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21. Wilson is still a Republican and has never said otherwise
Fri Jan 15, 2021, 12:08 AM
Jan 2021

This is just a fact. Schmidt has renounced the Republican party but Wilson has not.

Hum. Did he wish him a happy birthday SharonClark Jan 2021 #1
"Research"...That's an interesting way of putting it. BannonsLiver Jan 2021 #3
The campaign to smear anything associated with the TexasTowelie Jan 2021 #2
lol No shit.. how's that working out? Cha Jan 2021 #4
Impotent rage. BannonsLiver Jan 2021 #6
I never understand why people want to trash something that is extremely effective for us? Quixote1818 Jan 2021 #7
I don't either but they sure do. Cha Jan 2021 #11
"People" need someone to focus on. I can only imagine the bile that is being dished out on other OnDoutside Jan 2021 #24
Methinks this thread was a............ George II Jan 2021 #17
lol.. And, he Swings & Cha Jan 2021 #18
He's taking a little break now Hekate Jan 2021 #27
... Cha Jan 2021 #28
Maybe a little time is needed for some rethinking? MineralMan Jan 2021 #39
Yep. Wait till the Biden policy "critiques" start. BannonsLiver Jan 2021 #5
It did, shortly thereafter: George II Jan 2021 #15
Seriously obamanut2012 Jan 2021 #8
I am in agreement that some of the activities from the TLP members were loathsome. TexasTowelie Jan 2021 #12
Totally agree. We know they do not agree with moonscape Jan 2021 #29
And the campaign to look backward vs. forward continues. George II Jan 2021 #14
It has gotten old by now Hekate Jan 2021 #25
When your co-founder is accused of sexual harrassment and assault, hard to paper over it Sympthsical Jan 2021 #31
Playing the victim card can also be politically convenient. TexasTowelie Jan 2021 #32
Rick Wilson stirred up Newton nonsense. Some things are unforgivable. Sympthsical Jan 2021 #33
It's your right to have that opinion. TexasTowelie Jan 2021 #34
That Weaver accusation was third-hand from Ryan Girdusky with no substantiation and it went nowhere. George II Jan 2021 #45
There was a first hand account, with DM screen shots Sympthsical Jan 2021 #46
1. What does this have to do with Rick Wilson? 2. What does this have to do with Bernie Sanders? George II Jan 2021 #47
It's about the Lincoln Project Sympthsical Jan 2021 #48
So what does it have to do with Sanders, is he a member of The Lincoln Project? George II Jan 2021 #49
I'm going to go play World of Warcraft now Sympthsical Jan 2021 #50
In other words, it has nothing to do with Sanders but you just threw that in for whatever... George II Jan 2021 #51
I guess I missed the trial. When was he convicted of "sexual harassment and assault"? Don't forget.. George II Jan 2021 #44
You seem focused SunsetDreams2 Jan 2021 #9
5 years ago? Caliman73 Jan 2021 #10
Years ago? Guess what, I farted in class when I was in 2nd grade. What say you about that? George II Jan 2021 #13
In hindsight (pun intended), did you remember to tweet about it? TexasTowelie Jan 2021 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author highplainsdem Jan 2021 #16
There was no treason in 2015 Generic Brad Jan 2021 #19
It's no secret that Rick Wilson WAS a RW operative. But he's clearly not now. Vivienne235729 Jan 2021 #20
Wilson is still a Republican and has never said otherwise melman Jan 2021 #21
Fine. He's still a republican who is speaking the truth and that should be Vivienne235729 Jan 2021 #22
He's not a "RW operative" as noted. But I guess now it doesn't really matter anymore. George II Jan 2021 #35
Bazinga! NurseJackie Jan 2021 #37
so we should tell him to shut up bc is isn't pure in ideology? Vivienne235729 Jan 2021 #40
Not at all, in fact I agree with you 100%. I don't believe in that purity thing, NO ONE is pure... George II Jan 2021 #52
He is no longer a republican FreeState Jan 2021 #43
You realize that's 5-years ago, right? herding cats Jan 2021 #26
How does one even find this irrelevant stuff Hav Jan 2021 #30
Calvin Klein knows... NurseJackie Jan 2021 #41
LOL betsuni Jan 2021 #36
You know how folks appeciate convicts let out of jail to fight on front lines against forest fires? Tom Rinaldo Jan 2021 #38
I like that analogy. NurseJackie Jan 2021 #42
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