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Tue Feb 22, 2022, 10:24 AM Feb 2022

Never forget that Mike Flynn helped to sell out Ukraine to Russia in 2014 and then President ... [View all]

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... President Obama fired him from the Defense Intelligence Agency because he did not give the
President warning about Russia's invasion of the Crimea. There are reports that after President
Obama fired him he then went and spent time in Russia.

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Kicking for visability SheltieLover Feb 2022 #1
And don't forget that Paul Manafort worked for a pro Putin President of the Ukraine and that Botany Feb 2022 #6
And they are both free. SheltieLover Feb 2022 #9
And they guy on the far left ... Mike Pence ... was picked by Manafort (AKA Putin) to be V.P. Botany Feb 2022 #12
Handpicked and preapproved by the Kremlin dalton99a Feb 2022 #14
He sure was! SheltieLover Feb 2022 #54
Flynn's brother was working from the Pentagon on 1/6/21 to stop and or slow down Botany Feb 2022 #56
Yup! SheltieLover Feb 2022 #57
He needs to spend the rest of his life in GITMO! lastlib Feb 2022 #53
I couldn't agree more! SheltieLover Feb 2022 #55
There aren't DENVERPOPS Feb 2022 #58
I agree! SheltieLover Feb 2022 #59
K&R, uponit7771 Feb 2022 #2
And Obama Warned Trump dalton99a Feb 2022 #3
Great find! I had not seen this photo before. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2022 #27
Was taken at the same dinner as the more famous one in Botany's #7 KS Toronado Feb 2022 #31
and he shared a table with Jill Stein and Putin JohnSJ Feb 2022 #4
Yup! Botany Feb 2022 #7
Putin's honored guest dalton99a Feb 2022 #11
Yup Farmer-Rick Feb 2022 #36
Seated at Putin's right hand. colorado_ufo Feb 2022 #51
Translator earpiece. nt LittleGirl Feb 2022 #74
Thank you. colorado_ufo Feb 2022 #76
Yup! SheltieLover Feb 2022 #10
EFFING Flynn............. secondwind Feb 2022 #5
Why has this traitor not been charged and arrested Beachnutt Feb 2022 #8
Because TFG pardoned him. Remember? Ocelot II Feb 2022 #13
"Ukraine" not "the Ukraine" lagomorph777 Feb 2022 #15
Thanx Botany Feb 2022 #16
Indeed! Duppers Feb 2022 #29
Kind of like when the Rs say the "Democrat party" which is bullshit and a pejorative OMGWTF Feb 2022 #60
Overheard last week at Walmart. "General Flynn is the only real patriot we've got!" Midnight Writer Feb 2022 #17
Up is down in Trumpworld. dalton99a Feb 2022 #18
The judge tells Flynn that "arguably you sold your country out." Botany Feb 2022 #19
Wasn't that Jared who was working on the back channel? leftieNanner Feb 2022 #21
You might be right ... It all does kind of run together at some point. Botany Feb 2022 #26
Kushner, Erik Prince, Seychelles, back channel for Trump & Putin liberalla Feb 2022 #48
The Seychelles* are really in the middle of no place .... 900 miles of east central Africa in .... Botany Feb 2022 #52
It was the crime of the century. Irish_Dem Feb 2022 #63
And Manafort* gift wrapped the rat fucking of America by Russia by giving Vlad's agent .... Botany Feb 2022 #65
I wonder how much these guys made to sell out their country? Irish_Dem Feb 2022 #66
Flynn is not the only American who sold out their country. Irish_Dem Feb 2022 #46
How thick was the Russian accent? Zambero Feb 2022 #20
No worse than Tucker Carlson's. Midnight Writer Feb 2022 #34
Flynn has his own sub-cult, a blog/podcast something going full bore these days. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2022 #28
A patriot for Russia perhaps PatSeg Feb 2022 #38
Flynn is working on the Coup 2.0 right now. L. Coyote Feb 2022 #22
"Operational security." dchill Feb 2022 #39
KNR niyad Feb 2022 #23
Obama bad. Period. Democrats too, is all they know. czarjak Feb 2022 #24
When Obama Rebl2 Feb 2022 #25
See post #3 President Obama warned TFG about Flynn and so did acting A.G. Sally Yates Botany Feb 2022 #30
And yet he continues to receive his General's pension CanonRay Feb 2022 #32
The military should strip that traitor of his General title at least IronLionZion Feb 2022 #33
This news about Flynn is old news, the news I want to hear is that the Military recalled the SOB Escurumbele Feb 2022 #35
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ msfiddlestix Feb 2022 #37
Picked sides, he did. calimary Feb 2022 #40
When DU was hacked Election Day 2016 StClone Feb 2022 #41
I hope we get a reveal on just how deep the corruption was in Trump's admin. ificandream Feb 2022 #42
Right, how many GOP leaders are Russian assets? Irish_Dem Feb 2022 #47
K & R! liberalla Feb 2022 #43
"That he didn't give warning of the invasion." Botany Feb 2022 #44
He receives a US military pension while he is working for Russia. Irish_Dem Feb 2022 #45
As we speak dalton99a Feb 2022 #50
He has been on the taxpayer dole since college. Irish_Dem Feb 2022 #62
Kick BadgerMom Feb 2022 #49
How much do you make for selling out your country? Irish_Dem Feb 2022 #61
Broken record NQAS Feb 2022 #64
It is sealed because he was juvenile but Flynn did some time for some crime. Botany Feb 2022 #67
The scariest thing Mr.Bill Feb 2022 #68
Please change "the Ukraine" to just Ukraine blue-wave Feb 2022 #69
Foreign Policy for Sale OR Privatization of Foreign Policy for Private Interests bucolic_frolic Feb 2022 #70
Don't forget Paul Manafort and Tad Devine were business partners undermining the govt. of Ukraine. George II Feb 2022 #71
And that Paul Manafort worked for free for the Trump campaign Botany Feb 2022 #72
K&R MustLoveBeagles Feb 2022 #73
Mike Flynn is a traitor and gets a government pension! Emile Feb 2022 #75
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