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Wounded Bear

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9. I always feel a little weird when people say "Thanks for your service"...
Sat Jun 27, 2020, 07:55 PM
Jun 2020

As a Marine who was on active duty during Vietnam but didn't actually go there, I didn't really 'sacrifice' a lot personally. In many ways, I got a lot back from it, including a career that lasted most of my adult life. Usually, when out and about, I wear a hat that proclaims my service so there's an easy 'fix' to that. I suppose subconsciously I like it, but whatever.

Any more, it has started to feel like an affectation, one of those reflex actions people do like share meaningless platitudes at tough times.

Mostly, I reply with 'thanks for noticing' and try to keep moving. But the oath I swore back in July 1977 still applies and yeah, shit like the story that triggered this response hits home. Trump has no regard for the 'niceties' of oaths given and fulfilled. He has no honor. That's the core reason why I hate him.

Never evoke me again [View all] Soph0571 Jun 2020 OP
Amen! n/t handmade34 Jun 2020 #1
GOd dam right. GOP members, all 50 million of you have ONE DAY to denounce Eliot Rosewater Jun 2020 #2
Wow.. Good, Word is Getting OUT! It's called Treason! TY Soph! Cha Jun 2020 #3
Dan Rather is right again. calimary Jun 2020 #12
Dan, the answer is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BigmanPigman Jun 2020 #26
The Answer Is "ALL OF THE ABOVE" nt smb Jun 2020 #34
Shout it out, Brother. sarge43 Jun 2020 #4
yes a t-shirt! FreddyWhite Jun 2020 #25
Bravo Zulu, brother Aviation Pro Jun 2020 #5
The Lincoln Project: Donald Trump will defend a Confederate statue but not an American soldier. Starfury Jun 2020 #6
Wow, they didn't waste any time stopwastingmymoney Jun 2020 #8
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum. calimary Jun 2020 #13
"Trump stands by the troops... FailureToCommunicate Jun 2020 #17
I hope this story gets enough coverage in the media AlexSFCA Jun 2020 #7
I always feel a little weird when people say "Thanks for your service"... Wounded Bear Jun 2020 #9
Maybe nobody shot at you leftieNanner Jun 2020 #11
Humility is a good thing so seldom held up today. It makes us mentally healthy. GulfCoast66 Jun 2020 #18
Thanks, jarhead bluescribbler Jun 2020 #20
I respond with tazkcmo Jun 2020 #30
He is a traitor and domestic enemy threat. Every day. Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #10
Can we call it collusion yet ? Captain Zero Jun 2020 #14
Remember a news story that wnylib Jun 2020 #29
Agreed. At minimum, so compromised as to be in their pocket. Other Gopers as well. Evolve Dammit Jun 2020 #33
K&R MustLoveBeagles Jun 2020 #15
About. Face. Fritz Walter Jun 2020 #16
Yes! I agree! FreddyWhite Jun 2020 #24
K&R x1000 Why did trump let Putin put a bounty on US Troops? whttevrr Jun 2020 #19
The chances of Dump fleeing to Russia just went up ten fold. roamer65 Jun 2020 #21
Where's that picture of comrade trump saluting the N Korean general? captain queeg Jun 2020 #22
Powerful!! FreddyWhite Jun 2020 #23
K&R -nt Ohio Joe Jun 2020 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author Rainbow Droid Jun 2020 #28
But his impeachment and show trial taught him a big lesson. NCjack Jun 2020 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author Rainbow Droid Jun 2020 #37
Congress should determine the time period the bounties were paid, the NCjack Jun 2020 #31
Excellent! Can't help but wonder about 4th of July parade? tazmaniac Jun 2020 #35
k&r n/t lordsummerisle Jun 2020 #36
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