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31. As with the balance of your post
Wed Aug 14, 2019, 04:51 PM
Aug 2019

you are assuming the union was even informed.

And for "reality", you are hysterically uninformed as it
is a violation of many Federal Laws. Which the last I checked
is quite illegal for everyone except republicans... (not an assumption).
And the supporters among them will still vote for him Roland99 Aug 2019 #1
"They were told to attend the rally or stay home and not get paid for the day." How can this tblue37 Aug 2019 #2
Because it's not illegal. fescuerescue Aug 2019 #28
As with the balance of your post Cartaphelius Aug 2019 #31
According to the twitter feed fescuerescue Aug 2019 #35
The guidelines say it's an excused absence, PoindexterOglethorpe Aug 2019 #32
We don't get paid if we don't work. In any trade. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #36
it looks to me like they maybe got overtime pay for attending? anarch Aug 2019 #58
That's an illicit campaign contribution C_U_L8R Aug 2019 #3
BINGO. That's how this must be addressed, as a legal matter. Maru Kitteh Aug 2019 #11
Nevermind the obvious Clarity2 Aug 2019 #4
+1 I agree and have no judgement . They also could be singled out later by managers if they lunasun Aug 2019 #5
Its almost become like Russia Clarity2 Aug 2019 #7
And they get offended True Blue American Aug 2019 #64
Which reminds me Clarity2 Aug 2019 #66
+1 uponit7771 Aug 2019 #12
It was noticeable how unenthusiastic they were renate Aug 2019 #20
So instead of paying people to attend his BS rallies, Haggis for Breakfast Aug 2019 #6
What plant is this? Ilsa Aug 2019 #8
Looks like it was western PA NotASurfer Aug 2019 #10
They were union workers and the union put out an information sheet DeminPennswoods Aug 2019 #18
Shell plastics plant (still under construction, hence the safety vests) hatrack Aug 2019 #15
Shell ethane cracker plant near Monaca, Pa DeminPennswoods Aug 2019 #17
No lunch provided. Can't bring one. Have to stand motionless for hours. Girard442 Aug 2019 #9
K&R, "... those who are NOT in attendance will not receive overtime on Friday" uponit7771 Aug 2019 #13
The whole thing was purposeful. Shows that he'll come into Labor territory, Mc Mike Aug 2019 #14
So, they have to go if they want to get paid Bettie Aug 2019 #16
Why would the union agree to this? Hotler Aug 2019 #19
Major arm-twisting, and a last shred of hope that Trump will not go ballistic & punish them Hekate Aug 2019 #25
Contract negotiations? xmas74 Aug 2019 #50
My husband is union Bluesaph Aug 2019 #21
Voting against True Blue American Aug 2019 #29
Looks like a lot of trouble just to watch a jackass braying. ooky Aug 2019 #22
LOL! Good one! n/t PandoraAwakened Aug 2019 #23
That's how I thought it would be, only worse. Stand for hours? No lunch? Hekate Aug 2019 #24
I hope if they pass they will still get paid. Doreen Aug 2019 #33
It's a huge site, they were bussed to the location prepped for twitler. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #37
I'd stay home then file grievance for pay TEB Aug 2019 #26
I'm surprised that Union agreed to do this. fescuerescue Aug 2019 #27
Weak Unions, they cave. True Blue American Aug 2019 #30
IBEW 712, who's jurisdiction this is for electricians, is a tough union. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #38
As a life long supporter of Unions True Blue American Aug 2019 #39
There are some people in leadership positions who shouldn't be, Mc Mike Aug 2019 #40
I know that. True Blue American Aug 2019 #42
We definitely have too many dummies who think they're in the ownership class. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #44
Whining about paying Union dues. True Blue American Aug 2019 #45
Some of the CIO trades are more young and hungry, eye of the tiger types. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #46
Now, but they hurt the Unions over the years and Politicians used every trick they had True Blue American Aug 2019 #47
Maybe a miscommunication here. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #48
I was talking True Blue American Aug 2019 #49
It's been all give backs and concessions in labor-management negotiations, since the raygun '80s. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #52
Controllers Union! True Blue American Aug 2019 #53
Sen. Brown is great. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #55
You hit the nail True Blue American Aug 2019 #56
Marshall Plan and other programs like it were necessary, but Mc Mike Aug 2019 #57
Again 100%! True Blue American Aug 2019 #60
Funny how the ownership class here always demagogues and points to the 'evil foreigner' Mc Mike Aug 2019 #61
Trump has been counting True Blue American Aug 2019 #62
The dirtbag populist hard far right, with Buchanan, Perot, and tRumpf, Mc Mike Aug 2019 #63
I'm with you all the way, on the rest of the substance of your post. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #41
Unfortunately some unions are in bed with those Doreen Aug 2019 #34
That is a Republican talking point. True Blue American Aug 2019 #43
If the company is paying the workers to attend this rally, Sanity Claws Aug 2019 #51
Yes, should be. True Blue American Aug 2019 #54
basically, yes anarch Aug 2019 #59
Wasn't there a similar incident at a coal mine in this area? spinbaby Aug 2019 #65
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