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Tue Apr 13, 2021, 08:15 AM Apr 2021

2ND Moderna Shot yesterday. Anyone get the number of that truck that hit me? [View all]

Was fine and celebrating yesterday afternoon. Now, it feels like I have got a case of the flu. Fever, chills, aches and pains, etc.

They say it goes away in a couple of days. They also say this is a good sign it's effective.

Despite all that, please get the shot.

No one likes a root canal, but the alternative is much worse.

I would, however, appreciate some Chicken Soup.

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I got all those symptoms from my first dose. 2nd in 2 weeks. NT Progressive Jones Apr 2021 #1
I am so glad you said that! dixiegrrrrl Apr 2021 #80
I woke up to the side effects the day after my shot (a Wednesday). Didn't feel good until Progressive Jones Apr 2021 #88
I am feeling so much better today maxrandb Apr 2021 #97
My daughter got the Moderna and she said the second shot sideeffects was rough. Baitball Blogger Apr 2021 #2
The number of that truck was "2". ret5hd Apr 2021 #3
I consider myself lucky. Second Moderna made me sleep for 10 hrs. Lochloosa Apr 2021 #4
Worked all day after morning shot, was tired and took and hour nap.. Historic NY Apr 2021 #54
Yeah. I was definitely fatigued more than anything else. roamer65 Apr 2021 #75
Exactly the same here dianaredwing Apr 2021 #79
4days after my 2nd. Arm still weighs about 100lbs. blm Apr 2021 #5
Most people I know who got the Moderna jab said they felt great, 36 hours afterwards Siwsan Apr 2021 #6
I also had a delayed reaction to Pfizer--fatigue. spooky3 Apr 2021 #49
I remember someone else (i forget who) mentioning a delayed reaction Siwsan Apr 2021 #50
Lump on my arm that hurt. True Blue American Apr 2021 #63
I got my second Moderna the Saturday before Palm Sunday Wednesdays Apr 2021 #69
I felt pretty awful, too. I had terrible chills that night and the next day Rhiannon12866 Apr 2021 #7
Post removed Post removed Apr 2021 #90
You're actually suggesting that people get COVID instead of a vaccine? flibbitygiblets Apr 2021 #91
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2021 #93
I take it that was a "yes" flibbitygiblets Apr 2021 #94
I got the vaccine at the first opportunity to avoid hospitalization and death from covid Rhiannon12866 Apr 2021 #92
I had only a slightly sore arm after first Moderna. LisaL Apr 2021 #8
I get my 2nd Moderna tomorrow. Husband got his 2nd Pfizer on Saturday ms liberty Apr 2021 #9
I had the Moderna 2nd shot last week. Norbert Apr 2021 #10
I hope you feel better soon. piddyprints Apr 2021 #11
That number was "1-800-THANKYOUSCIENCE" phylny Apr 2021 #12
1-800-NOCOVID Tree-Hugger Apr 2021 #13
Congratulations!!!! FeelingBlue Apr 2021 #14
"Hit by a truck" not a good way to promote getting the vaccine! Nt USALiberal Apr 2021 #15
My niece who was actually hit by a truck in a crosswalk on her college campus, TNNurse Apr 2021 #30
I get my second Moderna shot today. texasfiddler Apr 2021 #16
Neither me or the wife even had a sore arm after NoMoreRepugs Apr 2021 #17
That's funny infullview Apr 2021 #22
I got my 1st shot on Friday of last week... mac2766 Apr 2021 #18
Your last sentence is a good side benefit. wnylib Apr 2021 #45
THIS! orangecrush Apr 2021 #87
Congrats on getting your 2nd one. Hope you feel better soon. Sending over chicken soup I niyad Apr 2021 #19
Supposed to get my 1st Moderna today Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2021 #20
Nothing to worry about. infullview Apr 2021 #23
I had a sore arm for 3 days after the first dose. redwitch Apr 2021 #24
Speaking of fun - Got my 1st Moderna at an amusement park Goonch Apr 2021 #40
I actually found that room to be a happy place Unwind Your Mind Apr 2021 #46
Had the same exact symptoms after my 2nd Pfizer dose Shrek Apr 2021 #21
It's been a week since my 2nd Moderna. lkinwi Apr 2021 #25
