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Other. Democrats and the American people. DURHAM D Oct 2012 #1
. n/t porphyrian Oct 2012 #17
Experience Chipper Chat Oct 2012 #2
Joe is a big fucking deal... nmbluesky Oct 2012 #3
+1000 DippyDem Oct 2012 #18
Well, wipe my ass and call me Biden nt Xipe Totec Oct 2012 #4
He made Ryan look like a schoolboy being scolded by his teacher n/t doc03 Oct 2012 #5
Ryan was waaaaay out of his league. liberalmuse Oct 2012 #6
Biden won on substance, credibility, experience, avebury Oct 2012 #7
Ryan sounded like a bull shit con-artist, like Romney does. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2012 #8
Because Joe schooled that little twerp. Melinda Oct 2012 #9
Because Ryan was doing nothing but reading his pre-rehearsed lines. onehandle Oct 2012 #10
Biden showed up the boy on EVERY count -- Sparkly Oct 2012 #11
Can you imagine Ryan as president? No? Me neither - not even many many years from now. sad sally Oct 2012 #12
Uncle Joe didn't let Lyin' Ryan get away with ANYTHING! meow2u3 Oct 2012 #13
Joe won it hands down rustydog Oct 2012 #14
are you kidding me? a reason Coexist Oct 2012 #15
Biden won on everything. He made Ryan look like a petulant child. hrmjustin Oct 2012 #16
Confidence and Truth. n/t Avalux Oct 2012 #19
And now put Ryan to bed Lifelong Protester Oct 2012 #20
Biden, Broken_Hero Oct 2012 #21
Biden- He spoke the truth. ellaydubya Oct 2012 #22
Biden.. ananda Oct 2012 #23
Funny to look at the votes. uppityperson Oct 2012 #24
Joe totally nailed Ryan jimlup Oct 2012 #25
Joe came off as sincere. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2012 #26
Biden used his time well to emphasize Obama's commitment to the middle class, pacalo Oct 2012 #27
I have to say why? It was obvious. GoneOffShore Oct 2012 #28
He knocked it out of the park Aerows Oct 2012 #29
Joe said who do you trust about SS and Medicare! B Calm Oct 2012 #30
Our Guy. Joe Biden left the little shit crawling. David Zephyr Oct 2012 #31
Thanks to everyone that posted or voted. Uncle Joe Oct 2012 #32
curb stomped his ass!! PD Turk Oct 2012 #33
What is with the two ryan votes. hrmjustin Oct 2012 #34
Ryan brought talking points. Biden brought details. gkhouston Oct 2012 #35
Biden! amborin Oct 2012 #36
It was a good debate and Biden surely came out on top former-republican Oct 2012 #37
He crammed Ryans BS back down his throat upi402 Oct 2012 #38
Command of the issues... Blue_Roses Oct 2012 #39
Even though Ryan was weak on substance, his performance was stronger than Romney's last week aint_no_life_nowhere Oct 2012 #40
Ryan had hackneyed talking points. Biden had knowledge & experience & mopped the floor with Ryan. Sparky 1 Oct 2012 #41
liberallibral, belcffub A-Schwarzenegger Oct 2012 #42
Biden took the kid to school... AsahinaKimi Oct 2012 #43
+1 hrmjustin Oct 2012 #44
liberallibral has left the building ...after having a delicious slice of pizza. L0oniX Oct 2012 #45
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