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marble falls

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Wed Nov 18, 2020, 11:56 AM Nov 2020

"Lady G" !!!!! [View all]

I have 99 problems with Lindsey Graham and whether he's gay or not ain't one of them. Particularly because if he is - he hasn't come out, and because being gay doesn't make him or any crime he's involved with worse.

Please, we're DU and sexuality is just one thing they slur people over that we don't or shouldn't.

70 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Time expired
Homophobic slurs are OK.
1 (1%)
Homophobic slurs are not OK.
69 (99%)
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"Lady G" !!!!! [View all] marble falls Nov 2020 OP
Being gay isn't a pejorative. LakeArenal Nov 2020 #1
It is to a lot of people unfortunately FreeState Nov 2020 #4
My two gay daughters and fluid son have no problem calling him that. TheBlackAdder Nov 2020 #20
Thank you for reporting the results of your focus group of three people. Politicub Nov 2020 #38
No problem. Perhaps it's a generational thing, but my kids are in their late teens and early 20s. TheBlackAdder Nov 2020 #42
No, Zoomers and Mils do NOT use LGBT slurs if they are LGBT obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #61
Yeah, well. I call that BS because it's being done and a lot. TheBlackAdder Nov 2020 #62
No, LGBT Zooms and Mils do not use LGBT slurs obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #76
I'm around them too and I'm quite plugged in to what's going on. TheBlackAdder Nov 2020 #81
You've obviously never been on Jackson Mahomes' TikTok page BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #100
Same here. That's where I first heard it used... NurseJackie Nov 2020 #40
You are close enough to your son and his husband Ms. Toad Nov 2020 #68
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #72
As an lesbian, on this issue, I have that right. n/t Ms. Toad Nov 2020 #75
You do obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #78
No such right exists. You merely feel entitled to lecture me. NurseJackie Nov 2020 #82
What's lost on the OP (and others) BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #95
And you know that how gay men did this how? Two of my black friends call each other ... marble falls Nov 2020 #99
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #101
No, it's by not responding directly to questions and stating rumors as fact. marble falls Nov 2020 #104
Lol BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #106
This gay woman thinks it's homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #43
And I thinks it all right. They take control of that kind of stuff, they de-weaponize it. marble falls Nov 2020 #115
Exactly. Meadowoak Nov 2020 #31
When you use it, rather than name, a person you despise, it clearly is being used as a pejoragive. Ms. Toad Nov 2020 #32
Calling him gay isn't an insult. Mocking him for being gay is. n/t Mister Ed Nov 2020 #36
We have to be better than that here. redstatebluegirl Nov 2020 #2
I seldom respond to DU polls, but this is important. Mister Ed Nov 2020 #3
I don't either, this is also my first poll. marble falls Nov 2020 #10
You do you. GoneOffShore Nov 2020 #89
Graham rso Nov 2020 #5
Of course its tempting. Punching him in the mouth is tempting. Acting out on those ... marble falls Nov 2020 #11
Hraham rso Nov 2020 #16
That's all I'm saying. marble falls Nov 2020 #22
Thank you for the poll. Seeing Lady G here has disappointed me. femmedem Nov 2020 #6
I could be wrong about this... Takket Nov 2020 #7
Graham was named Lady G by the male prostitutes he solicits... Raster Nov 2020 #8
I don't know it for a fact, I just know it's true: Someone has photos. NurseJackie Nov 2020 #13
Yep and the LGBT community has a vernacular that FreeState Nov 2020 #18
And that seem alright to me. It doesn't belong here, off the keyboard of we straights particularly. marble falls Nov 2020 #26
Agree 100% n/t FreeState Nov 2020 #34
Correct. Ms. Toad Nov 2020 #41
You KNOW that how??? And even if true does it give me permission to be a homophobe here on DU? marble falls Nov 2020 #23
I know it because one of the male prostitutes posted as such on twitter... Raster Nov 2020 #67
Twitter. Russian trolls and bots post there, too. People tweet about covid19 being a scam, too. marble falls Nov 2020 #93
