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Wed Jan 13, 2021, 08:04 PM Jan 2021

Speaker Pelosi imposes stiff fines on metal detector scofflaws [View all]


After some Republicans balked at going through House metal detectors, Pelosi announces stiff fines.

“The fine for the first offense will be $5,000 and $10,000 for the second offense. The fines will be deducted directly from Members’ salaries by the Chief Administrative Officer”
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Didn't she do the same thing regarding masks? DinahMoeHum Jan 2021 #1
yes--different $ but the same idea. nt spooky3 Jan 2021 #7
Not as high but yes. nt kirkuchiyo Jan 2021 #9
Yes she did. OAITW r.2.0 Jan 2021 #13
Only way Rebl2 Jan 2021 #55
Third offense? Eid Ma Clack Shaw Jan 2021 #2
You'd think they'd learn after 2, but yeah. Nt mcar Jan 2021 #11
I have a feeling there won't be any third offenses StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #19
They get voted off the island. BadgerKid Jan 2021 #84
R&K Thank you. MerryBlooms Jan 2021 #3
Welcome to the new hierarchy of power, rethugs. nt spooky3 Jan 2021 #4
OH YES BABY! servermsh Jan 2021 #5
good. pwb Jan 2021 #6
Nancy is my hero. madaboutharry Jan 2021 #8
She is a strong leader mcar Jan 2021 #16
Action, not "mean-girl" tweets. Not insults. Not feuds. NurseJackie Jan 2021 #95
Well, she IS a mother and grandmother. . . DinahMoeHum Jan 2021 #27
And that's just in Congress. littlemissmartypants Jan 2021 #37
+ agree. nt iluvtennis Jan 2021 #72
Rt TY! OMg.. just what we were asking for Cha Jan 2021 #10
She is not messing around, Cha! mcar Jan 2021 #17
I like that Cha Jan 2021 #32
Nancy isn't messing around. Good for her! Frustratedlady Jan 2021 #12
So proud of my speaker. lindysalsagal Jan 2021 #14
Y'all really need to stop tryin' Nancy. She's not playing StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #15
All these Qrazies think they know better than the Speaker mcar Jan 2021 #22
Not just the Qrazies StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #25
That's right mcar Jan 2021 #26
A lot of people who aren't even in politics think THEY could do it better than she does StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #28
I missed that. gab13by13 Jan 2021 #107
I'm talking mostly about Democrats - many of them here - who consistently second-guess her StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #109
One can be registered to another party and still post on DU Wednesdays Jan 2021 #111
How about IF they go through them BUT don't stop? bluestarone Jan 2021 #18
If the detector goes off and they don't stop, my guess is that can be considered Blue_true Jan 2021 #42
I like the way you think! bluestarone Jan 2021 #47
That should be written into the rule. lagomorph777 Jan 2021 #99
And have done already RVN VET71 Jan 2021 #83
Go for it, Boebert, Greene, & other Cha Jan 2021 #20
Good. The lack of respect being shown by these asshole Republicans... SMC22307 Jan 2021 #21
They come in brand new and think they own the place mcar Jan 2021 #24
I'm with Rep. Cori Bush on this... SMC22307 Jan 2021 #65
Rep Cori Bush bdamomma Jan 2021 #105
Yep. Impressed by and thankful for each one! (n/t) SMC22307 Jan 2021 #115
it's pure arrogance bdamomma Jan 2021 #104
Ty, Nancy! SheltieLover Jan 2021 #23
I'm assuming that every one of them who refused to walk through it Mr.Bill Jan 2021 #29
Yes. I said the same thing earlier. onecaliberal Jan 2021 #43
there's a stench bdamomma Jan 2021 #106
Clarification: This new rule isn't in effect yet. It has to be voted on - should be next week. StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #30
Ah, didn't see that. Thanks. mcar Jan 2021 #36
One thing about Republicans, they do understand money bucolic_frolic Jan 2021 #31
where can I buy a portrait of Nany Pelosi? Roc2020 Jan 2021 #33
You can print your own from this document.... KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2021 #92
Ty Roc2020 Jan 2021 #100
They're probably gonna have to install cash registers at the entrance ToxMarz Jan 2021 #34
"Someone's got to go back for a shitload of dimes" mcar Jan 2021 #38
