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Response to servermsh (Original post)

They have no choice, they must jettison the filibuster to get stuff done, or they'll lose in 2022. SunSeeker Jan 2021 #1
They have to bide their time for that, but Schumer needs to get the nuclear option done BComplex Jan 2021 #2
It's not that simple- the rule change vote is simple majority, but the motion to proceed isn't Fiendish Thingy Jan 2021 #12
Then how was McConnell able to ditch the filibuster without a supermajority vote? nt SunSeeker Jan 2021 #43
He used a parliamentary maneuver to shut down debate, but more importantly, had 51+ votes. Nt Fiendish Thingy Jan 2021 #53
We have 51. Why can't we do the same? SunSeeker Jan 2021 #54
We do not have 51 votes to kill filibuster- we don't even have 48 votes. Nt Fiendish Thingy Jan 2021 #55
Schumer just needs to nail down Sinema and Manchin, then we have 51 with Harris. SunSeeker Jan 2021 #58
Wait, I thought the 117th is 50-50, right? And Harris (?) would break vote ties? ancianita Jan 2021 #59
The senate is currently organized under rules adopted on January 3 Fiendish Thingy Jan 2021 #60
If this is the case then it's been a trap and the nuclear option is the only way out of this. ancianita Jan 2021 #61
Yes, it is- only the timing is up for debate Fiendish Thingy Jan 2021 #63
Good. The timing is to overturn the Organizing Resolution. There's got to be ONE country over ancianita Jan 2021 #65
Yes I agree but Bev54 Jan 2021 #27
Schumer needs to whip his caucus, in every sense of the term. SunSeeker Jan 2021 #38
Biden may have to get involved and meet with them Bev54 Jan 2021 #45
Good God. Just get it done. NCDem47 Jan 2021 #3
How? mcar Jan 2021 #41
I agree. k&r n/t Laelth Jan 2021 #4
What exactly is the nuclear option? comradebillyboy Jan 2021 #5
from Wikipedia BlueSky3 Jan 2021 #9
Moscow Mitch will obstruct as long as he is given the power to do so. He's working the press. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2021 #6
McCaskill's insight into process is very important. SharonClark Jan 2021 #7
I wasn't a huge fan when she was a senator... but what did I know...but on MSNBC I love her Karadeniz Jan 2021 #17
Maybe not a big fan but she was beaten by Josh Hawley bottomofthehill Jan 2021 #29
OMG...I didn't realize the voters of Missouri fell for him! Actually, I do. He puts up a good facade Karadeniz Jan 2021 #32
I would rather have any democrat over a Republican. bottomofthehill Jan 2021 #35
True! Karadeniz Jan 2021 #57
One of the reasons she was beaten by Hawley was that too many Dems thought she was too moderate StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #64
Agreed, and we would be so much better with her there. bottomofthehill Jan 2021 #66
Exactly StarfishSaver Jan 2021 #67
The US Sentate has turned into MontanaMama Jan 2021 #8
How? mcar Jan 2021 #46
I agree, but I don't like the term "nuclear option" which makes the Dems look like the extreme ones. themaguffin Jan 2021 #10
Schumer is in a tough spot, it isn't him. Sinema, Manchin and maybe Feinstein Thekaspervote Jan 2021 #11
She was talking about a way to require a simple moonscape Jan 2021 #36
It's done not much for us lately. GOP got what they want. Let's not give them tools to block us. bucolic_frolic Jan 2021 #13
McCaskill has been pretty damn awesome as a commentator. W_HAMILTON Jan 2021 #14
so true, I think she by nature is far more liberal than Manchin and (now gone) Heitkamp, Celerity Jan 2021 #28
She is absolutely right. Dems need to stop giving a damn what anybody says about them. ancianita Jan 2021 #15
How will they accomplish this without 51 votes? mcar Jan 2021 #47
Why "even" Claire McCaskill? George II Jan 2021 #16
Because she was one of the most conservative Democrats. n/t servermsh Jan 2021 #19
She IS a Democrat, not "was" a Democrat. Again, she IS a Democrat. George II Jan 2021 #21
n/t servermsh Jan 2021 #22
They obviously meant was one of the most conservative democrats IN THE SENATE jcgoldie Jan 2021 #25
Right? mcar Jan 2021 #48
Post removed Post removed Jan 2021 #18
Post removed Post removed Jan 2021 #20
Turkey neck has already said he would be an obstructionist. lpbk2713 Jan 2021 #23
Nuke the obstructionists orangecrush Jan 2021 #24
So, this is the thing TimeToGo Jan 2021 #26
Yes, but lacking 2 democratic votes, there is nothing he can do. bottomofthehill Jan 2021 #30
Good. We need her vote. Iggo Jan 2021 #31
So, if McConnell won't give in and Shumer won't Bettie Jan 2021 #33
Post removed Post removed Jan 2021 #34
You ignore her first sentence grantcart Jan 2021 #37
Thank you mcar Jan 2021 #49
How can he do this mcar Jan 2021 #39
Schumer must tell Manchin and Sinema: Eyeball_Kid Jan 2021 #40
Democratic Senators displaying any disloyalty have to go. NoMoreRepugs Jan 2021 #42
Where should they go? When? How? mcar Jan 2021 #50
She does seem better as a commentator mvd Jan 2021 #44
They would need at least 51 votes. kentuck Jan 2021 #51
no filibuster vote from Joe, no chairmanship. Suck it up Joe! Mr. Sparkle Jan 2021 #52
It is now not just Manchin, Sinema is now also on record saying no, and Feinstein always was a no Celerity Jan 2021 #56
We should get off here, get over to social media and start swarming Schumer. I just all capped ancianita Jan 2021 #62
This subject is way more complicated thatn I thought. BobTheSubgenius Jan 2021 #68
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