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29. I hear you, DENVERPOPS
Sun Dec 13, 2020, 03:46 AM
Dec 2020

I am disturbed both by knowing 74 million Americans would be fine with authoritarian rule and by knowing others who don't like Trump but who cannot see how damaging this is to America.

No truer words. dalton99a Dec 2020 #1
K and R octoberlib Dec 2020 #2
K&R spanone Dec 2020 #3
Except we will never be cancer free. We are humans, not machines. Baked Potato Dec 2020 #4
True but we can work to eradicate them soothsayer Dec 2020 #5
They've existed longer than the Republic, longer than democracy. rickyhall Dec 2020 #33
If he has a Gambit in mind, I'd like to hear it. Harker Dec 2020 #6
Always appreciate Grand Master Kasparov's opinions. But trump is just a figurehead to the power erronis Dec 2020 #7
At this point anyone registered as a republican Mr.Bill Dec 2020 #10
And let's not forget the libertarians, the chameleons who can switch colors at a whim, and erronis Dec 2020 #13
Libertarians are anarchists. Mr.Bill Dec 2020 #14
"Some people just want to watch the world burn." Grokenstein Dec 2020 #21
They're Walking Contradictions GB_RN Dec 2020 #24
I'll never forget the time, about two decades ago, Susan Calvin Dec 2020 #31
Couldn't agree more DENVERPOPS Dec 2020 #18
I hear you, DENVERPOPS Skittles Dec 2020 #29
I dare say, "the system worked." I would add, Republicans elected traitors and corrupt barbarians to Nitram Dec 2020 #8
I guess we could say that "the system survived"... Wounded Bear Dec 2020 #9
+33... Harker Dec 2020 #16
+1, this time they're out in the open about it and don't give a damn about getting with uponit7771 Dec 2020 #20
Think about this: world wide wally Dec 2020 #11
It proves irreparable brokenness of Republican morals & judgment. They are never to be trusted. ancianita Dec 2020 #15
The magnitude of voter suppression is getting lost in blanket defenses of the election. pat_k Dec 2020 #12
Agreed. 58Sunliner Dec 2020 #19
Spot on. cwydro Dec 2020 #17
Very true. Pepsidog Dec 2020 #22
Well said PatSeg Dec 2020 #23
They were check-mated this time sandensea Dec 2020 #25
He's right about the cancer Martin Eden Dec 2020 #26
We won a battle, but we certainly haven't won the war LeftInTX Dec 2020 #27
Rejoice. Just don't think the fight is over. Dark n Stormy Knight Dec 2020 #28
The System Worked - Perhaps, But Not Nearly as Well as It Was Supposed To. panfluteman Dec 2020 #30
+1 n/t Laelth Dec 2020 #32
A very apt description of what has happenedis happening. BobTheSubgenius Dec 2020 #34
But it DID work; a hard right SCOTUS shut him DOWN & he'll be gone. oldsoftie Dec 2020 #35
this llashram Dec 2020 #36
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