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Don't lie (tweet) [View all] lunasun Jul 2020 OP
An anvil SoonerPride Jul 2020 #1
An anchor. skylucy Jul 2020 #2
this! Maeve Jul 2020 #15
Lead shoes n/t malaise Jul 2020 #3
Shark bait WVreaper Jul 2020 #4
A thumbs up. Raven Jul 2020 #5
Skittles. dchill Jul 2020 #6
Not Skittles! She's AWESOME. Maru Kitteh Jul 2020 #11
I don't think so Kali Jul 2020 #12
Thoughts and prayers. we can do it Jul 2020 #7
A Quarter Pounder with Cheese. n/t Laelth Jul 2020 #8
Piece of rope - the too short kind empedocles Jul 2020 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Chichiri Jul 2020 #10
A lifesaver attached to a rope.... Chichiri Jul 2020 #13
some pocket change Kali Jul 2020 #14
Kisses. Goodbye kisses. Croney Jul 2020 #16
A roll of paper towels. Maru Kitteh Jul 2020 #17
Hahahahaha SoonerPride Jul 2020 #18
I like your thought process Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #24
Well, he looks like he's having a water issue. Maru Kitteh Jul 2020 #45
First thing I thought of too chia Jul 2020 #39
A goodbye party. Nevilledog Jul 2020 #19
I was about to type that and then saw your entry. And of course, I have a sinking feeling the MLAA Jul 2020 #28
Oh, he wasn't invited. Nevilledog Jul 2020 #31
The problem is ... if..fish..had..wings Jul 2020 #20
I'm not. SoonerPride Jul 2020 #22
You're still a good person. FoxNewsSucks Jul 2020 #37
Oh, I'm good. I will save a spider from being killed.... Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #23
I don't think I would because I would see saving him as JI7 Jul 2020 #46
200 for anchor Alex. Ferrets are Cool Jul 2020 #21
A condom. IggleDuer Jul 2020 #25
"I can't reach you, my hands are too small" Dem2 Jul 2020 #26
A Goodbye Parade djtexas Jul 2020 #27
Why it would have to be Barr and Pompeo. yonder Jul 2020 #29
A wake. MurrayDelph Jul 2020 #30
The biggest rock I can find and it's going right at his ugly assmouth. lark Jul 2020 #32
A boat full of immigrant parents RANDYWILDMAN Jul 2020 #33
I'll throw him a life preserver GeorgiaPeanut Jul 2020 #34
Me too Throckmorton Jul 2020 #35
He doesn't have even $5 - he has a negative net worth GeorgiaPeanut Jul 2020 #36
That's nice of you , but Trump won't ever pay out. He has a history. lunasun Jul 2020 #41
A net FoxNewsSucks Jul 2020 #38
A blanket...covered in oatmeal. cayugafalls Jul 2020 #40
++Make it one of those Mylar blankets like he gives toddlers in cages lunasun Jul 2020 #42
I would throw him some chum Martin Eden Jul 2020 #43
Thoughts and prayers lame54 Jul 2020 #44
CEMENT CINDERBLOCKS demtenjeep Jul 2020 #47
a bucket full of fish blood (sharks love that stuff) Takket Jul 2020 #48
... a goodbye party. NurseJackie Jul 2020 #49
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