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Thu Aug 25, 2022, 05:44 PM Aug 2022

The White House is tweeting out PPP loans taken by Republicans...bwahahaha [View all]

Tweet text:
The White House
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had $183,504 in PPP loans forgiven.

Greene: For our government just to say ok your debt is completely forgiven.. it’s completely unfair
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2:33 PM · Aug 25, 2022

Congressman Vern Buchanan had over $2.3 million in PPP loans forgiven.

Rep. Vern Buchanan
As a blue-collar kid who worked his way through college, I know firsthand the sacrifices people make to receive an education.

Biden’s reckless, unilateral student loan giveaway is unfair to the 87 percent of Americans without student loan debt and those who played by the rules.
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The White House
Congressman Markwayne Mullin had over $1.4 million in PPP loans forgiven.

Markwayne Mullin
We do not need farmers and ranchers, small business owners, and teachers in Oklahoma paying the debts of Ivy League lawyers and doctors across the U.S.

This places undue burden on those already suffering due to the weight of Biden’s failed economic policy.
2:33 PM · Aug 25, 2022

And on and on....... just brilliant!
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LOL inthewind21 Aug 2022 #1
Boebert is OK with loan forgiveness, when she's the one who benefits, to the tune of $233K. TheBlackAdder Aug 2022 #56
I LOVE IT!!!! 50 Shades Of Blue Aug 2022 #2
YES!!! Faux pas Aug 2022 #3
Wa-hooooo!!!! grumpyduck Aug 2022 #4
! demmiblue Aug 2022 #5
There's that photo again! calimary Aug 2022 #103
On giphy: demmiblue Aug 2022 #105
WH ready for republikkkan backlash....saw it coming...hold , hold, FIRE!!!! asiliveandbreathe Aug 2022 #6
More of this. Much more of this, please. LonePirate Aug 2022 #7
HAW HAW HAW Leghorn21 Aug 2022 #8
Brilliant indeed. Voltaire2 Aug 2022 #9
Which begs the question... GoCubsGo Aug 2022 #10
The amount available in PPP loans was based on the amount of the applicant's payroll costs. TomSlick Aug 2022 #88
So, members of Congress own businesses and have paid employees? Beaverhausen Aug 2022 #104
Never stop pointing out the hypocrisy! displacedtexan Aug 2022 #11
That is savage Tree-Hugger Aug 2022 #12
... demmiblue Aug 2022 #13
Run and hide, GOPers! Your hypocrisy has awakened the wrath of Dark Brandon! Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #20
+1 mdelaguna Aug 2022 #93
... Nevilledog Aug 2022 #23
... demmiblue Aug 2022 #33
... Nevilledog Aug 2022 #58
This needs John Carpenter's Halloween soundtrack. NBachers Aug 2022 #65
This is gonna make Marjorie Trash Garbage whine on Steve Bannon even more! Initech Aug 2022 #78
Baha leighbythesea2 Aug 2022 #87
That stupid sknnk should shut her pie hole dalton99a Aug 2022 #14
They all should Nevilledog Aug 2022 #15
They sure do love to feed at the trough while trashing everyone else. Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #38
Yes! Drag them all! nt crickets Aug 2022 #16
Masterful! Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #17
Have to say big mouth Majorie Taylor Greene is giving... brush Aug 2022 #18
I didn't know Cro-MAGAs lived outside of their caves. Crowman2009 Aug 2022 #85
"Cro-MAGAs", good one. Describes their unevolved mindset to a T. brush Aug 2022 #90
Ha! Saw a tweet a couple days ago admiringly calling Joe Zero Fucks Brandon. tanyev Aug 2022 #19
Kudos to the White House. sheshe2 Aug 2022 #21
Already trending! demmiblue Aug 2022 #22
That was super fast Nevilledog Aug 2022 #25
Please keep us updated, if you have time! And thanks!! Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #28
Democratics . . . Fighting Back! peggysue2 Aug 2022 #24
White House to Republicans Nevilledog Aug 2022 #31
LOL!! peggysue2 Aug 2022 #37
