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42. Dems: When asked any question, SAY WHAT YOU BELIEVE.
Sat Aug 6, 2022, 12:29 PM
Aug 2022

We tend to rattle off specific policy proposals as answers. That interests our base, but the Right hears that and thinks, more government is not the solution, so they harden against us.

But if you use any question as a chance to say WHAT YOU BELIEVE, independents and RW voters will a) see you as fearless, bold unafraid—a leader; and b) see you as likable and one of them, because we all want the same things—a fair shot to earn a living, good schools, good opportunities, good healthcare. Articulating these has the added benefit of making your opponent appear to be against those things.

Fetterman excels at this. That and his image are why he is catching on, IMO.

It's great he's making Oz look like a chump and weak Walleye Aug 2022 #1
Give Oz a break. He's just learning about Lancaster County and Indian Echo Caverns. TheBlackAdder Aug 2022 #48
other dems could profit from this sort of messaging. they should try it nt msongs Aug 2022 #2
With the added element of an analysis of the psychology of the middle Scrivener7 Aug 2022 #8
He does project that image of real PA guy. malthaussen Aug 2022 #37
I think it's genuine, but I also think he made a conscious decision not to try to Scrivener7 Aug 2022 #38
Honestly? I think he looked in the mirror and said... malthaussen Aug 2022 #40
Johnstown working class by birth, so Fetterman is already my kinda guy as well. (n/t) SMC22307 Aug 2022 #44
Yes. I agree. I think it's his normal style and he understood it would appeal Scrivener7 Aug 2022 #47
Yes they could! Hope they do! calimary Aug 2022 #22
But if it's not authentic to the candidate, cilla4progress Aug 2022 #28
It also doesn't hurt that Oz is either absent or tone-deaf. Just A Box Of Rain Aug 2022 #3
Fetterman Has the Best Social Media Operation I've Seen This Cycle n/t Indykatie Aug 2022 #4
He is the best I have seen since Obama who knew the power of social media...remember Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #6
And while I know nothing about his social media operation gratuitous Aug 2022 #13
Mehmet Oz wearing dress shoes in a tractor is a perfect example. SMC22307 Aug 2022 #45
SMS too. I get at least one everyday, and they are not all about fundraising. Tommymac Aug 2022 #34
K&R, the volume of dem messaging is low even the amplitude is sky high and popular. uponit7771 Aug 2022 #5
Doing it the way he is, skillfully on Bettie Aug 2022 #7
....and he doesn't resort to lies, polarization, hate speech, victimhood, scapegoating. nt wiggs Aug 2022 #9
Been supporting him since he was a mayor Cosmocat Aug 2022 #10
Yes indeed! and his wife is awesome too FakeNoose Aug 2022 #23
I SO want the Turtle to have to look up to Big John every single working day. malthaussen Aug 2022 #39
Rolling Stone did an article about him years ago. JohnnyRingo Aug 2022 #11
Braddock. Just out of Pittsburgh. twodogsbarking Aug 2022 #25
The numbers on his arms are the numbers of those who died by homicide in his town...he did Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #26
The zip is inked there too JohnnyRingo Aug 2022 #29
And also tattoos representing the murder victims he could not protect during his time as mayor. Tommymac Aug 2022 #35
Fetterman and his team excel at social media be it twitter, vids, ads, whatever peggysue2 Aug 2022 #12
Fetterman's the real deal. My son just moved from PA, and regrets that he will not get to vote... NNadir Aug 2022 #14
Good for him Meowmee Aug 2022 #15
Recommended. H2O Man Aug 2022 #16
k&R thanks! Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #17
To me, Mr. Evil Aug 2022 #18
Yes. He speaks the plain truth. applegrove Aug 2022 #20
Yes, yes, yes, etc. to infinity MiHale Aug 2022 #19
Other Democrats Jilly_in_VA Aug 2022 #21
If his heath holds (and since I now have A-Fib thanks to Covid and am doing quite well. The Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #27
Oh no! cilla4progress Aug 2022 #30
Yes it was. I had been masking and being careful but went to a wedding in Ithaca New York... Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #31
That's insane! cilla4progress Aug 2022 #33
Stay on top of that pneumonia, Dems. You know, of course, Hortensis Aug 2022 #43
Vibes for a good recovery. applegrove Aug 2022 #49
I would add that I had no pre-existing conditions... took no meds in fact and had Covid at least Demsrule86 Aug 2022 #32
My dad lived with A-fib for well over 30 years Jilly_in_VA Aug 2022 #36
Never give 'em time to forget what Dems are doing and Repugs are damaging. Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #24
Finally a democrat good treestar Aug 2022 #41
Dems: When asked any question, SAY WHAT YOU BELIEVE. Qutzupalotl Aug 2022 #42
This is exactly what Hal Malchow has been saying for a year... Pluvious Aug 2022 #46
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