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I'm more worried about democracy because Elessar Zappa May 2022 #1
+1 pandr32 May 2022 #8
+10 exactly And I do worry about climate change electric_blue68 May 2022 #23
+1 nt avebury May 2022 #36
I worry about things I know concretely will happen Sympthsical May 2022 #2
Exactly we can do it May 2022 #3
I said democracy, and it's as Essar says. However, I believe fears Hortensis May 2022 #4
Both are essential for our future TreasonousBastard May 2022 #5
Climate change is more serious because it means... ananda May 2022 #6
I'm worried that soon your state will force through a law-- viva la May 2022 #7
My first thought as I was reading OP. nt DeeNice May 2022 #34
Well..in the great state of Florida.. Deuxcents May 2022 #9
He can't ban anything. It's not like he can give make decrees. tirebiter May 2022 #16
Even in my blue family, none of my blood relatives praised my environmental work Tetrachloride May 2022 #10
Thanks for doing that work. I was marching for Renewable Energies in the '80's. electric_blue68 May 2022 #24
you can't have one without the other Takket May 2022 #11
So-called democracy hasn't addressed the climate issue up to now, Ron Green May 2022 #12
Democracy deals with nothing. tirebiter May 2022 #14
People have rarely voted for the planet and against their own comfort, Ron Green May 2022 #22
Both simultaneously. 2naSalit May 2022 #13
Do autocrats care about climate change? moondust May 2022 #15
I'm just glad you're not required to "teach both sides of the climate-change controversy". Mister Ed May 2022 #17
Climate change róisín_dubh May 2022 #18
The greater imminent threat Meowmee May 2022 #19
Climate Change nt Raine May 2022 #20
we are screwed Demovictory9 May 2022 #21
Our democracy may not survive the catastrophe climate change will bring. Kaleva May 2022 #25
Climate change has already kicked down the doors and now it's in the house. hunter May 2022 #26
We can still stop the worst case scenario regarding climate. Elessar Zappa May 2022 #28
To stop it from increasing 4 degrees will take a massive effort worldwide. Kaleva May 2022 #29
Can't take effective action against climate change if we lose our democracy Martin Eden May 2022 #27
When do you think we'll start taking effective action against climate change? Kaleva May 2022 #30
Do you disagree with my statement? Martin Eden May 2022 #31
Can you provide evidence that even with a democracy, effective action is being taken? Kaleva May 2022 #32
I made no such claim Martin Eden May 2022 #33
To me it's a false choice. Tommy Carcetti May 2022 #35
I firmly believe that too many Rethugs are or will be guilty of avebury May 2022 #37
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