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Solly Mack

(90,703 posts)
5. Sure. Don't mention him or anything about him - like his admiration for your father.
Fri Mar 15, 2019, 04:31 AM
Mar 2019


Shut up, Junior.

so lets give attention to the fictional threat of the Caravan ? your disgusting ass just doesn't JI7 Mar 2019 #1
That was my immediate thought mercuryblues Mar 2019 #38
"seems that most agree on that" mobeau69 Mar 2019 #2
Speaks for all of us now. He's feeling safe. Chin music Mar 2019 #27
He called your father's name mother fucker malaise Mar 2019 #3
Explains the begging for no coverage. Cracklin Charlie Mar 2019 #20
Notice the silence from his father malaise Mar 2019 #23
THANK YOU. NT raccoon Mar 2019 #28
The father's response to the slaughter malaise Mar 2019 #29
The little POS is getting some excellent replies. mobeau69 Mar 2019 #4
Sure. Don't mention him or anything about him - like his admiration for your father. Solly Mack Mar 2019 #5
Yes let's please not talk about this guy who hates Muslims underpants Mar 2019 #11
Exactly. Solly Mack Mar 2019 #15
Well, he is smart... Mike Nelson Mar 2019 #6
Media attention is something that Trump values highly vlyons Mar 2019 #7
Let's analyse Aussie105 Mar 2019 #8
This is the only line of attack he has. John Fante Mar 2019 #9
No mention of the victims, nothing on white procon Mar 2019 #10
Nope. Not even the standard "thoughts and prayers". Arkansas Granny Mar 2019 #13
MSNBC just announced they won't show the footage mnmoderatedem Mar 2019 #12
CNN reporter in Hong Kong described it in its entirety. mobeau69 Mar 2019 #14
Don't talk about this terrorist that evokes our family name GusBob Mar 2019 #16
The shooter is alive, his life is in danger because of what he might say and whom he might name as allgood33 Mar 2019 #17
Spawn of Satan needs to just stfu. nt DLevine Mar 2019 #18
The same could be suggested the media does duforsure Mar 2019 #19
Sure Junior. sarge43 Mar 2019 #21
In other words, Don't bad mouth a white terrorist or sinkingfeeling Mar 2019 #22
Bingo dalton99a Mar 2019 #41
Twitter is eating him alive! mfcorey1 Mar 2019 #24
I'm sure this putrid spawn leftynyc Mar 2019 #25
Oh your such a scumbag TEB Mar 2019 #26
Eat a bowl of fuck, Fredo. As if YOU ever pass up the chance for media coverage. (nt) Paladin Mar 2019 #30
I second that motion 47of74 Mar 2019 #33
At Least Fredo Didn't Go Broke... ProfessorGAC Mar 2019 #44
Yet MiniMe Mar 2019 #45
The Casino Did ProfessorGAC Mar 2019 #47
I wonder how many devices he had the footage downloaded on Deb Mar 2019 #31
Shouldn't be surprised Grokenstein Mar 2019 #32
Fuck you junior spanone Mar 2019 #34
CNN is tearing the father a new one malaise Mar 2019 #37
Ben Shapiro is spewing that shit, too. GoCubsGo Mar 2019 #35
Replace NZ shooter with president and I completely agree! Takket Mar 2019 #36
"Don't mention how much he admired my father." is missing from his tweet Siwsan Mar 2019 #39
I Think I Know Why Donald Jr. Does Not Want the Media To Discuss the Shooter erpowers Mar 2019 #40
Trump encouraged this to happen Johnny2X2X Mar 2019 #42
Yep. General Pershing, rough guy, rough guy dalton99a Mar 2019 #43
That is so fucked up. Nevilledog Mar 2019 #46
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