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34. Thanks for the laugh.
Tue May 16, 2023, 05:42 PM
May 2023

"...looks like a penis, but much smaller." Genius.
I totally agree, Giuliani behaved abominably.

Let alone, just look at him: he's fucking disgusting. marble falls May 2023 #1
Worm was the word I used.... PCIntern May 2023 #2
And worm fills the bill. I worked a lot of places where men in power harass women under 21. And ... marble falls May 2023 #7
Honestly, that seems a bit unfair. HardPort May 2023 #12
Exactly! And been that way for a long time. LymphocyteLover May 2023 #18
True I'm an older woman and I say I would've made a joke joke about it but Walleye May 2023 #3
Horrifying. PCIntern May 2023 #4
Power corrupts. marble falls May 2023 #25
And their kind of power corrupts in the worst way Walleye May 2023 #27
True. It's not just younger women at risk. Noelle is 44. Marcuse May 2023 #41
This is why we all have to be there for each other. GreenWave May 2023 #5
I am convinced that kindness is good for your health Walleye May 2023 #6
ok, I searched before asking but what Giuliani thing? CurtEastPoint May 2023 #8
This is the first one on the list. LoisB May 2023 #9
He is a POS TheRealNorth May 2023 #10
PCIntern, you're one of the good guys. Scrivener7 May 2023 #11
Agree - PCIntern is a good guy. He cares about people in general. erronis May 2023 #24
You'd know by now if you were the type of person who could impose like that. Scrivener7 May 2023 #26
Great example. Revolting. Evolve Dammit May 2023 #28
Using humor to humiliate could backfire in this situation. diva77 May 2023 #13
He is hideous get the red out May 2023 #14
The whole idea is just nauseating Diamond_Dog May 2023 #15
I wouldn't be able to stop barfing if Guiliani got within 10 feet of me. The "ick" factor is strong LoisB May 2023 #16
Besides being a hideous human being AuntieKatie May 2023 #17
Rude Rudy Kid Berwyn May 2023 #19
It is disgusting!!! But I have a couple of questions: Bluesaph May 2023 #20
I'm with you, Bluesaph. moreland01 May 2023 #23
As a bedside nurse for 25 years I am rather surprised that anybody IS surprised. flying_wahini May 2023 #21
No kidding, men live in a privileged world Warpy May 2023 #29
It's so gross n/t hibbing May 2023 #22
My sister and I, near twins in most every way -- in education, politics, employment, etc... hunter May 2023 #30
I'm surprised it isn't being covered by the MSM. Hot story! n/t Peregrine Took May 2023 #31
Yes he is vile and disgusting vlyons May 2023 #32
You are definitely one of the good one, PCI. rudy, by the way, is, or was, impotent, niyad May 2023 #33
Thanks for the laugh. steventh May 2023 #34
I have to say Skittles May 2023 #35
"I have the super power of a cloak of invisibility that no female in her 20s 30s or 40s can see me.. Escurumbele May 2023 #36
Rofl. Thank you Joinfortmill May 2023 #37
" frontal lobe dementia" Is that a polite way of saying batshit crazy? flashman13 May 2023 #38
Well, yes, and no... PCIntern May 2023 #44
Remember Rudy on the bed with his hands down his pants in follow-up Borat film womanofthehills May 2023 #39
As someone born in the 40s, there was just so much that we happened that we took for halfulglas May 2023 #40
Could be long term alcohol damage to the brain n/t TexasBushwhacker May 2023 #42
It assaults the consciousness... kentuck May 2023 #43
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