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47. Sounds like the prosecutor did screw up.
Sat Dec 4, 2021, 03:21 AM
Dec 2021

"In my entire 44-year career, I have never, ever seen a prosecutor announce charges in a major case without the suspect being in custody first," Oakland Undersheriff Mike McCabe told the Free Press.

"We don't let people turn themselves in," he said. "When a warrant is authorized by a judge, we go and get them."

On further reading, that was handled badly.

It still doesn't excuse them leaving town.

I don't know what to think about Ethan. He did a horrible thing and ended the lives of innocent classmates. He'll have to pay for that one way or another, though I hope a psych eval is involved. So many red flags beforehand were ignored or deferred, all the way up to the school meeting hours before the shooting. It's a mess. His parents didn't pull the trigger, but they did buy him a gun and left it unsecured. Any anger they may feel should be partly aimed at themselves for that.
Not to mention that they will very likely face FEDERAL charges (if they crossed state lines) hlthe2b Dec 2021 #1
What federal charge? PTWB Dec 2021 #40
18 U.S. Code 1073 - Flight to avoid prosecution or giving testimony hlthe2b Dec 2021 #50
I don't see how they statute is applicable. Did you cite the correct one? PTWB Dec 2021 #51
I said IF they had crossed state lines. Evading a valid state arrest warrant across state lines hlthe2b Dec 2021 #56
You said it was "very likely" that they'd be charged federally. PTWB Dec 2021 #57
Citing Frank Figliuzzi on Joy Reid last night. So argue with a 25+ year FBI veteran. hlthe2b Dec 2021 #58
LOL PTWB Dec 2021 #59
That is NOT what I said and I don't get your problem but I'm done with your misstating hlthe2b Dec 2021 #60
That's exactly what you said. PTWB Dec 2021 #61
Alright brother, I've just got to respond once more. PTWB Dec 2021 #62
Kick this one. Kingofalldems Dec 2021 #2
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #3
I'm thinking Florida. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #4
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #5
I'm hoping to wake up and find they're in custody. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #10
They used to live in Florida, so yes that is a good possibility. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #34
classic likeness-" TFG" ?? monkeyman1 Dec 2021 #37
Small Wisconsin and Michigan towns are the worst to hide in. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #7
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #9
Maybe, maybe not. My mother's family lives up in northern very rural Wisconsin. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #13
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #15
I like this idea, but yes the reward is the problem. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #25
Also: They will have to get a new vehicle, everyone is going to be looking for their car. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #16
... Crepuscular Dec 2021 #19
How many people could come up with a good spur of the moment escape plan? Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #28
Depends on how far north. LeftInTX Dec 2021 #48
Yes one area is just above your line. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #52
Not to be too much of a snark relayerbob Dec 2021 #27
We're trying to dumb down our thought processes, but it is hard to get to Magat level. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #33
Very true relayerbob Dec 2021 #36
$4000 FelineOverlord Dec 2021 #6
Won't last long. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #8
Yeah, that amount of money won't last them long. BlackSkimmer Dec 2021 #11
They need to ditch their Michigan plates. Captain Zero Dec 2021 #22
I would think they would have to ditch their car too. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #29
They are compounding the pain Deuxcents Dec 2021 #12
Families that go to prison together stay together tenderfoot Dec 2021 #14
It Also Undermines Their Defense (Whatever That Will Be) ChoppinBroccoli Dec 2021 #17
Yep. Flight is considered an admission of guilt Walleye Dec 2021 #20
They will claim they feared for their lives. And were victims of a politcal witch hunt. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #30
The last manhunt for two people at this high-profile a level was for bullwinkle428 Dec 2021 #18
As long as no LEOs are harmed, I don't care how they bring this trash down. nt Progressive Jones Dec 2021 #21
I can see them going down in a gunfight Captain Zero Dec 2021 #23
If the FBI kills them, it would save taxpayers money. roamer65 Dec 2021 #26
I wonder if they have guns with them? Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #32
Ending up in a boat being shot almost to death by Boston's Finest. Irish_Dem Dec 2021 #31
No! Remember Brian Laundrie in September??? LeftInTX Dec 2021 #49
Recommended. H2O Man Dec 2021 #24
Up to $10,000 reward now. moondust Dec 2021 #35
I can't imagine taking off like that when your own child needs you more than ever. NH Ethylene Dec 2021 #38
This. Their behavior is beyond reprehensible. nt crickets Dec 2021 #39
You know EndlessWire Dec 2021 #42
I don't really feel any sympathy for them. Why leave your child in this situation - ever? crickets Dec 2021 #44
I don't feel sympathy for the kid. EndlessWire Dec 2021 #46
Sounds like the prosecutor did screw up. crickets Dec 2021 #47
I don't either but normal parents would (I think!). NH Ethylene Dec 2021 #54
You don't think they would have gotten bail? NH Ethylene Dec 2021 #53
The worst disaster of his life?? EndlessWire Dec 2021 #45
I generally do not blame the parents. NH Ethylene Dec 2021 #55
So let me get this straight - NutmegYankee Dec 2021 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author ExTex Dec 2021 #43
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