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42. Trump encouraged this to happen
Fri Mar 15, 2019, 09:46 AM
Mar 2019

Trump described the late U.S. general John Pershing, a “rough” man. He then claimed, approvingly, that Pershing had summarily executed 49 Muslim prisoners during the U.S. occupation of the Philippines in the early-1900s — and had added religious insult to the supposed killings by dipping the bullets in the bloods of pigs, which Muslims are forbidden to consume.

“This was a terrible problem. They were having terrorism problems just like we do,” he said. “And he caught 50 terrorists who did tremendous damage and killed many people. And he took the 50 terrorists and he took 50 men and he took 50 bullets, and he dipped them in pigs’ blood. You heard that, right? He took 50 bullets! And he dipped them in pigs’ blood.

“And he had his men load his rifles, and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said, ‘You go back to your people and you tell them what happened.’ And for 25 years there wasn’t a problem, OK? Twenty-five years there wasn’t a problem.”

He concluded by linking the story to present-day problems for a second time.

“So we better start getting tough and we better start getting vigilant, and we better start using our heads or we’re not gonna have a country, folks,” he said.

so lets give attention to the fictional threat of the Caravan ? your disgusting ass just doesn't JI7 Mar 2019 #1
That was my immediate thought mercuryblues Mar 2019 #38
"seems that most agree on that" mobeau69 Mar 2019 #2
Speaks for all of us now. He's feeling safe. Chin music Mar 2019 #27
He called your father's name mother fucker malaise Mar 2019 #3
Explains the begging for no coverage. Cracklin Charlie Mar 2019 #20
Notice the silence from his father malaise Mar 2019 #23
THANK YOU. NT raccoon Mar 2019 #28
The father's response to the slaughter malaise Mar 2019 #29
The little POS is getting some excellent replies. mobeau69 Mar 2019 #4
Sure. Don't mention him or anything about him - like his admiration for your father. Solly Mack Mar 2019 #5
Yes let's please not talk about this guy who hates Muslims underpants Mar 2019 #11
Exactly. Solly Mack Mar 2019 #15
Well, he is smart... Mike Nelson Mar 2019 #6
Media attention is something that Trump values highly vlyons Mar 2019 #7
Let's analyse Aussie105 Mar 2019 #8
This is the only line of attack he has. John Fante Mar 2019 #9
No mention of the victims, nothing on white procon Mar 2019 #10
Nope. Not even the standard "thoughts and prayers". Arkansas Granny Mar 2019 #13
MSNBC just announced they won't show the footage mnmoderatedem Mar 2019 #12
CNN reporter in Hong Kong described it in its entirety. mobeau69 Mar 2019 #14
Don't talk about this terrorist that evokes our family name GusBob Mar 2019 #16
The shooter is alive, his life is in danger because of what he might say and whom he might name as allgood33 Mar 2019 #17
Spawn of Satan needs to just stfu. nt DLevine Mar 2019 #18
The same could be suggested the media does duforsure Mar 2019 #19
Sure Junior. sarge43 Mar 2019 #21
In other words, Don't bad mouth a white terrorist or sinkingfeeling Mar 2019 #22
Bingo dalton99a Mar 2019 #41
Twitter is eating him alive! mfcorey1 Mar 2019 #24
I'm sure this putrid spawn leftynyc Mar 2019 #25
Oh your such a scumbag TEB Mar 2019 #26
Eat a bowl of fuck, Fredo. As if YOU ever pass up the chance for media coverage. (nt) Paladin Mar 2019 #30
I second that motion 47of74 Mar 2019 #33
At Least Fredo Didn't Go Broke... ProfessorGAC Mar 2019 #44
Yet MiniMe Mar 2019 #45
The Casino Did ProfessorGAC Mar 2019 #47
I wonder how many devices he had the footage downloaded on Deb Mar 2019 #31
Shouldn't be surprised Grokenstein Mar 2019 #32
Fuck you junior spanone Mar 2019 #34
CNN is tearing the father a new one malaise Mar 2019 #37
Ben Shapiro is spewing that shit, too. GoCubsGo Mar 2019 #35
Replace NZ shooter with president and I completely agree! Takket Mar 2019 #36
"Don't mention how much he admired my father." is missing from his tweet Siwsan Mar 2019 #39
I Think I Know Why Donald Jr. Does Not Want the Media To Discuss the Shooter erpowers Mar 2019 #40
Trump encouraged this to happen Johnny2X2X Mar 2019 #42
Yep. General Pershing, rough guy, rough guy dalton99a Mar 2019 #43
That is so fucked up. Nevilledog Mar 2019 #46
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