Nothing ever came of that, which was odd Sympthsical Nov 2020 #140
IMHO, l don't think it was a publicity thing... Raster Nov 2020 #155
You provided the details. Where did you find them? marble falls Nov 2020 #12
Yes, the nickname was given to him by gay men BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #96
You know that how? marble falls Nov 2020 #102
Because I've followed the story. BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #103
He's devoted his political life to taking away LGBTQ rights. Beakybird Nov 2020 #9
My son and his husband have all sorts of adjectives for Lindsey... NurseJackie Nov 2020 #15
+1 BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #97
Because it would mean he's less of a man IF he were gay? Interesting take: gays are ... marble falls Nov 2020 #134
It's only a slur if you're a homophobe. Beakybird Nov 2020 #139
And you know that how? Its OK in the escort world, I guess - I wouldn't know. But its not OK ... marble falls Nov 2020 #145
I'm no fan of Graham but that pejorative nickname is ridiculous and I hope people knock it off tenderfoot Nov 2020 #14
It's not the words of others that offends me aeromanKC Nov 2020 #17
So if Lindsey were black, using a certain other word would acceptable. marble falls Nov 2020 #28
This OP is about Graham aeromanKC Nov 2020 #47
So, it's okay to call Ben Carson a racist slur as per your logic obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #52
I just want to be sure I'm understand: using a homophobic slur on Lindsey Graham is OK with you. marble falls Nov 2020 #55
First - you can call out hypocrisy without misgendering him. Ms. Toad Nov 2020 #46
I am not offended aeromanKC Nov 2020 #58
So - you are suggesting blacks should not be offended Ms. Toad Nov 2020 #63
It's a slur & not okay to use. It's also... WePurrsevere Nov 2020 #19
I cannot believe I left of the mysoginic aspects of this. Mea Culpa! I'm getting short sighted in .. marble falls Nov 2020 #29
Agreed. Thanks for pointing this out. crickets Nov 2020 #77
Being gay does matter. But not in a negative sense. If he is gay it's part of who he is and... Buckeyeblue Nov 2020 #21
Maybe, but that is pure supposition. We could suppose even deeper, you know: "Lindsey Graham ... marble falls Nov 2020 #39
When did he ever respect my rights? Miigwech Nov 2020 #44
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #24
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #25
this obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #33
Agreed. N/t Ms. Toad Nov 2020 #51
I alert it and I jury on it. It has no place here. marble falls Nov 2020 #60
I'm against Lindsey's hypocracy. I could care less about his sexuality... if he was true to himself. RainCaster Nov 2020 #27
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #65
I would never use a homophobic Turin_C3PO Nov 2020 #30
I have started blocking people who use Lady G regularly. Politicub Nov 2020 #35
As this thread shows, many know and don't care obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #45
Maybe I should being doing that instead. Politicub Nov 2020 #50
Most are left standing, but not all obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #53
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #59
Same here obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #66
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #85
Subscribed. nt LexVegas Nov 2020 #70
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #107
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #37
juries. mopinko Nov 2020 #110
I'm always learning social skills. safeinOhio Nov 2020 #48
Looks like the one vote for bigotry, or a subsequent Harker Nov 2020 #49
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #56
The plot twists... Harker Nov 2020 #108
Shame that such a poll has to take place. Behind the Aegis Nov 2020 #54
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #57
First, we don't know that he is gay. That's why so many people Politicub Nov 2020 #69
Precisely - Ms. Toad Nov 2020 #71
Your sig line is excellent. Politicub Nov 2020 #73
Whoever alerted this: marble falls Nov 2020 #74
I really don't think Lindsey's election interference has anything to with his sex life/orientation LeftInTX Nov 2020 #64
I can do someting about this, and I can do something about the GOP here in Texas. I'm not ... marble falls Nov 2020 #84
