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Or pay him off. marble falls Mar 2021 #1
What a lovely bunch of people. Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2021 #2
Graham is too afraid of the Trump base to turn on him. Lindsay is no hero. dem4decades Mar 2021 #3
That's the simplest explanation and is consistent with evidence. spooky3 Mar 2021 #18
I agree but what Neal Katyal just did was put some doubts into Bev54 Mar 2021 #35
Doesn't explain why he fell for drumpf in the first place soothsayer Mar 2021 #4
Thank you! Mike 03 Mar 2021 #6
Exactly. And Graham changed his tune about Trump LONG before the 2020 election Taylor Picker Mar 2021 #8
If T***p has any kompromat on Lindsey leftieNanner Mar 2021 #22
If drumpf and v putin have kompromat on Lindsey, he already knows what it is soothsayer Mar 2021 #23
Good Point leftieNanner Mar 2021 #25
Great point. I'd love to know his motives here soothsayer Mar 2021 #27
Remember back to 2016 The Wizard Mar 2021 #29
He's a real a-hole isn't he soothsayer Mar 2021 #32
I have a feeling that DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #26
+1, ... or worse, Graham is a true believer uponit7771 Mar 2021 #38
they are more than golf buddies. They are bearded dragon breeders. Trueblue1968 Mar 2021 #31
It's a horny toad !!!!!!!!!!!!! DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #41
ha ha ha ... donnie and lindsay are horny toads. lol Trueblue1968 Mar 2021 #45
Nah DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #47
+1, Graham was hugging on Putin's Whore from the start uponit7771 Mar 2021 #37
Sorry, DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #40
That's all there is. Mike 03 Mar 2021 #5
"let something slip" - if Lindsey flips for *any* reason, Drumpf will unload on him in an INSTANT! UTUSN Mar 2021 #7
That would be a nice theory, FoxNewsSucks Mar 2021 #9
Salon is kind of getting embarrassing Mike 03 Mar 2021 #10
Well, Katyal's speculation that Graham could be trying to increase his value Hortensis Mar 2021 #11
The turning point for Graham's about face on Trump seems to have come on a visit to Mar-a-Lago OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2021 #12
Hm, yes. Graham was only one of several who abandoned his Hortensis Mar 2021 #17
Fanciful nonsense greenjar_01 Mar 2021 #13
I don't buy it. I don't think Lindsey is that clever. Goodheart Mar 2021 #14
Meh...my only "interest" is in taking them both down... Wounded Bear Mar 2021 #15
Whatever dirt Trump has on Lindsey must be spectacular. keithbvadu2 Mar 2021 #16
There is only ONE thing DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #30
And they have it ScratchCat Mar 2021 #33
Bingo, your last line DENVERPOPS Mar 2021 #42
Epstein. They are all pedophiles. They don't hang out together FlyingPiggy Mar 2021 #46
That makes sense because I believe trump has the goods on Graham, his 180 degree after one round Escurumbele Mar 2021 #19
So a delusional person can act on whatever delusion beliefs they have? PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2021 #20
I think everyone looks for a lot of stuff that just isnt there. oldsoftie Mar 2021 #21
Yes, I heard Neal Katyal say that last night. msfiddlestix Mar 2021 #24
To repurpose a meme in response to these theories: Salviati Mar 2021 #28
Probably both are trying to gather Kompromat. lagomorph777 Mar 2021 #34
It's a Burns/Smithers relationship Disaffected Mar 2021 #36
It is hard to figure out a logical reason for Graham's actions karynnj Mar 2021 #39
Nah. Graham is just a stupid racist two faced southern 'gentleman'. Tommymac Mar 2021 #43
Trump knew they were going to lose before election day - that's why they cancelled the Lucinda Mar 2021 #44
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