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Ummm......ACB? Mad_Machine76 Feb 2022 #1
The First Amendment, no less! demmiblue Feb 2022 #12
Bible Barbie hadn't ever tried a case before being on SCOTUS. OMGWTF Feb 2022 #26
Amy Conehead shops out of an American Girl catalog. n/m BradAllison Feb 2022 #29
Fellow Repuke no less. czarjak Feb 2022 #33
So, no republicans need apply? Got it!!!! nt Carlitos Brigante Feb 2022 #2
I want a nominee who knows the Constitution and doesn't rewrite it. lagomorph777 Feb 2022 #3
Just a suggestion. It's time to win the war on framing the definition of "woke" Baitball Blogger Feb 2022 #4
Fucking racist pig. spanone Feb 2022 #5
+10000000000000000 Celerity Feb 2022 #13
Sexist, as well. SergeStorms Feb 2022 #28
He doesn't really get a say here JustAnotherGen Feb 2022 #6
he is much better as a senator than he was as bobby jindal's treasurer rampartc Feb 2022 #24
Nothing about watermelon and fried chicken, Senator? gratuitous Feb 2022 #7
Sexist and racist. Solly Mack Feb 2022 #8
Scumbag bad-joke racist. (nt) Paladin Feb 2022 #9
And, we want senators who can tell racism from honest concern, statesmen from political hacks Atticus Feb 2022 #10
Every time that clown opens his mouth, he always seems to shoot himself in the foot. TheBlackAdder Feb 2022 #11
The Senate has its own Louie Gohmert. Sneederbunk Feb 2022 #14
They have several. Caliman73 Feb 2022 #34
So, he prefers uneducated people who are asleep as far as what's really going on? patphil Feb 2022 #15
No, he just wants them racist, sexist, homophobic, etc... Caliman73 Feb 2022 #36
Michelle Obama was known for wearing J.Crew. I suppose that is his racist fucking reference. chowder66 Feb 2022 #16
It's about Biden saying he would nominate an African American woman iemanja Feb 2022 #20
Right but the odd mention of J. Crew stuck out to me because of Michelle Obama's chowder66 Feb 2022 #21
Yeah, could be. iemanja Feb 2022 #23
It seems to be his idea of a witty comeback, which he uses all the time onenote Feb 2022 #45
Suddenly he cares about that? iemanja Feb 2022 #17
I want a Senator who isn't on Russia's payroll iemanja Feb 2022 #18
Kennedy has a J. Crew fixation. onenote Feb 2022 #19
So....a talking point shanti Feb 2022 #44
Well, isn't that clever? Is he sure the idiots he usually panders to will get it? Vinca Feb 2022 #22
Double fuck that racist asshole. LudwigPastorius Feb 2022 #25
"Beaulah, you be sure to starch & iron my robes & hood. I'll need them for that Senate hearing." Hekate Feb 2022 #27
Kennedy wanted to send a clear message ONLY RWNJ SCOTUS members can rewrite the Constitution. usaf-vet Feb 2022 #30
Joy-Ann (Pro-Democracy), whoever you are, BIG HUGS!!! calimary Feb 2022 #31
That would be Joy Reid - MSNBC host. Caliman73 Feb 2022 #37
Well shit! Why didn't I know that? calimary Feb 2022 #39
Says the windbag who likely can't tell the difference himself. EOM Layzeebeaver Feb 2022 #32
It's sad watching old white men trying to protect an old white man agenda RANDYWILDMAN Feb 2022 #35
Go choke on your corn pone... LowerManhattanite Feb 2022 #38
Has he ever met Brett Kavanaugh? sinkingfeeling Feb 2022 #40
Relax, Johnny. Ivanka is not on anyone's SCOTUS list. 11 Bravo Feb 2022 #41
Foghorn Leghorn? Bwahahahahaha!!!! MerryHolidays Feb 2022 #42
And we want Republican Senators that know the Constitution from Mein Kampf DFW Feb 2022 #43
Maxrandb wants a Retrumplican Senator that is not a bunch of dicks in a Strom Thurmond skinbag maxrandb Feb 2022 #46
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