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In It to Win It

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67. I don't disagree
Sat Feb 11, 2023, 08:43 PM
Feb 2023
I don't think it's a problem that you can just throw money at to fix. You need serious reform, starting from the ground-up there. And investing national time and effort to do that seems counterproductive given that you resources are finite and could better be used on more Democratic friendly purple states (e.g., Georgia and Arizona) or even red states where such time and effort could actually pay off in the near term (e.g., North Carolina).

I think we're on the same page here, mostly. I agree that it's not a problem that only money will fix. I think that whatever it takes rehab the Florida Democratic Party, it will take outside help to accomplish. If the Florida Democratic Party is left to fend for themselves, we will remain massively disadvantaged as we are now because the opposing party has support in every way possible beyond financial support. They have money, infrastructure, and structure. The Republican Party in Florida didn't get those things all by themselves with no outside help. They had help over the years from the broader Republican Party.

Just as you listed Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina, those states were (and are) being nurtured and developed by the Party. The Party is willing to invest the time, support and money to do that. We were not winning in those states for a long time until we were and that took being active and engaging in those states. That same long term view and commitment of Florida would be needed, rather than just thinking of the short term. I think the short term view is one of several reasons why the Florida Dems have crashed and burned. There's no thought to the long term. There's not been much thought to incremental improvement until we have the structure and support to put us over the top. More importantly, I think that the Florida Dems overall are not very united, and I think outside help is needed to corral the Party into a cohesive group. I don't think the Florida Dems is in a position currently to do that on it's own.

I think back to 2008 and 2012 with Pres. Obama winning Florida. I think about how that scared Republicans and made them realize it's where they should increase their efforts in engagement and voter drives over the years with every incremental increase in voter base until they surpassed Dems. They completely took advantage of the conventional wisdom that Democratic turnout is poor in midterm years, which is when the most important elections in Florida happen. Florida Dems did not prove that conventional wisdom wrong yet. I look at the map and I feel there's not much room for expansion unless the Party is willing to lay down roots in places they don't usually win, which now includes Florida.

Florida just seems like a lost cause, in large part thanks to the voters -- maybe non-voters is more apt at this point... -- on the left.

Tell me about it! I do GOTV drives, I donate, I do everything I could to support the party. However, I live in Florida. If I don't fight for it, who will?

I haven't seen this near hopeless mix of factors in any other presumed "gettable" state and until it is somehow resolved, I think it is a waste pouring resources into the state when those resources at the present time could better be spent on other states that are closer to being Democratic leaning or even future Democratic stalwarts than Florida is right now.

I understand the feeling but that's why my view is long term, rather than near term or right now. You have to start somewhere. I think Texas is in the same boat. There are people that are willing to show up and vote. I'm one to think that just because we didn't win in 2018 or 2020 or 2022 (in Texas or Florida), that doesn't mean you take your foot off the pedal. While I understand that it's difficult to keep people engaged, if you ever hope to win in those states, you have to keep nurturing the base you're building as just we did in Georgia or Arizona, and are doing in North Carolina.

