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7. Our adult children are back with us!
Thu Sep 3, 2020, 05:46 PM
Sep 2020

Well, one of them is still here. One left again in June when things opened back up and the other is married and stayed put. Our middle girl, 38, is still here working remotely for a medical company.

They all three would agree to care for us, but I'd rather just get what I paid for for 50 years of work, my SS.

Covid, but only if they, themselves, are infected and it's bad or a loved one dies. Vinca Sep 2020 #1
Closer to home, where they 'feel' Covid is a real threat to them. empedocles Sep 2020 #10
Yes, and with Trump owning the forced school opening apocalypse, this is going to bite hard. lagomorph777 Sep 2020 #28
Social Security ending and Seniors moving back in with their adult children. sarcasmo Sep 2020 #2
Our adult children are back with us! Greybnk48 Sep 2020 #7
I'm thinking burning bush genxlib Sep 2020 #3
We have an entire state on fire, but their xenophobia is just too strong. CaptYossarian Sep 2020 #14
Stock market crash. unblock Sep 2020 #4
Yes. This. And maybe a loved one dying of covid after a party. LakeArenal Sep 2020 #5
That will take care of the wealthier 'cons, methinks. empedocles Sep 2020 #6
Nothing. J_William_Ryan Sep 2020 #8
The social security party (the largest and most reliable) will dump him DenverJared Sep 2020 #9
The 'third rail of politics'. SS empedocles Sep 2020 #12
This DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2020 #11
Nothing. They're too invested to even consider thinking they were wrong. It's baffling. catbyte Sep 2020 #13
a videotape of Trump having sex witb a black man BernieBabies Sep 2020 #15
A lobotomy. Funtatlaguy Sep 2020 #16
Trump voters do not care about the things that most of the rest of us do. aidbo Sep 2020 #17
This latest comment that those who sacrificed their lives are "losers" and "suckers" Blue Owl Sep 2020 #18
Yeah, I read that article AFTER I did the poll... Miles Archer Sep 2020 #20
I voted other....because all of the above will elect Biden. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #19
Not a thing. GoCubsGo Sep 2020 #21
Nothing. Kaleva Sep 2020 #22
I selected Covid RazzleCat Sep 2020 #23
Don't spend any time on the true believers: you won't sway them. Those who are sitting on the fence, struggle4progress Sep 2020 #24
You're right, I've shared many stories about my sister here... Miles Archer Sep 2020 #25
The "Trump" Voters qwlauren35 Sep 2020 #26
If it's revealed that Trump paid for abortions of his mistresses Poiuyt Sep 2020 #27
That wouldn't work. Mariana Sep 2020 #29
Nothing --- They are prepared to go down with the Trumptanic Le Roi de Pot Sep 2020 #30
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