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9. The social security party (the largest and most reliable) will dump him
Thu Sep 3, 2020, 05:52 PM
Sep 2020

No one attacks social security and gets elected.

Covid, but only if they, themselves, are infected and it's bad or a loved one dies. Vinca Sep 2020 #1
Closer to home, where they 'feel' Covid is a real threat to them. empedocles Sep 2020 #10
Yes, and with Trump owning the forced school opening apocalypse, this is going to bite hard. lagomorph777 Sep 2020 #28
Social Security ending and Seniors moving back in with their adult children. sarcasmo Sep 2020 #2
Our adult children are back with us! Greybnk48 Sep 2020 #7
I'm thinking burning bush genxlib Sep 2020 #3
We have an entire state on fire, but their xenophobia is just too strong. CaptYossarian Sep 2020 #14
Stock market crash. unblock Sep 2020 #4
Yes. This. And maybe a loved one dying of covid after a party. LakeArenal Sep 2020 #5
That will take care of the wealthier 'cons, methinks. empedocles Sep 2020 #6
Nothing. J_William_Ryan Sep 2020 #8
The social security party (the largest and most reliable) will dump him DenverJared Sep 2020 #9
The 'third rail of politics'. SS empedocles Sep 2020 #12
This DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2020 #11
Nothing. They're too invested to even consider thinking they were wrong. It's baffling. catbyte Sep 2020 #13
a videotape of Trump having sex witb a black man BernieBabies Sep 2020 #15
A lobotomy. Funtatlaguy Sep 2020 #16
Trump voters do not care about the things that most of the rest of us do. aidbo Sep 2020 #17
This latest comment that those who sacrificed their lives are "losers" and "suckers" Blue Owl Sep 2020 #18
Yeah, I read that article AFTER I did the poll... Miles Archer Sep 2020 #20
I voted other....because all of the above will elect Biden. Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #19
Not a thing. GoCubsGo Sep 2020 #21
Nothing. Kaleva Sep 2020 #22
I selected Covid RazzleCat Sep 2020 #23
Don't spend any time on the true believers: you won't sway them. Those who are sitting on the fence, struggle4progress Sep 2020 #24
You're right, I've shared many stories about my sister here... Miles Archer Sep 2020 #25
The "Trump" Voters qwlauren35 Sep 2020 #26
If it's revealed that Trump paid for abortions of his mistresses Poiuyt Sep 2020 #27
That wouldn't work. Mariana Sep 2020 #29
Nothing --- They are prepared to go down with the Trumptanic Le Roi de Pot Sep 2020 #30
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