OC. Garrett78 Dec 2018 #19
True that. Merlot Dec 2018 #38
That's the Disneyland airport. displacedtexan Dec 2018 #20
I have a friend who's a cabbie in that area Just a Weirdo Dec 2018 #48
Time to change the name of the county to... StarryNite Dec 2018 #21
I can hit it with a rock from where I sit. Socal31 Dec 2018 #22
I was always amused to look at the larger than life bronze statue of him out front Brother Buzz Dec 2018 #23
Well pilgrim brokephibroke Dec 2018 #31
Hell, Vivian Vance's feet are bigger Brother Buzz Dec 2018 #41
Name it Jerry Brown Intl. brokephibroke Dec 2018 #28
I think it was originally Douglas Aircraft Co wasupaloopa Dec 2018 #29
I was unaware of that...very cool. pecosbob Dec 2018 #35
I have despised him Ohiogal Dec 2018 #30
yeah but that was called for in the script gopiscrap Dec 2018 #54
The OC County Board is still red RandySF Dec 2018 #39
Smope it whistler162 Dec 2018 #40
I like the sound of "Dalton Trumbo Field" BannonsLiver Dec 2018 #43
Doesn't matter to me either way. Kaleva Dec 2018 #44
Elvis was a hero to most, but he never meant shit to me ProudLib72 Dec 2018 #46
Elvis served in our country's military... JW, no. keithbvadu2 Dec 2018 #50
Those were not my lyrics. I was quoting Chuck D. for the JW part ProudLib72 Dec 2018 #56
Same with RayGun, the right can lionize him all they want but he was nearly as racially shitty as DT uponit7771 Dec 2018 #59
Elvis never trafficked in racial tropes. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2018 #62
Well...No. Xolodno Dec 2018 #47
Even in 1971 it would have been difficult for an avowed white supremacist to win elective office. DemocratSinceBirth Dec 2018 #49
How about a two for one deal with DCA?? Bleacher Creature Dec 2018 #51
Did anyone ever hear this urban legend about JW? Quote in OP does prove he was full of shit I guess lunasun Dec 2018 #53
How about Marion Morrison? GulfCoast66 Dec 2018 #55
How about John McClane Airport, so travelers can feel safe Bucky Dec 2018 #58
there is a big ole statue of John Wayne in it. Demovictory9 Dec 2018 #60
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