Been there, Done that world wide wally Apr 2021 #26
Maybe it wasn't a truck. Could've been a bolide! Weeeee! littlemissmartypants Apr 2021 #27
I had my 2nd Moderna 10 days ago. panader0 Apr 2021 #28
Six days ago I got my second ChazII Apr 2021 #29
yes,,,, I understand,,,, KarenS Apr 2021 #31
Be nice to yourself Marthe48 Apr 2021 #32
Sorry. I had no ill feelings whatsoever beyond a slightly sore arm Sibelius Fan Apr 2021 #33
same here llashram Apr 2021 #34
Same guy hit me...last about 12-16 hours ashredux Apr 2021 #35
I had both shots Alien Life Form Apr 2021 #36
Same one that hit me. Aristus Apr 2021 #37
As you say, at least you have no doubts that it's taking. With every vaccine Hortensis Apr 2021 #38
Has anyone read anything (from a scientific journal, for example) luvtheGWN Apr 2021 #56
Not definitively on my part, and of course I've always wondered. Hortensis Apr 2021 #68
2nd Pfizer El Mimbreno Apr 2021 #39
will get mine later today. will let u know and keep u all posted. AllaN01Bear Apr 2021 #41
I felt bad day after Pfizer shot too. Didn't do anything all day. CousinIT Apr 2021 #42
Feeling good after both shots marieo1 Apr 2021 #43
Feeling good after both shots marieo1 Apr 2021 #44
Moderna #2 was a kick in the butt for me as well Pinback Apr 2021 #47
Me too but it only lasted one day. Woke up fine the next day. flying_wahini Apr 2021 #48
It's weird because I felt absolutely nothing after either Moderna shot... SKKY Apr 2021 #51
Sending chicken-soup vibes! lastlib Apr 2021 #52
Ditto on my Pfizer #2 aeromanKC Apr 2021 #53
Same here and only lasted 30 hours. Tylenol helped. MLAA Apr 2021 #55
As with many vaccines, the reaction to each shot can vary wildly between people. Martin68 Apr 2021 #57
Feel better soon bdamomma Apr 2021 #58
because I have food/drug allergies I got Pfiezer trixie2 Apr 2021 #59
Very mild symptoms here Ginger42 Apr 2021 #60
My side effects went away in 36 hours. Happy Hoosier Apr 2021 #61
Wow. I'm due for mine in about two weeks. NT mahatmakanejeeves Apr 2021 #62
I got mine yesterday and only have a sore arm. About half as sore as the first shot. chowder66 Apr 2021 #64
As you say, it goes away in a couple of days. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2021 #65
I got really lucky with both shots. Tomorrow I'm officially immune . . . although I'd bet good money Vinca Apr 2021 #66
I have my second shot in exactly one week lunatica Apr 2021 #67
Right. But it only lasts a day. I literally thought I aged 3 decades and vow work outs once well. LizBeth Apr 2021 #70
Had my second shot yesterday morning. PassingFair Apr 2021 #71
I had my second shot on Saturday morning. Pacifist Patriot Apr 2021 #72
You can take something for the aches after the injection, just not before. diane in sf Apr 2021 #73
It's a SARS vaccine, so it's to be expected. roamer65 Apr 2021 #74
My Moderna #2 Effects Lasted 14 Hours ProfessorGAC Apr 2021 #76
Yes! I got my shot yesterday, was good for 12 hrs, then the Mack truck hit me. ancianita Apr 2021 #77
Take aspirin or some kind of fever reducer uponit7771 Apr 2021 #78
Sorry about the side effects. Just out of curiosity... TrollBuster9090 Apr 2021 #81
I get my second shot next week. Xolodno Apr 2021 #82
I had sore arm after the 1st Moderna, but not after the 2nd DesertRat Apr 2021 #83
I got my 2nd about 10 days ago tishaLA Apr 2021 #84
I've heard that the second shot can be rough with side effects. I'm getting my second Saturday.... George II Apr 2021 #85
I got my 2nd Pfizer shot late in the day last week. The day after I was fine. thenelm1 Apr 2021 #86
Hugs to you. My 2nd Pfizer gave me Ilsa Apr 2021 #89
Absolutely no reaction to 2nd Moderna shot mrsadm Apr 2021 #95
Feeling good enough today to do some yard work maxrandb Apr 2021 #96
Thanks for updating. Take it easy! Nt ecstatic Apr 2021 #98
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