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I agree SterlingPound Oct 2019 #1
Yup! BigmanPigman Oct 2019 #2
When it comes to pretending, once they ditch him they will pretend they don't know him RockRaven Oct 2019 #3
I tell ya - it'll be like what happened with "the faithful" after Watergate. calimary Oct 2019 #17
Yep! moose65 Oct 2019 #49
tRump? Heard the name before...wasn't he the coffee guy? SeattleVet Oct 2019 #4
The COVFEFE Guy nt smb Oct 2019 #42
Yep, agree!!! n/t RKP5637 Oct 2019 #5
I've felt for a long time that McConnell is the lynchpin holding everything together. Kablooie Oct 2019 #6
I think McConnell's got dirty hands, as well as most of them. C Moon Oct 2019 #27
That would be great lordsummerisle Oct 2019 #7
The sooner, the better! Meadowoak Oct 2019 #34
The Senate Republicans fear the Trumpanzees more than anything else Mr. Ected Oct 2019 #8
can't you imagine stopdiggin Oct 2019 #9
Yeah, it's not a back room. It's an indoor pool. calimary Oct 2019 #25
I agree with OP except for one thing SCantiGOP Oct 2019 #10
It really depends on who turns on him. Garrett78 Oct 2019 #11
Again, like Nixon. He had pretty much full support in the Senate... TreasonousBastard Oct 2019 #12
I was going to say this. Good job! :p NCLefty Oct 2019 #32
Like this central scrutinizer Oct 2019 #13
hate trump & the repugs FM123 Oct 2019 #15
Exactly this Hekate Oct 2019 #18
It Doesn't Take A Great Actor To Recognize A Bad One... smb Oct 2019 #43
Of course - because they'll all have discussed the matter behind closed doors redqueen Oct 2019 #14
They won't. nt awesomerwb1 Oct 2019 #16
Soon, please Hekate Oct 2019 #19
Holding out for another sc pick? jeffreyi Oct 2019 #20
not until limnbauugh turns on him certainot Oct 2019 #21
⬆⬆⬆ BINGO ⬆⬆⬆ Duppers Oct 2019 #31
boycott and protest the 87 universities that support 260 limbaugh stations- best value per protestor certainot Oct 2019 #39
Thank you. Duppers Oct 2019 #40
This. n/t ms liberty Oct 2019 #37
I think you're right. They're all trying to "handle" the narcissist. pnwmom Oct 2019 #22
this is spot on EveHammond13 Oct 2019 #23
Remember what happened to Scar? Whatthe_Firetruck Oct 2019 #57
The primary qualification for Republican senators in recent years has been lack of character. hay rick Oct 2019 #24
IF they turn, it will happen quickly, but I'm not looking for a frenzy. They will be subtle. Midnight Writer Oct 2019 #26
his overall approval rating would havr to drop to under 25 lapfog_1 Oct 2019 #28
You're... Duppers Oct 2019 #33
Agreed relayerbob Oct 2019 #29
I'll believe it when we finally see it. This has never been normal times since Rush started rusty quoin Oct 2019 #30
Yup. It will go from sycophants to a pack of hungry jackals in a single news cycle Recursion Oct 2019 #35
Agree DeminPennswoods Oct 2019 #36
Avalanche. Mc Mike Oct 2019 #38
That's what happened to Nixon, as well. MineralMan Oct 2019 #41
I agree with you completely. My guess is somewhere between 25 and 35% approval .. Stuart G Oct 2019 #44
I agree. ElementaryPenguin Oct 2019 #45
Once the evangelicals realize that Christians in Syria louis-t Oct 2019 #46
"Trump? I'm not sure I ever even heard of him! Who was he again? Oh, him! struggle4progress Oct 2019 #47
Are you saying BonnieJW Oct 2019 #48
Look at the case of George W Bush and Dick Cheney LiberalLovinLug Oct 2019 #50
That is essentially what happened to Nixon. gordianot Oct 2019 #51
They have no problem getting behind a deranged criminal sociopath DBoon Oct 2019 #52
In a New York second pbmus Oct 2019 #53
Losing in primary versus getting clobbered in general election YessirAtsaFact Oct 2019 #54
If Republicans turn on Trump en masse, within a month they will be saying they never supported him. Nitram Oct 2019 #55
I'm tired of waiting for Repubs to "see the light" and get their sanity back Blue_Tires Oct 2019 #56
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