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23. CSM: Can Donald Trump revive Twitter?
Sat Jan 9, 2021, 01:51 AM
Jan 2021


I hope you're right.

Can Donald Trump revive Twitter?

Twitter has struggled in recent years to gain more users and increase advertising revenue. But some wonder if the new US president could be its financial savior.

By Zhai Yun Tan, Staff / December 8, 2016

The 2016 elections were seen by some as a boon for Twitter, a kind of political lifeline for a company that has been struggling with declining advertising revenues and slowing user growth in recent years.

On the campaign trail and as president-elect, Donald Trump has taken to Twitter frequently to express his views and sometimes, make major announcements, rather than hold a traditional press conference.



It survived pre-Trump, why wouldn't it survive post-Trump? (n/t) SMC22307 Jan 2021 #1
I read somewhere that Trump revived Twitter... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #4
Was this the article? marylandblue Jan 2021 #18
Thank you AmyStrange Jan 2021 #21
Is it just called "ter" now? soothsayer Jan 2021 #2
How about Twitless? AmyStrange Jan 2021 #5
It's a cesspool. So, yeah, it will survive. bamagal62 Jan 2021 #3
They keep sending me request to come back and join the party... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #7
It shouldn't - but it will. BlueIdaho Jan 2021 #6
They might be forced to bring him back... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #9
No - that's not going to happen. BlueIdaho Jan 2021 #16
That is so sad... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #19
Twitter is global. Trump's 70 million cult members can fuck off and it will be fine. Flaleftist Jan 2021 #8
I hope you're right AmyStrange Jan 2021 #10
Twitter isn't going away anytime soon. Flaleftist Jan 2021 #22
See Post #23 AmyStrange Jan 2021 #24
No WA-03 Democrat Jan 2021 #11
I hope you're wrong... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #15
it will still be lies, rumour, innuendo and fake news nt msongs Jan 2021 #12
Twits like twitter AmyStrange Jan 2021 #17
Oh yeah. Tonight was so much fun. The memes are incredible ecstatic Jan 2021 #13
I like your analysis and... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #14
Political Twitter is just one part of it. ismnotwasm Jan 2021 #20
CSM: Can Donald Trump revive Twitter? AmyStrange Jan 2021 #23
There is a whole 'nother part of Twitter A_Woman_from_MI Jan 2021 #25
See post #23... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #26
Twitter is not a political platform per se A_Woman_from_MI Jan 2021 #27
Can't argue with any of that, and... AmyStrange Jan 2021 #28
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