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26. "Extrapolating?" Huh?
Tue Jun 29, 2021, 04:55 PM
Jun 2021

Looks to me that op simply posted an article. Where is the “extrapolation” to which you refer?

Oddly enough, this OP is sinking with barely any views. WarGamer Jun 2021 #1
True. former9thward Jun 2021 #2
What is there left to say? maxsolomon Jun 2021 #3
Your cynicism is well grounded. WarGamer Jun 2021 #4
Not in the least bit surprised. Treefrog Jun 2021 #15
You're right StarfishSaver Jun 2021 #18
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2021 #27
Do those "some reports" also report that identified perpetrators are not arrested and prosecuted StarfishSaver Jun 2021 #31
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2021 #33
Boohoohoo!!! Mysterian Jun 2021 #30
This thought came to me the other day. House of Roberts Jun 2021 #5
You're probably right. WarGamer Jun 2021 #8
No. former9thward Jun 2021 #10
The statistics don't support this, look at county per capita crime rates Amishman Jun 2021 #17
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2021 #29
That's not the point StarfishSaver Jun 2021 #32
So what's the solution? SMC22307 Jun 2021 #6
All the solutions SUCK and most might be illegal/unconstitutional. WarGamer Jun 2021 #7
"Gunners use this stochastic violence to justify their own arsenals"... SMC22307 Jun 2021 #11
Why is enforcing Firearms Laws dumbcat Jun 2021 #24
Any intensified policing in urban centers is a problem waiting to happen... WarGamer Jun 2021 #25
And why is that? dumbcat Jun 2021 #34
Ok... WarGamer Jun 2021 #35
So there should be no extra policing in high crime areas because dumbcat Jul 2021 #36
No, it's NOT ok. WarGamer Jul 2021 #37
Optics outweighs public safety dumbcat Jul 2021 #38
Something needs to be done about gunz AND the crimes committed with them. Hoyt Jun 2021 #9
Hard drugs are guaranteed employment for gangsters. Mopar151 Jun 2021 #12
I know Chicago. The majority of the gun violence here is gang related, and in certain parts of town. Progressive Jones Jun 2021 #13
The police in Chicago frequently remove problematic people from the streets. Ace Rothstein Jun 2021 #20
Franklin Graham has the answer to all of Chicago's problems bdjhawk Jun 2021 #14
Gangs Sympthsical Jun 2021 #16
Violence is spreading around the city. Ace Rothstein Jun 2021 #21
I'm sure this will not get any worse as the summer wears on Sympthsical Jun 2021 #23
Wow, what an interesting thread. Kingofalldems Jun 2021 #19
Chicago is STILL safer than a number of other US cities why is OP extrapolating it? tia uponit7771 Jun 2021 #22
"Extrapolating?" Huh? Treefrog Jun 2021 #26
And there's the back of your t-shirt. LanternWaste Jun 2021 #28
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