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13. ted cruz
Sat Mar 20, 2021, 04:08 PM
Mar 2021

is useless. A human being with no moral centre. You can refer him to others. Please refrain from using him in any context with me. Yes, we are fighting hate and generation(s)-long racism here. And yes punishment is meted out in certain high profile cases. Not enough in my book seeing as the same awareness my parents and grandparents had about racist murderous Caucasians is the same I must have. Heather Heyer, Trayvon Martin et al would possibly disagree with your premise also. I do. Perfection? Unobtainable in our present state(s) of mind. True reckoning and accountability for the myriad racist acts against POC and communities of colour in this 21st century still have not been achieved.

You have your path follow it. I have mine. They may merge down the line when obvious hypocrisy is not apparent.

Part of rejoining the global community means taking these stands Mike 03 Mar 2021 #1
moral leadership llashram Mar 2021 #3
People ARE fighting against it here kcr Mar 2021 #7
ted cruz llashram Mar 2021 #13
+10000 BannonsLiver Mar 2021 #12
+1 treestar Mar 2021 #15
You can feel free to not care then n/t kcr Mar 2021 #2
You are on full ignore USAFRetired_Liberal Mar 2021 #4
Oh, no! n/t kcr Mar 2021 #5
That is the absolute truth malaise Mar 2021 #6
Since there is no country that is clean on human rights ripcord Mar 2021 #8
I guess my OP should have been and could have been clearer USAFRetired_Liberal Mar 2021 #9
you could not llashram Mar 2021 #16
I guess my OP should have been and could have been clearer USAFRetired_Liberal Mar 2021 #10
There is plenty of hypocracy around ripcord Mar 2021 #11
It does treestar Mar 2021 #14
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