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29. He knocked it out of the park
Thu Oct 11, 2012, 11:15 PM
Oct 2012

because he didn't let Ryan get away with lies. That's where Obama messed up the first time. He let Romney sit there and lie, and didn't bother to call him on it. Biden cut that off at the pass right at the beginning by bringing up well known falsehoods by Ryan (marathon time, etc).

Biden didn't pull punches, but was still a gentleman about it.

Other. Democrats and the American people. DURHAM D Oct 2012 #1
. n/t porphyrian Oct 2012 #17
Experience Chipper Chat Oct 2012 #2
Joe is a big fucking deal... nmbluesky Oct 2012 #3
+1000 DippyDem Oct 2012 #18
Well, wipe my ass and call me Biden nt Xipe Totec Oct 2012 #4
He made Ryan look like a schoolboy being scolded by his teacher n/t doc03 Oct 2012 #5
Ryan was waaaaay out of his league. liberalmuse Oct 2012 #6
Biden won on substance, credibility, experience, avebury Oct 2012 #7
Ryan sounded like a bull shit con-artist, like Romney does. n/t RKP5637 Oct 2012 #8
Because Joe schooled that little twerp. Melinda Oct 2012 #9
Because Ryan was doing nothing but reading his pre-rehearsed lines. onehandle Oct 2012 #10
Biden showed up the boy on EVERY count -- Sparkly Oct 2012 #11
Can you imagine Ryan as president? No? Me neither - not even many many years from now. sad sally Oct 2012 #12
Uncle Joe didn't let Lyin' Ryan get away with ANYTHING! meow2u3 Oct 2012 #13
Joe won it hands down rustydog Oct 2012 #14
are you kidding me? a reason Coexist Oct 2012 #15
Biden won on everything. He made Ryan look like a petulant child. hrmjustin Oct 2012 #16
Confidence and Truth. n/t Avalux Oct 2012 #19
And now put Ryan to bed Lifelong Protester Oct 2012 #20
Biden, Broken_Hero Oct 2012 #21
Biden- He spoke the truth. ellaydubya Oct 2012 #22
Biden.. ananda Oct 2012 #23
Funny to look at the votes. uppityperson Oct 2012 #24
Joe totally nailed Ryan jimlup Oct 2012 #25
Joe came off as sincere. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2012 #26
Biden used his time well to emphasize Obama's commitment to the middle class, pacalo Oct 2012 #27
I have to say why? It was obvious. GoneOffShore Oct 2012 #28
He knocked it out of the park Aerows Oct 2012 #29
Joe said who do you trust about SS and Medicare! B Calm Oct 2012 #30
Our Guy. Joe Biden left the little shit crawling. David Zephyr Oct 2012 #31
Thanks to everyone that posted or voted. Uncle Joe Oct 2012 #32
curb stomped his ass!! PD Turk Oct 2012 #33
What is with the two ryan votes. hrmjustin Oct 2012 #34
Ryan brought talking points. Biden brought details. gkhouston Oct 2012 #35
Biden! amborin Oct 2012 #36
It was a good debate and Biden surely came out on top former-republican Oct 2012 #37
He crammed Ryans BS back down his throat upi402 Oct 2012 #38
Command of the issues... Blue_Roses Oct 2012 #39
Even though Ryan was weak on substance, his performance was stronger than Romney's last week aint_no_life_nowhere Oct 2012 #40
Ryan had hackneyed talking points. Biden had knowledge & experience & mopped the floor with Ryan. Sparky 1 Oct 2012 #41
liberallibral, belcffub A-Schwarzenegger Oct 2012 #42
Biden took the kid to school... AsahinaKimi Oct 2012 #43
+1 hrmjustin Oct 2012 #44
liberallibral has left the building ...after having a delicious slice of pizza. L0oniX Oct 2012 #45
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