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14. A Trumper would never be a friend of mine
Wed Apr 6, 2022, 05:13 PM
Apr 2022

I am Asian and most Trumpers are racist and would have no use for an Asian friend . She is a Russian by birth and lives in Moscow. Russia is mostly in Asia and neighbors China. Believe it or not, I have friends in China, including Hong Kong and Beijing. Am I supposed to give them up as well? I won't.
They are too dear to me and we never talk about politics.

She is not your enemy. BlackSkimmer Apr 2022 #1
Some one below disagree YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #11
Black and white thinking runs rampant on DU, unfortunately... AntiFascist Apr 2022 #28
Agreed. Caliman73 Apr 2022 #17
Let it ride. Our personal opinions are so minor. LakeArenal Apr 2022 #2
I'm with Lake on this one. Keep cool. If the friend wants to remain friends, let proof appear Tetrachloride Apr 2022 #9
Ouch... That is a tough one... Ohio Joe Apr 2022 #3
I plan on seeing her tomorrow YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #8
Hundreds arrested as Russians protest invasion of Ukraine Goonch Apr 2022 #4
Leave it, if she saw your Ukrainian flag and did not speak of her support as well Bev54 Apr 2022 #5
You have so much in common. Geechie Apr 2022 #6
I would gladly kick any Putin sympathizer to the curb, no matter what the relationship is... demmiblue Apr 2022 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author Rebl2 Apr 2022 #10
A Trumper would never be a friend of mine YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #14
I doubt the friend is Putin sympathizer. LakeArenal Apr 2022 #12
Propaganda works. The world you see is not the one you see NewHendoLib Apr 2022 #13
In my opinion qwlauren35 Apr 2022 #15
I participate in an active chess chat board. Torchlight Apr 2022 #16
Right? YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #19
who here wants to see your friend in a gulag Skittles Apr 2022 #27
Sounds exactly like trying to nurture a 'friendship' with a MAGAt... Wounded Bear Apr 2022 #18
Except she is very smart YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #21
if she is very smart Skittles Apr 2022 #23
You first need to have all the facts to make any kind of discussion YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #24
I would have let her know what is going on Skittles Apr 2022 #25
I am not a combative person YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #26
She won't have seen the photos of the dead bodies iemanja Apr 2022 #20
True and only speaking how bad things are will destroy YoshidaYui Apr 2022 #22
She may be scared to bring it up. roamer65 Apr 2022 #29
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