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Wed Mar 10, 2021, 01:37 PM Mar 2021

Salon: "...interesting theory about Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham's relationship" [View all]

Of all the theories we've pondered, this is the most intriguing...


The theory was broken down by former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, who was interviewed on MSNBC to answer questions about Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hiring racketeering expert John Floyd for the investigation into whether Donald Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, may have violated the law with efforts to overturn the election results in Georgia.


"And here Trump does have a defense," he continued. "What he's going to say is 'I wasn't falsifying information, I genuinely believed I had won the election.' Now ordinarily, that kind of defense wouldn't pass the smell test, but when you're dealing with delusion of grandeur Donald, maybe he's got a defense there."

"The investigation is not just about Trump. It's also about Lindsey Graham, Rudy Giuliani, the former U.S. Attorney, Mr. Byung Pak and some others," he said. "And any of those folks can flip on Trump."

"And I heard you in last segment talking about Lindsey Graham, why is he still palling around with Donald Trump? Well, one shouldn't rule out . . . the possibility that he might be palling around with Donald Trump, because he's hoping Trump will let something slip that Lindsey Graham can use in exchange for a deal."

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Or pay him off. marble falls Mar 2021 #1
What a lovely bunch of people. Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2021 #2
Graham is too afraid of the Trump base to turn on him. Lindsay is no hero. dem4decades Mar 2021 #3
That's the simplest explanation and is consistent with evidence. spooky3 Mar 2021 #18
I agree but what Neal Katyal just did was put some doubts into Bev54 Mar 2021 #35
Doesn't explain why he fell for drumpf in the first place soothsayer Mar 2021 #4
Thank you! Mike 03 Mar 2021 #6
Exactly. And Graham changed his tune about Trump LONG before the 2020 election Taylor Picker Mar 2021 #8
If T***p has any kompromat on Lindsey leftieNanner Mar 2021 #22
If drumpf and v putin have kompromat on Lindsey, he already knows what it is soothsayer Mar 2021 #23
Good Point leftieNanner Mar 2021 #25
Great point. I'd love to know his motives here soothsayer Mar 2021 #27
Remember back to 2016 The Wizard Mar 2021 #29
He's a real a-hole isn't he soothsayer Mar 2021 #32
I have a feeling that DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #26
+1, ... or worse, Graham is a true believer uponit7771 Mar 2021 #38
they are more than golf buddies. They are bearded dragon breeders. Trueblue1968 Mar 2021 #31
It's a horny toad !!!!!!!!!!!!! DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #41
ha ha ha ... donnie and lindsay are horny toads. lol Trueblue1968 Mar 2021 #45
Nah DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #47
+1, Graham was hugging on Putin's Whore from the start uponit7771 Mar 2021 #37
Sorry, DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #40
That's all there is. Mike 03 Mar 2021 #5
"let something slip" - if Lindsey flips for *any* reason, Drumpf will unload on him in an INSTANT! UTUSN Mar 2021 #7
That would be a nice theory, FoxNewsSucks Mar 2021 #9
Salon is kind of getting embarrassing Mike 03 Mar 2021 #10
Well, Katyal's speculation that Graham could be trying to increase his value Hortensis Mar 2021 #11
The turning point for Graham's about face on Trump seems to have come on a visit to Mar-a-Lago OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2021 #12
Hm, yes. Graham was only one of several who abandoned his Hortensis Mar 2021 #17
Fanciful nonsense greenjar_01 Mar 2021 #13
I don't buy it. I don't think Lindsey is that clever. Goodheart Mar 2021 #14
Meh...my only "interest" is in taking them both down... Wounded Bear Mar 2021 #15
Whatever dirt Trump has on Lindsey must be spectacular. keithbvadu2 Mar 2021 #16
There is only ONE thing DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #30
And they have it ScratchCat Mar 2021 #33
Bingo, your last line DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #42
Epstein. They are all pedophiles. They don't hang out together FlyingPiggy Mar 2021 #46
That makes sense because I believe trump has the goods on Graham, his 180 degree after one round Escurumbele Mar 2021 #19
So a delusional person can act on whatever delusion beliefs they have? PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2021 #20
I think everyone looks for a lot of stuff that just isnt there. oldsoftie Mar 2021 #21
Yes, I heard Neal Katyal say that last night. msfiddlestix Mar 2021 #24
To repurpose a meme in response to these theories: Salviati Mar 2021 #28
Probably both are trying to gather Kompromat. lagomorph777 Mar 2021 #34
It's a Burns/Smithers relationship Disaffected Mar 2021 #36
It is hard to figure out a logical reason for Graham's actions karynnj Mar 2021 #39
Nah. Graham is just a stupid racist two faced southern 'gentleman'. Tommymac Mar 2021 #43
Trump knew they were going to lose before election day - that's why they cancelled the Lucinda Mar 2021 #44
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