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3. NOT yet!
Sat Feb 6, 2021, 04:32 PM
Feb 2021

California EDD is impossible to get thru to ... I gotta keep trying this week at all different times...I heard that 7pm is best cuz they are about to close but thats when everyone gives up.

Mine ran out 12/26. The original claim said I cannot re-apply till the "next year" on 7/2021. However, the notice also said that I don't need to DO anything, that they will determine whether I get an extension and will be notified by mail.... so far, NOTHING.
I thinkn the whole EDD dept came to a screeching halt on 12/26 cuz of the BS in Washington...plus California has has a lot of fraud, so maybe that's the glitch.

thank gods I got my taxes done early...

Go FundMe update... THANK YOU's [View all] FirstLight Feb 2021 OP
K&R for visibility. nt tblue37 Feb 2021 #1
Did you get back on UI? All I had to do was continue claims and though I ran out Dec 21, LizBeth Feb 2021 #2
NOT yet! FirstLight Feb 2021 #3
But... I kept hearing and kept saying, KEEP filing. Even if you run out, once you stop filing LizBeth Feb 2021 #5
yeah, in CA once your case "expires" everything is shut down... FirstLight Feb 2021 #7
This is what I was wondering. I was hearing keep filing. I was fearful it would not let me once I LizBeth Feb 2021 #9
Taxes. How did that go with UI? I am curious about that too. I have UI, three months of work and ACA LizBeth Feb 2021 #6
Im sure each state is different.... FirstLight Feb 2021 #8
+1 LizBeth Feb 2021 #10
Tax USA is free you should do your own taxes if you made less than $50,000 ChubbyStar Feb 2021 #12
I am still waiting on W2, but I signed up. I am going to try. LizBeth Feb 2021 #15
Like I said please PM me if you have any questions ChubbyStar Feb 2021 #16
+1 LizBeth Feb 2021 #18
The stimulus is taxed it will show up in any software you use or any tax preparers ChubbyStar Feb 2021 #11
Thanks for the info. I have been following it. There was period of fear for me. LizBeth Feb 2021 #13
Tax USA is free and very EASY! ChubbyStar Feb 2021 #14
Ah, thank you. See, I think I can do this if I might have help. Last year my son did turbo LizBeth Feb 2021 #17
... FirstLight Feb 2021 #4
kick for evening crew... FirstLight Feb 2021 #19
one more kick... bill due by 2/15 FirstLight Feb 2021 #20
Finally feeling like maybe there's light at the end of this tunnell FirstLight Feb 2021 #21
Can you TuxedoKat Feb 2021 #22
yes! thanks! FirstLight Feb 2021 #23
Does the new link work? FirstLight Feb 2021 #24
ALSO - Thanks for all the HEARTS! FirstLight Feb 2021 #25
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