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Fri May 1, 2020, 11:44 AM May 2020

I See We Are Now Holding Joe Biden's Feet to the Fire. [View all]

I remember when we did that to Barack Obama, too. And Hillary Clinton. It appears that it is a tradition on DU to do that to all Democratic presidential candidates who are not the preferred nominee in some people's minds.

This time, it's an accusation that dates back to 1993, made by a woman who has a long history of accusing people of such things. There is no real evidence that any such sexual assault occurred, but that doesn't matter. The accusation has been made, so we must post dozens of times about what a bad thing such an accusation is for our presumptive nominee.

We must pick it all apart, again and again to keep it on everyone's minds. Never mind that the Republicans will be doing the same thing. It is our tradition to dig up every possible piece of dirt on the person we are nominating as our candidate for President.

How, I wonder, does that make any sense?

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Well, democrats did it to themselves. LisaL May 2020 #1
Hmm...I see. It would be better if Trump won? MineralMan May 2020 #2
Says who? LisaL May 2020 #3
It also seems some folks simply make things up LanternWaste May 2020 #28
.. MineralMan May 2020 #31
I do't have to believe someone who lies all the time. no one does. we can do it May 2020 #36
No You don't have to believe all accusations but Trueblue Texan May 2020 #60
of course. but then, how many "investigations" does it take? stopdiggin May 2020 #69
I would believe the moon was made of blue cheese Butterflylady May 2020 #74
Perhaps a little more scrutiny of her is required by you Bev54 May 2020 #61
Hey, I'm not saying she's not lying... Trueblue Texan May 2020 #85
Nobody has denied her the right to be heard Bev54 May 2020 #86
I'm sorry...I wasn't addressing the op... Trueblue Texan May 2020 #89
Thank you! I agree! nolawarlock May 2020 #91
We need to stay focused and defeat Trump mokawanis May 2020 #4
Post removed Post removed May 2020 #5
Bernie Sanders has Endorsed Joe Biden MineralMan May 2020 #7
Darn, I miss all the fun! niyad May 2020 #78
Nothing Was Done To Sanders, Sir The Magistrate May 2020 #15
Nothing was done to Bernie here. He lost a primary nothing more. And Biden is the only one who can Demsrule86 May 2020 #29
... mcar May 2020 #34
Bahahahaha HarlanPepper May 2020 #39
... betsuni May 2020 #48
I know, right? NurseJackie May 2020 #90
I don't see that at all PatSeg May 2020 #52
Freaking stupid but I was in the camp that exboyfil May 2020 #6
Exactly. It is almost impossible to prove that something MineralMan May 2020 #9
I don't see anything stupid about that. LisaL May 2020 #13
Don't we agree? exboyfil May 2020 #23
Yep, we agree. LisaL May 2020 #35
+1 Dream Girl May 2020 #68
I see that ridiculous accusation about Biden posted here umpteen times a day. cwydro May 2020 #8
I don't wonder at all. MineralMan May 2020 #10
Yes, you're right. cwydro May 2020 #22
Clearly, such posters are deeply "concerned." MineralMan May 2020 #25
And supported another candidate...and deep in their hearts...they hope...hope Demsrule86 May 2020 #32
Yeah PatSeg May 2020 #43
Much like saying DENVERPOPS May 2020 #57
💯💯💯 live love laugh May 2020 #65
We Need To Get It Through Our Collective Heads, Sir The Magistrate May 2020 #11
Indeed we do, Sir. MineralMan May 2020 #12
Agreed, but the reason it's a hot topic today is because of Morning Joe wasting our energy on it lostnfound May 2020 #19
Bombard The Headquarters, Sir The Magistrate May 2020 #24
I would be a "Ma'am", Sir. 😂 lostnfound May 2020 #33
Lucky Him, Ma'am The Magistrate May 2020 #38
☺️ lostnfound May 2020 #59
And the right has an extraordinary talent PatSeg May 2020 #46
Sweet Jesus I hate that term... Peacetrain May 2020 #14
It's an old inquisition torture technique. MineralMan May 2020 #20
i'm not seeing that KayF May 2020 #16
Same. DTomlinson May 2020 #21
Welcome to DU. niyad May 2020 #79
I also have not seen anything but complete support for Biden Marrah_Goodman May 2020 #67
i agree with ignoring it KayF May 2020 #77
we are often our own worst enemy. NRaleighLiberal May 2020 #17
Yes, we are, it seems. MineralMan May 2020 #18
To think almost everyday we are subjected to the liar in chief, a reporter asiliveandbreathe May 2020 #26
And can you imagine PatSeg May 2020 #47
Everyone should know DENVERPOPS May 2020 #58
Spearheaded by right wing trolls. Kingofalldems May 2020 #27
Unfortunately Dem4Life1102 May 2020 #30
Sadly PatSeg May 2020 #49
I never pay attention to such noise, Gop and putin are desperate now beachbumbob May 2020 #37
Like Republicans, Democrats need to single-mindedly focus on winning elections. sop May 2020 #40
Death to Democrats for jaywalking* - while Republicans are literally getting away with mass murder dalton99a May 2020 #41
They swift boated Kerry, Birtherismd Obama, Benghazid Hillary judesedit May 2020 #42
Drumpf is a serial rapist child molester. Epstein is dead cause he knew it. judesedit May 2020 #44
+1 Lulu KC May 2020 #54
for some strange reason.. stillcool May 2020 #45
Not me Lulu KC May 2020 #50
Why wasn't this vetted in 2008 while running for VP? IronLionZion May 2020 #51
+1 exactamundo n/t Lulu KC May 2020 #55
because there was no accusation in 2008. period. (nt) stopdiggin May 2020 #70
+ agree MineralMan. This is the election of a life time - we need to support Joe Biden. iluvtennis May 2020 #53
The possibility of Joe Biden committing sexual assault is as likely... 3catwoman3 May 2020 #56
Better now than an October Surprise Tarc May 2020 #62
Who said anything about making sense? n/t DFW May 2020 #63
This story is bullshit, for numerous reasons named above and elsewhere in the media, but in the smirkymonkey May 2020 #64
Problem is, we can't get away with that Just_Vote_Dem May 2020 #66
I haven't and won't. But I will say this: On another thread, Cha made a good point. PatrickforO May 2020 #71
I for 1 am laughing, you knew they'd try, the fully corrupt party must be desperate, but.... Brainfodder May 2020 #72
I understand what you are saying, but ignoring it will not make it go away. totodeinhere May 2020 #73
The real question is how long a period of time can elapse.. MicaelS May 2020 #75
And so many little facts are omitted-the original "uncomfortable touching my hair/shoulder" niyad May 2020 #76
One correction maxrandb May 2020 #80
I agree with Joy Reid Gothmog May 2020 #81
Recommended. H2O Man May 2020 #82
There is precedent for it. And some of the same figures MineralMan May 2020 #83
I agree 100%. H2O Man May 2020 #84
It just takes one accusation Progressive dog May 2020 #87
Not me. I haven't even read any "Reade" threads here... Buckeye_Democrat May 2020 #88
Bernie supporters are using a rape allegation to try and circumvent democracy Gothmog May 2020 #92
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