That was one of the great scenes in cinema. Blue_true Jan 2021 #50
Must have video to go with it! 🤣 Dem2theMax Jan 2021 #51
Thanks! mcar Jan 2021 #101
LOL. Almost spit out bourbon! GulfCoast66 Jan 2021 #67
Good for her. Stick it to them Nancy. blueinredohio Jan 2021 #35
Leadership on display. Madam Speaker rocks. NoMoreRepugs Jan 2021 #39
I think Mme Speaker is completely, utterly, out of fcks to give. GO, NANCY! Hekate Jan 2021 #40
Yep. No more coddling the crazies mcar Jan 2021 #102
le ouch AllaN01Bear Jan 2021 #41
This can't stand up in court. zaj Jan 2021 #44
Wanna bet? orangecrush Jan 2021 #48
No, but I'd love an explanation about why I'm wrong zaj Jan 2021 #53
Article I, Section 5, clause 2 Tarc Jan 2021 #70
Majority speaker orangecrush Jan 2021 #85
The Courts have no say in House of Representatives rules. Blue_true Jan 2021 #54
Yeah, but... zaj Jan 2021 #56
If the Courts use the same tactic to punish rule breakers, then republicans don't Blue_true Jan 2021 #63
they are members not employees grantcart Jan 2021 #86
Anytime there is pay involved the courts have jurisdiction. former9thward Jan 2021 #69
That's the way, Nancy! orangecrush Jan 2021 #45
Is anyone else beginning to develop a serious crush on Nancy? PurgedVoter Jan 2021 #46
... orangecrush Jan 2021 #49
my spouse has serious hots for Nancy. (He's in his 40's.) flibbitygiblets Jan 2021 #58
K&R MustLoveBeagles Jan 2021 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Jan 2021 #57
Why should not conforming with the metal detector order be at all optional? BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #59
They actually are exempt from TSA fescuerescue Jan 2021 #73
That's actually kind of funny in an ironic way. Quackers Jan 2021 #77
Pilots also aren't exempt fescuerescue Jan 2021 #82
Can't they simply be ejected? caraher Jan 2021 #60
That's a different proceeding with it's own rules lunatica Jan 2021 #114
OK caraher Jan 2021 #116
This day just keeps getting better NHvet Jan 2021 #61
Bang Bang Barbie... MontanaMama Jan 2021 #62
OUR SPEAKER!! Ferrets are Cool Jan 2021 #64
Republicans didn't "balk" at going through Grokenstein Jan 2021 #66
One more thing that Nancy should do forkol Jan 2021 #68
Hell yeah! geardaddy Jan 2021 #71
Twitter reply: Rhiannon12866 Jan 2021 #74
Schumer should be taking notes. JudyM Jan 2021 #75
Not the first to say it, but: HELL YES! :) (N/T) Old Crow Jan 2021 #76
Extraction of money is the only the respect - they have no soul to shame lame54 Jan 2021 #78
An assassin won't care about a fine, Liberty Belle Jan 2021 #79
Our law and order Speaker! Buckeye_Democrat Jan 2021 #80
Good, but I'd like to see enforcement of no screening no entry. Liberal In Texas Jan 2021 #81
Yes! RussBLib Jan 2021 #87
I have a feeling Biden will be taking the same approach to the GOP. C Moon Jan 2021 #89
Still doesn't force them to go thru detectors....... Cryptoad Jan 2021 #90
Maybe have a cry room, like some churches. catrose Jan 2021 #93
My big question is... will their guns be confiscated? lamp_shade Jan 2021 #91
She should also apply fines and charges to anyone who assaults the Capital police, duforsure Jan 2021 #94
All the scofflaws are white Republicons who expect white privilege. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2021 #96
As an attorney for 30 years and former prosecutor well known by local courts, everyday I have to Pepsidog Jan 2021 #97
I thought republicans respected rules and laws Guess that was a lie. The Jungle 1 Jan 2021 #98
She is upping bdamomma Jan 2021 #103
this is great, BUT they still shouldn't fucking be able to enter. themaguffin Jan 2021 #108
Right. Fines aren't enough. Harker Jan 2021 #112
I would cooperate fully twodogsbarking Jan 2021 #110
Construct a pen the round the idiots Hulk Jan 2021 #113
This deprives them of the public drama of an arrest DBoon Jan 2021 #117
Rep. Boobert, Are You Listening? COL Mustard Jan 2021 #118
Deny them access to the building until they comply. Fine every attempted act of noncompliance. Marcuse Jan 2021 #119
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