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14. I watched Tricky Dick resign with my dad in our living room.
Fri Sep 7, 2012, 01:39 AM
Sep 2012

He was an old union guy and despised Nixon. I was a long-haired dope-smoking 17 year old and we both enjoyed seeing that weasel suffer. Dad had told me that he'd find a way to get me to Canada if there was any danger of my being drafted but it never came to that.

The Repukes have mutated into some horrifying, malevolent interplanetary virus like something out of Plan 9 From Outer Space or Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I can't believe that I have seen this kind of insanity in my lifetime. The assortment of kooks, psychopaths, fly-eating dingbats, racists and flat out lunatics that was the Repuke primary field left me boggled. Not a one of these people with the sole exception of Jon Huntsman - who seems like a civil and rational adult, and you saw what happened to him - would ever have been taken seriously as a candidate for park commissioner in a one-horse town only 25 years ago yet there they were.

McCain's disastrous pick of Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods seemed to unlock the door to the dungeon where all the even crazier people were locked up, and the flatulent, belching and wheezing orcs came boiling out of that dungeon like raw crude out of a broken oil pipe in the Gulf. Now they're in the middle of the dinner party, scaring the cat half to death, taking bites out of the dog and dropping boot-sized turds in the corner. And no one knows how to get rid of them. Their level of discourse, if such it can be called, sounds like Beethoven's Ninth if Ludwig van had composed it for an orchestra composed of jackhammers, rabid raccoons and the local insane asylum's kazoo and anvil band.

This collection of troglodytic mouth-breathers, duck-fuckers, greedheads, and evolutionary throwbacks, immune to facts or reason, have scared me badly, really badly and they cannot be permitted to get within a parsec of the White House. The late, great Hunter S. Thompson once said that when the going gets weird the weird turn pro. What has happened to this country would have sent him on a Wild Turkey and Ibogaine bender for six months.

I truly fear for the future of thie country. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are leading the charge, but we have to stand staunchly and forthrightly behind them with all our might.

They keep getting worse jsr Sep 2012 #1
hear, hear iemitsu Sep 2012 #2
AND WORSER HowHasItComeToThis Sep 2012 #3
His Pathetic Little Chimperial Majesty RoccoR5955 Sep 2012 #4
I agree. I've never really hated any Republican, but these 2, yeah. Booster Sep 2012 #5
I confess I still hate the chimpster and chief and his henchman Darth Chenny more... jimlup Sep 2012 #6
I missed Nixon, but went through the same process with the rest LadyHawkAZ Sep 2012 #7
How do you propose to "break" the republican party? onenote Sep 2012 #38
I didn't know I had to come up with a plan, too LadyHawkAZ Sep 2012 #39
Hey, let's just start with national domination and we can build from there! onenote Sep 2012 #40
"First we take Manhattan, hifiguy Sep 2012 #41
No dark castle? No robed minions? No scorpion pits LadyHawkAZ Sep 2012 #47
They just keep getting worse, don't they? The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2012 #8
I watched Tricky Dick resign with my dad in our living room. hifiguy Sep 2012 #14
OMG, I can't stop laughing! The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2012 #16
Tell us how you really feel XemaSab Sep 2012 #17
You Sir, are a true wordsmith. ipfilter Sep 2012 #24
Laughing so hard, got tears in my eyes tilsammans Sep 2012 #26
Why are you being so soft on Romney and Ryan jberryhill Sep 2012 #9
I really needed that laugh right now. hifiguy Sep 2012 #11
You, sir, insult the fecal primate spirochetes jberryhill Sep 2012 #12
Hey! Spirochete Sep 2012 #34
It was you I had in mind, drippy one jberryhill Sep 2012 #35
it's not just them... ibegurpard Sep 2012 #10
Maybe GOP-ism should be classified as a mental disorder in the DSM LiberalEsto Sep 2012 #45
When I talk about what I want to do to rMoney and rAyn, I get scolded for using violent metaphors. backscatter712 Sep 2012 #13
If I could recommend this a few more times, you know I would! lonestarnot Sep 2012 #15
When watching Joe Biden and listening to his speech this evening ... Tx4obama Sep 2012 #18
Those are truly bad guys but the two asjr Sep 2012 #19
The entire Republican Party gets worse each year aint_no_life_nowhere Sep 2012 #20
Each one WORSE than the one that came before. nt Raine Sep 2012 #21
It's the unapologetic heartlessness of this pair that gets to me... Princess Turandot Sep 2012 #22
kick for the morning crowd hifiguy Sep 2012 #23
ReThugs haven't done a very good job of picking presidents Auntie Bush Sep 2012 #25
W and Cheney are war criminals responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Nye Bevan Sep 2012 #27
If Romney and Ryan get into the White House they will be responsible for more. Kalidurga Sep 2012 #28
They were horrible, unspeakable. But if those two shitheels hifiguy Sep 2012 #30
You spoke for me too nt Progressive dog Sep 2012 #29
Bush/Cheney still hold the title for me.... lastlib Sep 2012 #31
Me too, but R/R are too close behind them for my comfort. n/t Cleita Sep 2012 #42
Promote the private sector, not the privileged sector Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2012 #32
That was one of the best lines of the convention. hifiguy Sep 2012 #33
Tricky Dick's looking better every day... alterfurz Sep 2012 #36
Only to those who weren't around to remember him or have forgotten onenote Sep 2012 #37
Really, if I were a monkey I'd be insulted. They're so cute! mnhtnbb Sep 2012 #43
I actually find myself missing Nixon slackmaster Sep 2012 #44
kick one_voice Sep 2012 #46
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