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58. Sen. Schumer (Majority Leader) must stop Hawley's abuse of the Senate rules.
Sat Apr 9, 2022, 01:03 PM
Apr 2022

If Hawley does not stop, then the rule must be deleted.

Hawley has a character flaw that prevents him from woking with others. He does not look presidential.

K&R ck4829 Apr 2022 #1
To answer the question of why more Democrata won't do this more often..... TheRealNorth Apr 2022 #2
Fox viewers are irrelevant. We need to be loud for everyone else. Nevilledog Apr 2022 #3
Exactly JohnSJ Apr 2022 #5
+1 SoonerPride Apr 2022 #7
True, but as I said the MSM will run with how Faux frames it... TheRealNorth Apr 2022 #24
Or 2naSalit Apr 2022 #32
KnR Hekate Apr 2022 #4
The absolutely need to do it more often. Ferrets are Cool Apr 2022 #6
1500 coordinated radio stations will always be louder as long as dem leaders ignore it certainot Apr 2022 #20
Why is radio less "free" than TV? oldsoftie Apr 2022 #34
it's a 95% monopoly. and all the blowhards are protected by call screeners that can eliminate certainot Apr 2022 #44
regardless of the nonsense broadcast, they have the same rights as TV. oldsoftie Apr 2022 #54
"your sister's a whore, your brother's a thief, and your ideas are treasonous" said 300 racist assho certainot Apr 2022 #60
So we buy some stations. The others are on because they get listeners. Buy some for us. oldsoftie Apr 2022 #61
it's been a rw monopoly for 30 years. walmart vs mom and pop. heavy blue areas are dominated by certainot Apr 2022 #62
Yep ck4829 Apr 2022 #47
That video missed the beginning. mahina Apr 2022 #8
Whoa! llmart Apr 2022 #10
Damn. He hit point after point. Most people can't keep track of so many horrible acts. JanMichael Apr 2022 #33
The point that got me the most is that he's damaging the Department of Defense. XacerbatedDem Apr 2022 #39
No no ... more like this .... eppur_se_muova Apr 2022 #42
He's not even really yelling. he's being passionate & assertive. oldsoftie Apr 2022 #35
Lol. I read you hundred percent mahina Apr 2022 #38
It's about damn time BeyondGeography Apr 2022 #9
Bah, they wouldn't know strength if it came up and smacked them. OldBaldy1701E Apr 2022 #36
Which we have manifestly failed to do since Clinton BeyondGeography Apr 2022 #40
Neither will I. OldBaldy1701E Apr 2022 #41
Exactly right. Pepsidog Apr 2022 #55
Indeed ck4829 Apr 2022 #48
Bumping this thread to ensure people see it... CBHagman Apr 2022 #11
The squeaky wheel always gets the media. LakeArenal Apr 2022 #12
Should've called hawley an un-American brutal dictator sympathizer. Nt Baked Potato Apr 2022 #13
All Democrats need to respond exactly like that, every time. FoxNewsSucks Apr 2022 #14
Yep ck4829 Apr 2022 #49
Democrats Still Act Like They're Going To A Dinner Party... GB_RN Apr 2022 #15
No, Democrats act like they're governing. You can't throw these tirades too often. Bucky Apr 2022 #16
I Didn't Say Throw Tirades... GB_RN Apr 2022 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author jfz9580m Apr 2022 #28
That was not a tirade. FoxNewsSucks Apr 2022 #51
Time to stop being nice. ck4829 Apr 2022 #50
And THIS Is My Point. GB_RN Apr 2022 #53
👍 Joinfortmill Apr 2022 #17
Preach it, Brother, preach it! colorado_ufo Apr 2022 #18
All Hawaiians and all Americans should be proud of Senator Schatz Mysterian Apr 2022 #21
great little speech! Fuck you Hawley, you traitor!!! Celerity Apr 2022 #22
Thank you, Senator Schatz! Wild blueberry Apr 2022 #23
Any damn politician that raises his fist in agreement with insurrectionists Emile Apr 2022 #25
The fact Rebl2 Apr 2022 #26
When I say we should show emotion, this is what I mean. Qutzupalotl Apr 2022 #27
TLP is on-board Fritz Walter Apr 2022 #29
I hate the truth Snoopy 7 Apr 2022 #30
Butter knife to a gun fight. Meadowoak Apr 2022 #43
I hate the truth Snoopy 7 Apr 2022 #31
The gap is with the media. They are not reporting on Republican bad faith. yardwork Apr 2022 #37
Remember how Pres. Obama called out some GQP idiocy but didn't mention their names and didn't have Maraya1969 Apr 2022 #45
This is what "stop playing nice" looks and sounds like, more please. nt Hotler Apr 2022 #46
Seems to me if the Dems DON'T make a lot of noise then we are as guilty as the silent ones. flying_wahini Apr 2022 #52
Awesome point-by-point takedown of a hollow, pathetic man. -nt CrispyQ Apr 2022 #56
We'll see more of this Dem Rep behavior if we publicly express it ourselves stollen Apr 2022 #57
Sen. Schumer (Majority Leader) must stop Hawley's abuse of the Senate rules. NCjack Apr 2022 #58
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Apr 2022 #59
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