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He has committed TRE45ON [View all] Iwasthere Aug 2022 OP
Treason requires an act of war to be declared, meaning there can be no prosecutions for treason kelly1mm Aug 2022 #1
Attempting a coup, fits. mzmolly Aug 2022 #4
If you can show me a picture of President Trump attacking the capital I will concede your point. kelly1mm Aug 2022 #9
By that measure, no leader who gives an illegal order mzmolly Aug 2022 #28
Possibly if there is direct collusion and assuming the attack on the capital rises to the level of kelly1mm Aug 2022 #31
It certainly mzmolly Aug 2022 #35
Correct me if I'm wrong BidenRocks Aug 2022 #12
That is correct. That is why even the Rosenburgs were convicted of espionage, not treason. NT kelly1mm Aug 2022 #13
I've seen that claim but nothing to support it. Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #34
Oh brother...sorry to disappoint you... Fiendish Thingy Aug 2022 #2
Okay, try for treason (coup) then settle for Espionage Iwasthere Aug 2022 #5
If he was indicted for Treason, there would be no trial Fiendish Thingy Aug 2022 #15
Domestic mzmolly Aug 2022 #6
Maybe it should but it currently does not. nt kelly1mm Aug 2022 #10
I'm not sure mzmolly Aug 2022 #29
I am. nt kelly1mm Aug 2022 #30
Since the United States is not at war, we have no enemies. Mariana Aug 2022 #3
Oh, we've got enemies (within AND without) Iwasthere Aug 2022 #7
'enemies' in this context is defined as those the US congress has declared war on. nt kelly1mm Aug 2022 #11
And as soon as Congress declares war upon them Mariana Aug 2022 #20
MF45 leads a criminal insurrection that includes Domestic Terrorists. Kid Berwyn Aug 2022 #8
Where can I read this declaration of war and President Trump's direct involvement kelly1mm Aug 2022 #14
The disjunctive dpibel Aug 2022 #16
Agreed. I've encountered this before with some DUers. triron Aug 2022 #22
The post I responded to stated "Seeing how they have declared war on the United States of America" kelly1mm Aug 2022 #23
Fair enough dpibel Aug 2022 #24
correct but then we have to get into the weeds on 'levying war' It is debatable if 1/6 was kelly1mm Aug 2022 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author dpibel Aug 2022 #26
Is there an echo in here? dpibel Aug 2022 #27
Agree Joinfortmill Aug 2022 #17
treason no. sedition yes. moonshinegnomie Aug 2022 #18
Here's Glenn Kirschner on TFG and the crime of treason... RobertDevereaux Aug 2022 #19
This is good scipan Aug 2022 #36
GREAT bumper sticker idea n/t Delarage Aug 2022 #21
Sedition and espionage GuppyGal Aug 2022 #32
For this thread LetMyPeopleVote Aug 2022 #33
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