I would suggest/purpose that these "elected" officials pay back their loans first MagickMuffin Aug 2022 #26
Expose these welfare queens and leeches!! IrishAfricanAmerican Aug 2022 #27
That is just pure awesome NewJeffCT Aug 2022 #29
Please continue this on this matter kacekwl Aug 2022 #30
New WH staffer Megan Coyne (formerly of NJ Gov Murphy's staff) may be the reason here LonePirate Aug 2022 #32
Impressive. blue neen Aug 2022 #80
If this is Coyne's doing she has hit the ground running crickets Aug 2022 #82
Now THAT's the way you respond choie Aug 2022 #34
Watch the incredibly squelched squawking shrivel up and blow away gratuitous Aug 2022 #35
Literally my entire timeline is people cheering this. Nevilledog Aug 2022 #39
Even the Letters of Note account: demmiblue Aug 2022 #40
Yes, this is how we play it. Call out the liars. onecaliberal Aug 2022 #36
Great minds and all that Farmer-Rick Aug 2022 #41
That was prescient malaise Aug 2022 #74
Great! PUSH BACK!!! Go Dark Brandon! n/t Peregrine Took Aug 2022 #42
outstanding response! fishwax Aug 2022 #43
Bravo! rogue emissary Aug 2022 #44
as the mandolarian says. This is the way moonshinegnomie Aug 2022 #45
BRAVO! elleng Aug 2022 #46
... Nevilledog Aug 2022 #49
Now "this" is great damn messaging. Traildogbob Aug 2022 #47
Brilliant! mcar Aug 2022 #48
Dark Brandon getting Darker 0rganism Aug 2022 #50
I pray that our White House Traildogbob Aug 2022 #51
Poetic! Higherarky Aug 2022 #52
That's great. n/t PatrickforB Aug 2022 #53
Chasten Buttigieg: A thread of people who should've just stopped ordering avocado toast and oat milk demmiblue Aug 2022 #54
And barring an 11th hour miracle, Wednesdays Aug 2022 #55
threadreaderapp link... Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #57
wowza! that thread on twitter has three more up orleans Aug 2022 #59
In the immortal words of Flounder: yonder Aug 2022 #60
Joe Biden. Kicking ass and naming names. Autumn Aug 2022 #61
im quite sickened at these huge ppp loans been forgiven Mr. Sparkle Aug 2022 #62
+1 llmart Aug 2022 #64
Trump Admin graft. vanlassie Aug 2022 #79
.... CatWoman Aug 2022 #63
Excellent! Call out the hypocrites relayerbob Aug 2022 #66
Finally we have Dems in the WH who are lightning fast with responses like this Hekate Aug 2022 #67
Can they tweet the same thing every day for at least a week? halfulglas Aug 2022 #68
They are upset because it's a benefit credited to a Democrat. See 2 Santas scheme (sig line) Hermit-The-Prog Aug 2022 #70
Republicans think they're Gawd's chosen Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Aug 2022 #69
I would say shame them all.... COL Mustard Aug 2022 #71
Beware Dark Brandon. MontanaMama Aug 2022 #72
Love it. area51 Aug 2022 #96
Absolutely fabulous malaise Aug 2022 #73
That is brilliant! PatSeg Aug 2022 #75
Hey Repukes! Shut up already, Joe got you! Cozmo Aug 2022 #76
Who needs butter? I've got plenty! Initech Aug 2022 #77
Here's a thought... littlemissmartypants Aug 2022 #81
Just beautiful. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2022 #83
Excelllent!! n/t iluvtennis Aug 2022 #84
It's not enough... bluecollar2 Aug 2022 #86
Pretty sure the boot and sword through the neck is on us to do. herding cats Aug 2022 #91
No argument from me bluecollar2 Aug 2022 #92
Return of Rapid Response! poli-junkie Aug 2022 #89
Hope my boss is in that list. LoL liberal N proud Aug 2022 #94
President Biden really did just wake up one day EnergizedLib Aug 2022 #95
Suck it you fucking hypocrite fucks Blue Owl Aug 2022 #97
The administration has been on fire recently Dopers_Greed Aug 2022 #98
President FIGHTING JOE BIDEN!!!!! DemocraticPatriot Aug 2022 #99
Dem attack ads, here we come empedocles Aug 2022 #100
Why isn't the DNC doing this? yardwork Aug 2022 #101
Good question. JudyM Aug 2022 #106
Hypocrisy, yes. But don't these PPP loans also raise issues of how these GOPers could be running Sanity Claws Aug 2022 #102
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