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Mon Mar 1, 2021, 03:12 AM Mar 2021

Dear DUers: All thru this terrible COVID year I've felt a sense of community at DU..... [View all]

All thru this terrible year I’ve felt a sense of community here — as if we're holding each others’ hands, being encouraging voices in the darkness that Trump created.

Praying for the sick and terrified, grieving with the bereaved, upholding the weary and fearful. Rejoicing at each step forward — each recovery, each vaccination. Being a community.

All of a sudden in the last few days, our “family” is turning on itself. In multiple posts and OPs we who have managed to work our way thru the distribution labyrinth are being accused of “gloating,” being “disrespectful,” being uncaring of others, hogging medication that should go to others, and of being unconscious of our “white privilege.”

How dare we have even a glimmer of hope and a sliver of relief?

No. Just no. This only serves Trump, who malignantly and maliciously killed at least half a million of our friends and loved ones. He and his family and cronies did this to us, and they did it on purpose.

Turn your wrath toward he who deserves it, turn your energies toward working somehow to make the system work better, and recognize that each person who is protected brings you and others closer to protection as well.


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Thank you for your wise words. secondwind Mar 2021 #1
Yes. Well said. yankeepants Mar 2021 #2
Thank you, Hekate! pnwmom Mar 2021 #3
I've noticed NJCher Mar 2021 #4
The little gremlins are coming back in full force. Dave Starsky Mar 2021 #16
pumping up bdamomma Mar 2021 #45
I agree AZProgressive Mar 2021 #5
Great reminder, Hekate... MiHale Mar 2021 #6
Our progressive wing seems to lack patience and sometimes pwb Mar 2021 #7
I probably couldn't have said it as diplomatically as you did... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #9
If you're talking about DU AZProgressive Mar 2021 #12
"Restless" impatience for sure. Perhaps more manifestation of victim syndromes, tho. Hortensis Mar 2021 #27
If you're talking about DU, Elessar Zappa Mar 2021 #29
This post is the perfect antidote for the hostility and negativity... NurseJackie Mar 2021 #8
Well said, NurseJackie Rorey Mar 2021 #13
I already had "survivor's guilt" Rorey Mar 2021 #10
Well said. I have three kids and seven grandkids and had a similar conversation. Like your son, my dameatball Mar 2021 #15
I do feel good about getting it Rorey Mar 2021 #25
Yes, I was impressed with all the staff where I went also. Very positive and competent. dameatball Mar 2021 #32
I just signed up Rorey Mar 2021 #36
I haven't noticed any posts from volunteers yet...maybe I missed them. Sounds interesting if you dameatball Mar 2021 #44
Getting a vaccine is a selfless act, it means you will very likely not transmit grantcart Mar 2021 #21
That has always been my biggest concern too Rorey Mar 2021 #26
Thank you, Hekate gademocrat7 Mar 2021 #11
Republicans don't make up their talking points. Mostly they get them from Democrats Walleye Mar 2021 #14
I too have felt that. gibraltar72 Mar 2021 #17
I spoke to a friend yesterday on the phone. He lives in Mesa, a part of Phoenix. panader0 Mar 2021 #18
Thank you for this post.I've been taken aback by some threads lately. Pongo Mar 2021 #19
The more people who get vaccinated, the less chance of my grandkids getting Covid-19. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2021 #20
I can't say I agreed with the order of things Rorey Mar 2021 #30
IMO, teachers need to have a vaccination because of repuq policies ... Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2021 #35
It's a big, complicated problem, for sure NT Rorey Mar 2021 #37
Thank you! Laurelin Mar 2021 #22
It's a form of trolling meant to divide us. RandiFan1290 Mar 2021 #23
Some of the "wedge drivers" are ignorant of the effects of their words, but some are simply Atticus Mar 2021 #24
Like all of the other negatives of the ongoing pandemic. Divisiveness was baked in... Hugin Mar 2021 #28
I stand with Hekate!! Stinky The Clown Mar 2021 #31
Thank you, Hekate, Silver Gaia Mar 2021 #33
Great post malaise Mar 2021 #34
I second that bdamomma Mar 2021 #47
Well said mcar Mar 2021 #38
I'm sorry but it makes me angry GusBob Mar 2021 #39
I hear you loud and clear Hekate Mar 2021 #43
Thank you. This criticism really got to me. nolabear Mar 2021 #40
Yes Hekate Mar 2021 #41
I'm glad you're here, nolabear. Hugin Mar 2021 #46
It's remarkable. I can hop like a kangaroo! nolabear Mar 2021 #48
K&R Blue Owl Mar 2021 #42
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