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Response to still_one (Reply #6)

52%! Johnny2X2X Sep 2020 #1
So if we win Pa. and say Michigan and Trumpwins every state he won in 2016 Kingofalldems Sep 2020 #2
Need one more. (Literally!!) aeromanKC Sep 2020 #3
Trump would win in that scenario. Need an additional state like AZ, or WI. Statistical Sep 2020 #18
Biden can win without Wisconsin if he wins Arizona democrattotheend Sep 2020 #22
More subsequent polls are needed to determine if this Pennsylvania poll is an outlier or not still_one Sep 2020 #4
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2020 #5
Then we are on the same skeptical page regarding this specific poll still_one Sep 2020 #6
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2020 #13
That is the bottom line still_one Sep 2020 #16
You seem mad about it BannonsLiver Sep 2020 #19
2016 ...hmm you mean when we didn't have a pandemic, an economic debacle but did have a wonderful Demsrule86 Sep 2020 #21
Marist is an A+ rated poll. Scranton Joe Biden isn't Hillary Clinton. This isn't "muh 2016". DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2020 #7
Yes I agree it's going to be close in Pennsylvania FakeNoose Sep 2020 #10
O won the popular vote by 7 and PA by 10 in 08 DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2020 #12
No longer Pennsyltucky ... BlueWavePsych Sep 2020 #11
YEP Cosmocat Sep 2020 #17
Having just been to Western PA, I'm sad to say I agree democrattotheend Sep 2020 #23
Fascinating info inside this poll DeminPennswoods Sep 2020 #8
Party ID does not equal Party Registration DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2020 #9
It was just interesting to me to see DeminPennswoods Sep 2020 #14
PA is a closed primary state democrattotheend Sep 2020 #24
I know, I live and vote here DeminPennswoods Sep 2020 #25
"The Democratic ticket gets a boost from suburban voters in the key battleground state BlueWavePsych Sep 2020 #15
I'm confident Biden will win his home state PA, no doubt. onetexan Sep 2020 #20
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