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14. It does
Sat Mar 20, 2021, 04:57 PM
Mar 2021

There is a functioning court system in which people have the right to counsel and have the government have to meet the burden of proof before they are convicted. The punishments are set forth by law and apply equally to anyone; there may be frustration about some of the politically powerful getting away with things, but that may come to pass that those people, including you know who, get their day in court and incur the penalty if the charge is proven against them.

There are countries where that is not the case; people are jailed at whim of the police; police don't have any rules on what they can do being challenged (like the fourth and fifth amendments); the courts do not respect rights to counsel and regarding evidence, people are jailed for insulting the head of state; where no food is provided in jail and your family has to bring it to you, where your length of imprisonment is not established by law.

The US may not be perfect, but it's not Saudi Arabia, where women can be executed by decision of their male relatives. It does not treat any minority as they are being treated in Myanmar or China. It has improved itself in that regard, too. Too many people forget that our constitutional system has worked to right injustices of that kind.

There are countries where the police can shoot people with impunity, or are told by the government to do so.

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