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I hope it does. highplainsdem Dec 2022 #1
"Could". marble falls Dec 2022 #2
But probably won't. Scrivener7 Dec 2022 #3
"two CNN analysts stated she should" Effete Snob Dec 2022 #5
I don't think so. Kingofalldems Dec 2022 #9
has some NJCher Dec 2022 #35
Yah, she'll be in front of a grand jury any day now Effete Snob Dec 2022 #50
Even less chance than 'probably'. marble falls Dec 2022 #6
Agreed. Scrivener7 Dec 2022 #7
Good luck. She won't pay any consequences. chicoescuela Dec 2022 #15
There are no odds I'd bet she will face the music. marble falls Dec 2022 #27
targets dont usually get called - being called is not being indicted.... getagrip_already Dec 2022 #11
+1000 Wahyee Dec 2022 #69
What does she imagine she would have "won", I wonder Walleye Dec 2022 #4
A goldfish level brain like hers never thinks further than the action. marble falls Dec 2022 #8
an insult to goldfish housecat Dec 2022 #72
Probably talking about YoshidaYui Dec 2022 #76
that's better housecat Dec 2022 #79
For Greene a win would have been the destruction of the nation. Chainfire Dec 2022 #18
So, In A district Where Guns Are Not Allowed.... usedtobedemgurl Dec 2022 #10
apparently congress critters live under a different set of laws...... getagrip_already Dec 2022 #13
I guess everything to them is... usedtobedemgurl Dec 2022 #16
She, like the rest of the 117th Congress, was sworn in on 3 Jan 2021. niyad Dec 2022 #20
+1, and she's lying there were guns ... 85 of them along with Molitov cocktails uponit7771 Dec 2022 #26
MTG puts Big Mouth Bass to shame. ProudMNDemocrat Dec 2022 #12
GQP have been inciting violence for sometime ...... Lovie777 Dec 2022 #14
This is what happens when fascists don't have any fear of Democrats. Paladin Dec 2022 #17
Once again, we'll bring a butter knife to a machine gun fight... Silent3 Dec 2022 #54
+1 n/t area51 Dec 2022 #56
+1000. (nt) Paladin Dec 2022 #60
Fuck the magnetometers! Kid Berwyn Dec 2022 #19
They walk in a different America than we do. lees1975 Dec 2022 #21
But there were guns. And many other weapons, butt-plug. niyad Dec 2022 #22
wow DENVERPOPS Dec 2022 #38
I have many names for her, and her evil twin qbert. Sadly, daily they give us new niyad Dec 2022 #42
Indeed there were guns nuxvomica Dec 2022 #39
The opposite will happen central scrutinizer Dec 2022 #23
And voters will get exhausted of hertheir shitshow so they'll vote a Dem House Justice matters. Dec 2022 #62
"Could lander in front of a grand jury"? No. Should land her in front of a grand jury. Firestorm49 Dec 2022 #24
Yeah... no... Takket Dec 2022 #25
Oh, please! 3825-87867 Dec 2022 #28
I don't think so JustAnotherGen Dec 2022 #29
She is in the privileged group now nightwing1240 Dec 2022 #30
Dennis Hastert went to prison Genki Hikari Dec 2022 #34
Yes way too brief nightwing1240 Dec 2022 #45
Someone will come along and give her the mental illness excuse IronLionZion Dec 2022 #31
Maybe it is time to revise the military enlistment oath from "I, _____, do solemnly swear.......... usaf-vet Dec 2022 #32
She's one dirty politician. Not the dirtiest, but definitely in the top five. ancianita Dec 2022 #33
She likes to claim she was a victim of J6, too, tishaLA Dec 2022 #36
Marge, Did you plant the bombs? MagickMuffin Dec 2022 #37
What's wrong with them, is that they're exactly like her. Wednesdays Dec 2022 #46
..They think like she does? whathehell Dec 2022 #48
The majority of voters there are dumbass morons Effete Snob Dec 2022 #51
they hate the same people MTG hates DBoon Dec 2022 #73
We could learn something from watching how other democracies clean their house quickly. housecat Dec 2022 #41
Wasn't she at the Dec 18th planning meeting at the WH tikka Dec 2022 #43
Oh please, dear God! calimary Dec 2022 #44
All these right wing traitors need to be locked up! Emile Dec 2022 #47
Exactly what I thought NQAS Dec 2022 #49
When a Congresswoman asks the President for a pardon her first week on the job, Midnight Writer Dec 2022 #52
But this isn't an episode of "Law and Order"! Silent3 Dec 2022 #53
She's a dangerous person, with a big following. patphil Dec 2022 #55
Sounds to me like she's inviting an arrest... Incitement to riot among other possibilities. Ford_Prefect Dec 2022 #57
well, she asked 4 a pardon, mopinko Dec 2022 #58
She should be arrested now. ificandream Dec 2022 #59
Here's Hoping!! TY! nt Cha Dec 2022 #61
MTG charging the Capitol with butt plug in place Kaleva Dec 2022 #63
HOW is this not breaking the oath of office Skittles Dec 2022 #64
Yawn. IOKIYAR CrispyQ Dec 2022 #65
That's where I'm at. DOJ spinning wheels since Mueller. Oh, can we even see that report? Nooooo Evolve Dammit Dec 2022 #67
Didn't she tweet some seditious bullsht that day? Darkstar53142 Dec 2022 #66
I hope so Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2022 #68
Would the butt plug please approach the stand... Blue Owl Dec 2022 #70
She should be tossed out. Period. lindysalsagal Dec 2022 #71
May she end up in YoshidaYui Dec 2022 #74
She's good material for comedians. Too bad fascists have no sense of humor. housecat Dec 2022 #75
Please let it happen YoshidaYui Dec 2022 #77
...her mouth will get her in trouble.... trusty elf Dec 2022 #78
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