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Ignore it; it's more birther bullshit. They got nothing. The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2020 #1
Yep. That rules out anchor baby Nikki Haley as Trump's VP pick! TheBlackAdder Aug 2020 #33
See Straw! Grasp! TreasonousBastard Aug 2020 #2
This makes Trump an even more illegal president! imanamerican63 Aug 2020 #3
The reporters are a bunch of sheep. TheCowsCameHome Aug 2020 #4
The press is the problem. I'm sorry but a fifth grader could do better. onecaliberal Aug 2020 #5
Fred Trump was born in America TlalocW Aug 2020 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author imanamerican63 Aug 2020 #8
On several occassions, trump has said his dad was born in Germany. ecstatic Aug 2020 #14
For years both Dolt45 and Fred Trump claimed Frederick Trump was from Sweden csziggy Aug 2020 #35
SSDD zipplewrath Aug 2020 #7
FUCK TRUMP Blue Owl Aug 2020 #9
I am so pissed off about this I can't see straight!! So Obama was Kenyan and Harris is cornball 24 Aug 2020 #10
I am too. This is my way of venting. Trump just needsto look at his own family history. progressive nobody Aug 2020 #12
No, not really ornotna Aug 2020 #11
Yes, but mummy was born in Scotland and did Fred run back to the father country to get out of progressive nobody Aug 2020 #15
Did Mommy go back to Scotland? IggleDuer Aug 2020 #20
No, it was Fred's father who was the draft dodger. nsd Aug 2020 #30
Ah, I stand corrected progressive nobody Aug 2020 #32
I wonder if Kamala laughed it off and called it "birther bullshit" SMC22307 Aug 2020 #13
No doubt! SheltieLover Aug 2020 #21
"Grab a Red Stripe and some samosas and try to figure out why you're wrong, dumbass." SMC22307 Aug 2020 #26
Maybe so! SheltieLover Aug 2020 #28
These fuckers are ruthless, we must not fall for their bullshit! Initech Aug 2020 #16
No, but we should bring a gun to the gun fight. progressive nobody Aug 2020 #18
Wait till they say that California did not have statehood when Camela was born ... IggleDuer Aug 2020 #17
They are using an interpretation Ilsa Aug 2020 #19
They were marching for civil rights ornotna Aug 2020 #23
They're basically claiming that only children of citizens are citizens unblock Aug 2020 #25
Our current president has an allegiance to Russia and doesn't think he is subject struggle4progress Aug 2020 #34
Federalist crap pretending a precedent from 1898 isn't settled law unblock Aug 2020 #22
+1. Good summary. (nt) nsd Aug 2020 #31
Okay atreides1 Aug 2020 #24
She's perfectly eligible.. Princess Turandot Aug 2020 #27
Everyone should just laugh this off. Ridiculous garbage the RW is spreading. onetexan Aug 2020 #29
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