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44. MSM in conjunction with the conservatronic PTB are Carterizing their own creation.
Fri Oct 29, 2021, 05:02 AM
Oct 2021

I watched from the seawall in Galveston as the worlds super-tanker fleet rode at anchor en masse in the parking reserve area just off the Bolivar Straight, waiting while the gas lines of 1979 grew into a national panic. When the public finally associated blame for the (totally manufactured) "gas shortage" with the fact of a Democrat in the Whitehouse and an irreversible rise in pump prices, the ships lifted anchor and filled the refineries of Texas city, Houston and Bayport with crude oil. Like Magic, the gas lines disappeared everywhere except in the collective memory of Reagan voters.
I presume the same technique was applied in other US ports which had large refining components but have no personal experience as evidence like I do for the Galveston Bay area.

They can, will, and probably ARE doing the same song and dance today with imported goods' price rises. Rarely performing such highly publicized operations without multiple win-wins built into the scheme, this time around the PTB are force feeding the idea that our dependence on Chinese manufacturing is causing the US and thus the average citizen damage as some sort of plot by the Chinese government, unwittingly (or intentionally) aided by the "Democrat" executive. This time they even have the gall to float the idea that the Federal government needs to fund "necessary" port improvements to alleviate this manufactured problem.

The "Powers That Be" have occasional moments of actually participating in the maintenance of their supremacy and, like the seasons, they are predictable. At one time it was coupled with the odd term, "business cycle". They are now into their "grift the pandemic panic" phase which followed on the heels of the "we're all in this together, trusting each other" phase.

If only this country had enough intelligent people that realized this truth. Instead, bullwinkle428 Oct 2021 #1
Wish I could rec for malaise Oct 2021 #2
I have to give credit to John Fugelsang, who is my primary source for bullwinkle428 Oct 2021 #13
Love it malaise Oct 2021 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Oct 2021 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author malaise Oct 2021 #3
I think we can end the thread MontanaMama Oct 2021 #34
You know that and I know that... Act_of_Reparation Oct 2021 #4
thanks sheilahi Oct 2021 #5
That was my first thought. Ka-Dinh Oy Oct 2021 #35
What? Capitalism doesn't optimize for reliability. plimsoll Oct 2021 #6
+1,000,000. Add the "d" :) Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2021 #7
Ha malaise Oct 2021 #8
Great minds think alike and so do we :) Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2021 #26
Ha malaise Oct 2021 #9
Great minds think alike and so do we :) Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2021 #25
Facts don't matter when your head is in the gQp party Hulk Oct 2021 #10
It's pretty simple really Johnny2X2X Oct 2021 #11
Is this some kind of talking point or something? Farmer-Rick Oct 2021 #31
Yes ReTHUGs are trying to blame Biden for supply problems malaise Oct 2021 #37
Ahhhh Farmer-Rick Oct 2021 #39
Transparently clear....new word to my 74 year old vocabulary Hulk Oct 2021 #12
I stole it from one of our union leaders years ago malaise Oct 2021 #21
Those that worship the Holy Free Market multigraincracker Oct 2021 #14
True, but they can impact the economy berni_mccoy Oct 2021 #15
I agree re the management of the pandemic malaise Oct 2021 #24
40 plus years in the making NHvet Oct 2021 #16
What they do is credit themselves for anything that works malaise Oct 2021 #23
Yup, "free" trade removed the remains of regulations from the supply lines Farmer-Rick Oct 2021 #19
Well said malaise Oct 2021 #22
Correct you are..... NHvet Oct 2021 #27
Brought on by the pandemic, which wouldn't be nearly as bad Martin Eden Oct 2021 #20
That's the truth malaise Oct 2021 #29
Bingo! geardaddy Oct 2021 #28
Don't Moscow Mitch and his wife, former Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chau .. IggleDuer Oct 2021 #30
The empty shipping containers need to be loaded onto ships and taken back to China FakeNoose Oct 2021 #32
By predicting it, it becomes inevitable. rickyhall Oct 2021 #33
too many truck, rail, and warehouse workers are too Trumpified to wear their masks paulkienitz Oct 2021 #36
Unfortunately, we can't expect the average person to make this association. Moebym Oct 2021 #38
I do think the previous administration scared a lot of Boomers into early retirement nt Shermann Oct 2021 #40
That's not been talked about enough, as far as I'm concerned. llmart Oct 2021 #42
It's been predicted for a long time Shermann Oct 2021 #47
Clearly clear. EarnestPutz Oct 2021 #41
Malaise, we might note the public sector's key part of our supply chain is relatively healthy. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2021 #43
Oh yes -the government's role is related to infrastructure and malaise Oct 2021 #45
MSM in conjunction with the conservatronic PTB are Carterizing their own creation. jaxexpat Oct 2021 #44
Great post malaise Oct 2021 #46
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