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Fiendish Thingy

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2. Oh brother...sorry to disappoint you...
Sun Aug 21, 2022, 04:46 PM
Aug 2022

But Trump has not committed, nor will he be charged with, the crime of Treason.

“Enemies” is a narrowly defined term, referring only to countries the US has declared war on.

The Rosenbergs, who gave nuclear secrets to Russia, weren’t charged with treason, they were charged with espionage.

Espionage and seditious conspiracy are the two most serious charges Trump is possibly at risk of being charged with.

He has committed TRE45ON [View all] Iwasthere Aug 2022 OP
Treason requires an act of war to be declared, meaning there can be no prosecutions for treason kelly1mm Aug 2022 #1
Attempting a coup, fits. mzmolly Aug 2022 #4
If you can show me a picture of President Trump attacking the capital I will concede your point. kelly1mm Aug 2022 #9
By that measure, no leader who gives an illegal order mzmolly Aug 2022 #28
Possibly if there is direct collusion and assuming the attack on the capital rises to the level of kelly1mm Aug 2022 #31
It certainly mzmolly Aug 2022 #35
Correct me if I'm wrong BidenRocks Aug 2022 #12
That is correct. That is why even the Rosenburgs were convicted of espionage, not treason. NT kelly1mm Aug 2022 #13
I've seen that claim but nothing to support it. Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #34
Oh brother...sorry to disappoint you... Fiendish Thingy Aug 2022 #2
Okay, try for treason (coup) then settle for Espionage Iwasthere Aug 2022 #5
If he was indicted for Treason, there would be no trial Fiendish Thingy Aug 2022 #15
Domestic mzmolly Aug 2022 #6
Maybe it should but it currently does not. nt kelly1mm Aug 2022 #10
I'm not sure mzmolly Aug 2022 #29
I am. nt kelly1mm Aug 2022 #30
Since the United States is not at war, we have no enemies. Mariana Aug 2022 #3
Oh, we've got enemies (within AND without) Iwasthere Aug 2022 #7
'enemies' in this context is defined as those the US congress has declared war on. nt kelly1mm Aug 2022 #11
And as soon as Congress declares war upon them Mariana Aug 2022 #20
MF45 leads a criminal insurrection that includes Domestic Terrorists. Kid Berwyn Aug 2022 #8
Where can I read this declaration of war and President Trump's direct involvement kelly1mm Aug 2022 #14
The disjunctive dpibel Aug 2022 #16
Agreed. I've encountered this before with some DUers. triron Aug 2022 #22
The post I responded to stated "Seeing how they have declared war on the United States of America" kelly1mm Aug 2022 #23
Fair enough dpibel Aug 2022 #24
correct but then we have to get into the weeds on 'levying war' It is debatable if 1/6 was kelly1mm Aug 2022 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author dpibel Aug 2022 #26
Is there an echo in here? dpibel Aug 2022 #27
Agree Joinfortmill Aug 2022 #17
treason no. sedition yes. moonshinegnomie Aug 2022 #18
Here's Glenn Kirschner on TFG and the crime of treason... RobertDevereaux Aug 2022 #19
This is good scipan Aug 2022 #36
GREAT bumper sticker idea n/t Delarage Aug 2022 #21
Sedition and espionage GuppyGal Aug 2022 #32
For this thread LetMyPeopleVote Aug 2022 #33
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