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6. I confess I still hate the chimpster and chief and his henchman Darth Chenny more...
Fri Sep 7, 2012, 12:49 AM
Sep 2012

But yeah Romney and Ryan are despicable.

They keep getting worse jsr Sep 2012 #1
hear, hear iemitsu Sep 2012 #2
AND WORSER HowHasItComeToThis Sep 2012 #3
His Pathetic Little Chimperial Majesty RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #4
I agree. I've never really hated any Republican, but these 2, yeah. Booster Sep 2012 #5
I confess I still hate the chimpster and chief and his henchman Darth Chenny more... jimlup Sep 2012 #6
I missed Nixon, but went through the same process with the rest LadyHawkAZ Sep 2012 #7
How do you propose to "break" the republican party? onenote Sep 2012 #38
I didn't know I had to come up with a plan, too LadyHawkAZ Sep 2012 #39
Hey, let's just start with national domination and we can build from there! onenote Sep 2012 #40
"First we take Manhattan, hifiguy Sep 2012 #41
No dark castle? No robed minions? No scorpion pits LadyHawkAZ Sep 2012 #47
They just keep getting worse, don't they? The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2012 #8
I watched Tricky Dick resign with my dad in our living room. hifiguy Sep 2012 #14
OMG, I can't stop laughing! The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2012 #16
Tell us how you really feel XemaSab Sep 2012 #17
You Sir, are a true wordsmith. ipfilter Sep 2012 #24
Laughing so hard, got tears in my eyes tilsammans Sep 2012 #26
Why are you being so soft on Romney and Ryan jberryhill Sep 2012 #9
I really needed that laugh right now. hifiguy Sep 2012 #11
You, sir, insult the fecal primate spirochetes jberryhill Sep 2012 #12
Hey! Spirochete Sep 2012 #34
It was you I had in mind, drippy one jberryhill Sep 2012 #35
it's not just them... ibegurpard Sep 2012 #10
Maybe GOP-ism should be classified as a mental disorder in the DSM LiberalEsto Sep 2012 #45
When I talk about what I want to do to rMoney and rAyn, I get scolded for using violent metaphors. backscatter712 Sep 2012 #13
If I could recommend this a few more times, you know I would! lonestarnot Sep 2012 #15
When watching Joe Biden and listening to his speech this evening ... Tx4obama Sep 2012 #18
Those are truly bad guys but the two asjr Sep 2012 #19
The entire Republican Party gets worse each year aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #20
Each one WORSE than the one that came before. nt Raine Sep 2012 #21
It's the unapologetic heartlessness of this pair that gets to me... Princess Turandot Sep 2012 #22
kick for the morning crowd hifiguy Sep 2012 #23
ReThugs haven't done a very good job of picking presidents Auntie Bush Sep 2012 #25
W and Cheney are war criminals responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Nye Bevan Sep 2012 #27
If Romney and Ryan get into the White House they will be responsible for more. Kalidurga Sep 2012 #28
They were horrible, unspeakable. But if those two shitheels hifiguy Sep 2012 #30
You spoke for me too nt Progressive dog Sep 2012 #29
Bush/Cheney still hold the title for me.... lastlib Sep 2012 #31
Me too, but R/R are too close behind them for my comfort. n/t Cleita Sep 2012 #42
Promote the private sector, not the privileged sector Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2012 #32
That was one of the best lines of the convention. hifiguy Sep 2012 #33
Tricky Dick's looking better every day... alterfurz Sep 2012 #36
Only to those who weren't around to remember him or have forgotten onenote Sep 2012 #37
Really, if I were a monkey I'd be insulted. They're so cute! mnhtnbb Sep 2012 #43
I actually find myself missing Nixon slackmaster Sep 2012 #44
kick one_voice Sep 2012 #46
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