In Addition... ProfessorGAC Nov 2020 #79
I agree, it is something else.... LeftInTX Nov 2020 #80
Or even the 90s or early 2000s. Turin_C3PO Nov 2020 #88
Absolutly. there's something there, its criminal and it has nothing to with gender or sexuality. marble falls Nov 2020 #112
Called someone out for using the term "pansy" about LG. A term no one under 60 efhmc Nov 2020 #83
Still used in Ohio. One of the first words out of youngest brother's mouth if you won't ... marble falls Nov 2020 #114
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #86
So it's okay to call Ben Carson racial slurs obamanut2012 Nov 2020 #90
Oh, a straw man as a response? themaguffin Nov 2020 #92
It's his nickname amongst DC sex workers. So, when is calling someone by their proper name wrong? GoneOffShore Nov 2020 #87
Post removed Post removed Nov 2020 #91
Absolutely. We're back to offended on behalf of others. GoneOffShore Nov 2020 #94
Let's think that one through. Mister Ed Nov 2020 #105
+1 demmiblue Nov 2020 #124
It's been going on for years FreeState Nov 2020 #153
So, which is it: his proper name, or his nickname amongst DC sex workers? Mister Ed Nov 2020 #98
You do you. GoneOffShore Nov 2020 #123
Why not just answer the question instead of posting a meaningless buzzphrase? Mister Ed Nov 2020 #127
I don't use it. If gay folks wanna joke around with it, it's on them. Not for Guy Whitey Corngood Nov 2020 #109
"Lady G" is not about him being gay, it alludes to compromat e.g. his escort service customer handle Dream Girl Nov 2020 #111
That may be true (I don't believe it's got too much woooo atached) but that is not how its ... marble falls Nov 2020 #116
Your "poll" is poorly framed Dream Girl Nov 2020 #113
"Lady G." is a Homophopic slur ... marble falls Nov 2020 #117
I disagree. No one gives a shit if he's gay. Dream Girl Nov 2020 #118
Have you stopped beating your wife? Select one - Yes/no/not sure. Dream Girl Nov 2020 #119
That's not how my were questions asked. Where's the trick in my two simple questions: ... marble falls Nov 2020 #128
Of course homophobia slurs are not okay...but wat if you don't consider "Lady G." To be homophobic Dream Girl Nov 2020 #130
Who's supposedly created that slur? An anonymous sex worker in an unspecified gay escort ... marble falls Nov 2020 #131
I give up. Dream Girl Nov 2020 #133
This thread is full of LGBTers saying it's not ok Sympthsical Nov 2020 #143
Than why are they using a nickname from a gay escort servece? Why not, say, "the Major"? ... marble falls Nov 2020 #121
You actually can't prove that. BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #122
OK! See how that works? Now prove he's gay, uses gay escort service and his nickname ... marble falls Nov 2020 #125
You see how what works? BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #126
You can prove he was AF, but you can't prove he's gay, uses a gay escort service, was nicknamed ... marble falls Nov 2020 #129
Who cares? BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #136
I don't think much of those who make fun other's perceived shortcomings, particularly ... marble falls Nov 2020 #144
Isn't Lady G his reported nickname? SlogginThroughIt Nov 2020 #120
Reported where and by whom? marble falls Nov 2020 #132
K&R Solly Mack Nov 2020 #135
As a gay man, let me explain this. BigDemVoter Nov 2020 #137
+1 BannonsLiver Nov 2020 #142
As a straight male, this is my point: it is offensive for straight males to think it demeans ... marble falls Nov 2020 #154
In this thread - straight people who reallllly want to use gayness as a pejorative. Sympthsical Nov 2020 #138
This is a strawman poll. Beakybird Nov 2020 #141
Strawman poll ... marble falls Nov 2020 #148
I never call him Lady G, but I don't take offense when others do. Beakybird Nov 2020 #149
I had no idea what this title meant, no frame of reference at all MissMillie Nov 2020 #146
No worries. marble falls Nov 2020 #150
At least some of the prison rape stuff gets hidden now... MerryBlooms Nov 2020 #147
Another thing I just don't understand from some DUers. Rape. Extrajudicial punishment. ... marble falls Nov 2020 #151
I hear ya. MerryBlooms Nov 2020 #152
I get really sick and tired of these slurs against him Raine Nov 2020 #156
Of course it's a homophobic/transphobic slur. Roisin Ni Fiachra Nov 2020 #157
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