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Mon Aug 2, 2021, 03:40 PM Aug 2021

Do you personally know anyone who's committed suicide? [View all]

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I just read the story about the DC Metro Police Officer who just committed suicide, so I thought I'd ask if anyone you know or love has attempted suicide.

And, while I'm on the subject, I'll just leave this here:


Do you personally know anyone who's committed suicide?

126 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Yes... they were successful.
115 (91%)
No... but I know someone who tried unsuccessfully.
6 (5%)
No... I don't know anyone who's attempted suicide.
5 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Yes, successfully. Also, attempted, unsuccessfully. mahatmakanejeeves Aug 2021 #1
I think that would be good. Thank you. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #3
This should be an OP wryter2000 Aug 2021 #13
Define suicide... brooklynite Aug 2021 #2
That's interesting, but in the context of today's news and the suicide PREVENTION info provided... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #7
Right. I personally do not define that as suicide but as compassionate. Interesting point. LizBeth Aug 2021 #18
Yes. Four. Two were fathers who did it in front of their kids. 2 were Vets that couldn't get care. Runningdawg Aug 2021 #4
Yes, and it's never far from my mind either. lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #5
Yours isn't pointless. Many people are enriched by you. grantcart Aug 2021 #72
I talked an ex girlfriend down. She was freaking out about her older boyfriend who was playing her brewens Aug 2021 #6
Both Yes -successful and No -tried but not successful. haele Aug 2021 #8
Well, it's complicated. Another Jackalope Aug 2021 #9
I'm sorry. How tragic. Thanks for sharing that. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #11
never fully recover LizBeth Aug 2021 #20
Yeah, but it really is all of the above. lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #24
I view it as both triumph and tragedy Another Jackalope Aug 2021 #28
Two of my friends MFM008 Aug 2021 #10
Sadly yes Danmel Aug 2021 #12
Yes, 3 coworkers and my sister. My sister was a psychologist and taught suicide prevention. sinkingfeeling Aug 2021 #14
My own daughter in 2013 padfun Aug 2021 #15
Only friends & acquaintances for me... I don't know if I could handle what you've been through. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #16
Father. Igel Aug 2021 #17
At least three which were definite suicides bluecollar2 Aug 2021 #19
Lots of my old classmates from multigraincracker Aug 2021 #21
Yes. My partner committed suicide ten years ago... First Speaker Aug 2021 #22
Let's go with its good MissB Aug 2021 #70
Yes. My best friend. I talked to him in the morning and he took his life that night. madinmaryland Aug 2021 #23
my spouse has come very close twice to attempting... Takket Aug 2021 #25
One option is missing in your poll Shrek Aug 2021 #26
Yeah you're right. I guess it's nearly impossible to account for every possibility. I'm just... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #31
I knew five that I recall immediately DFW Aug 2021 #27
Yes - two successful and one unsuccessful Initech Aug 2021 #29
A lovely young woman hermetic Aug 2021 #30
How does anyone get over it? The guilt and wondering why... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #32
3 friends succeeded. 1 friend did not and had brain damage and paralysis, 2 acquaintances from high chowder66 Aug 2021 #33
Could only choose one option, but beaglelover Aug 2021 #34
Yeah... there are so many different possibilities and combinations... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #41
My cousin Freddie Aug 2021 #35
An uncle when I was 13. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2021 #36
Five people gypsy11 Aug 2021 #37
I've known 10 people that I can remember GusBob Aug 2021 #38
Yes. gay texan Aug 2021 #39
An old classmate of mine put a bullet in his head at the same age... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #47
You know I think it was the same thing gay texan Aug 2021 #62
and I know... AmBlue Aug 2021 #40
My god... so tragic. I'm sorry. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #42
Yes, truly. AmBlue Aug 2021 #51
Yes, Three ProfessorGAC Aug 2021 #43
My brother-in-law. First attempt was unsuccessful. Second one worked. Blaukraut Aug 2021 #44
Two people. One a lady that worked for me. GulfCoast66 Aug 2021 #45
A high school friend shot himself New Year's Eve 1982- callous taoboy Aug 2021 #46
I've heard (but don't know if it's true) that suicide can be... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #49
two co-workers... no one in the family Demovictory9 Aug 2021 #48
Yes, a lifelong friend who was part of my HS friend circle jumped off a 20 story building several BannonsLiver Aug 2021 #50
One friend attempted it Meowmee Aug 2021 #52
An aquaintance I knew in highschool MustLoveBeagles Aug 2021 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author MustLoveBeagles Aug 2021 #54
Unfortunately, I've know several people who have committed suicide. One of them ... Brother Mythos Aug 2021 #55
Yes, years ago, my boss. Yes me, I attempted suicide. marie999 Aug 2021 #56
... NurseJackie Aug 2021 #64
... MustLoveBeagles Aug 2021 #81
I know of but not personally mcar Aug 2021 #57
A teenage next-door neighbor boy tried suicide... Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2021 #58
2 immediate family members 48656c6c6f20 Aug 2021 #59
my nephew onethatcares Aug 2021 #60
I knew one suicide Marthe48 Aug 2021 #61
Cousin Bettie Aug 2021 #63
Way too many. My mother, my brother, an uncle... bif Aug 2021 #65
I'm so sorry. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #66
... MustLoveBeagles Aug 2021 #83
My wife's brother Poiuyt Aug 2021 #67
Five people close to me Sympthsical Aug 2021 #68
That's horrible. I'm so sorry. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #69
It completely destroyed that family Sympthsical Aug 2021 #74
My nephew MissB Aug 2021 #71
Yes, and you're going to be amazed jmowreader Aug 2021 #73
Yes - successful; yes - unsuccessful. Ms. Toad Aug 2021 #75
My brother's wife Nonhlanhla Aug 2021 #76
A terminally ill friend/acquaintance chose to put a bullet in his head... very sad. NurseJackie Aug 2021 #77
It's not always a gender thing Nonhlanhla Aug 2021 #78
A college roommate of mine killed himself shortly before our 20th reunion dsc Aug 2021 #79
I personally knew three who were successful, and knew the parents of two teenagers niyad Aug 2021 #80
my dad Skittles Aug 2021 #82
A college-age sister of frogmarch Aug 2021 #84
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