Maybe that's just my hopeless optimism.
Does the majority support fascism in Florida? Mysterian Feb 2023 #1
Apparently so. The majority of voters wanted to put the evil dick-tator back into office Sky Jewels Feb 2023 #7
Not so. I'm blue in this autocratic state, but there is a growing number of registered youth that ancianita Feb 2023 #10
Going to take decades madville Feb 2023 #34
Holy cow, that's awful! ShazzieB Feb 2023 #72
Still don't get how senior citizens in that state support idiots trying to make their lives more SouthernDem4ever Feb 2023 #80
The Republican retirees moving into the state far outnumber the up and coming youth. Mariana Feb 2023 #45
I hear you. ancianita Feb 2023 #63
But they are kinda pissed that their tax money is going to subsidize costs of the developers. Mariana Feb 2023 #70
Yep, I get that. Local news present Villages' tax protests as influential, but they're really not. ancianita Feb 2023 #71
They are if they get TV news coverage. calimary Feb 2023 #84
In one sense. But local coverage makes it look as if they'll sway the heavyweights, when they won't, ancianita Feb 2023 #85
What I personally find most galling is the abnormally large effort calimary Feb 2023 #86
It is galling. But look, ancianita Feb 2023 #87
Unfortunately, I think that may be part of the problem. W_HAMILTON Feb 2023 #54
I agree with In It to Win It Feb 2023 #59
I have helped with GOTV efforts in Florida in the past... W_HAMILTON Feb 2023 #61
I don't disagree In It to Win It Feb 2023 #67
Maybe it's because I never had any kids SouthernLiberal Feb 2023 #73
Don't know what having kids has to do with this, but ancianita Feb 2023 #79
It is! otchmoson Feb 2023 #12
I'm frustrated as hell. But I'm old and can only hope our young voters can see thru this crap. Not allegorical oracle Feb 2023 #17
It's very frustrating In It to Win It Feb 2023 #32
I can imagine...it's frustrating to watch from California BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 2023 #41
It's what happens when many don't bother to show up and vote In It to Win It Feb 2023 #18
Also happens when voters are disenfranchised like this 👇🏽 live love laugh Feb 2023 #44
+1, people don't understand how effective these dictator measures are even when MAGA doubles uponit7771 Feb 2023 #78
Or the state has some the lowest voter access in the union? uponit7771 Feb 2023 #75
The majority apparently only listens to FAUX NEWS. The cancer that has metastasized throughout..... usaf-vet Feb 2023 #47
fox is a decoy. not only is talk radio a bigger problem, it would be easy to fix. fox is part of the certainot Feb 2023 #81
No arguments from me other than we only have a weather radio in the house and when in the car.... usaf-vet Feb 2023 #82
The majority of the voting age public that gets off their ass to actually vote, is fascist in FL. spudspud Feb 2023 #50
it is disgusting that ANYONE votes for someone as fascist as DeSantis Skittles Feb 2023 #58
No, but cause red states like Florida, Texas, Missouri are dictatorships little they can do about it uponit7771 Feb 2023 #74
I am lucky enough to have been raised in the Pittsburgh area during the Roberto years. blue neen Feb 2023 #2
Me too Mysterian Feb 2023 #21
Wow! That's got to be very special for you! blue neen Feb 2023 #28
I think the little pissant Cha Feb 2023 #3
Yes republianmushroom Feb 2023 #4
Why ban picture books? cbabe Feb 2023 #5
It's not just Clemente... regnaD kciN Feb 2023 #6
Roberto Clemente was a far better baseball player than DeSantis could ever have been. blue neen Feb 2023 #8
Forget better baseball player... caraher Feb 2023 #11
100% agreed. blue neen Feb 2023 #19
Well, he sure can "model" the hell out of those 'white boots', can't he??? DemocraticPatriot Feb 2023 #57
OMG! DeSatan looked ridiculous in those white boots! blue neen Feb 2023 #60
Those children will have sterile minds and know nothing but bigotry and hate bucolic_frolic Feb 2023 #9
No, they'll go find those books and read them. The FL literacy rate will probably rise over ancianita Feb 2023 #14
Let's hope that the children are smarter than the politicians, and I think they are. erronis Feb 2023 #15
Oh, they are. ancianita Feb 2023 #62
Keep censoring latino history. Baitball Blogger Feb 2023 #13
I am too tired of this. NHvet Feb 2023 #16
That same Florida district banned hundreds of other books, including picture books pnwmom Feb 2023 #20
"Knots on a Counting Rope" is a book I read many times to my kids. It's very touching and panader0 Feb 2023 #68
I'm sure it was banned because of the non-white characters. pnwmom Feb 2023 #69
The kids will grow up thinking other races and genders weren't Ilsa Feb 2023 #22
Thanks for showing the beautiful book cover. yorkster Feb 2023 #23
I nominate this book to be the next one banned in Florida OnlinePoker Feb 2023 #24
God that picture on the cover. plimsoll Feb 2023 #26
Good ghod lambchopp59 Feb 2023 #33
Goes back at least to John C Calhoun NullTuples Feb 2023 #39
I'll wait for it to hit the "remainder" table. HubertHeaver Feb 2023 #48
May reason help us! burrowowl Feb 2023 #49
My recollection is that Florida was the most fervent state supporting the confederacy. plimsoll Feb 2023 #25
We fight for the uninformed middle. The Jungle 1 Feb 2023 #27
And yet people are still moving Tickle Feb 2023 #29
And it just keeps getting more red madville Feb 2023 #31
Is DeSantis thinking one down Tickle Feb 2023 #36
Apparently DeSantis isn't satisfied with pissing off the black people. patphil Feb 2023 #30
Enough! Joinfortmill Feb 2023 #35
Way past time for hitting the streets in Florida, en masse. (nt) Paladin Feb 2023 #37
The bad thing is Florida keeps voting for this shit too. Initech Feb 2023 #66
Not all of Florida. Not by a long shot. Paladin Feb 2023 #76
Yeah, can't have the kiddies finding out Grammaw and Grampaw were mean to baseball heroes Warpy Feb 2023 #38
Can't wait for Disney's cartoon version of Birth of a Nation maxrandb Feb 2023 #40
_ LudwigPastorius Feb 2023 #42
But it's disturbing ''White Comfort'', so it has to be pulled. n/t aggiesal Feb 2023 #43
White fragility on open display. Iggo Feb 2023 #46
It was probably the word "pride" on the cover that got it banned. Chainfire Feb 2023 #51
Sick people in Florida doing sick things sick people do. Scalded Nun Feb 2023 #52
They should pass out the number 3,000 in Florida. GreenWave Feb 2023 #53
They removed a Hank Aaron book too** NGeorgian Feb 2023 #55
Where is General Sherman when we need him ??? DemocraticPatriot Feb 2023 #56
Here's the list - 176 books are banned for school children in Duval County, FL FakeNoose Feb 2023 #64
Hey Ronnie, go shove your reviews up your ass! Initech Feb 2023 #65
DeSantis would love this book JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2023 #77
Oh FFS Jilly_in_VA Feb 2023 #83
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