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11. I listed some issues that look like good campaign material.
Sun Jul 16, 2023, 11:54 PM
Jul 2023

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Remember, keep it short and to the point.
People can't remember more than 4 or 5 things at a time. Some, 4 or 5 fewer.


Keep government from dictating what you read, your religion and your private life.

• The working person deserves a break rather than welfare for the rich.

• Americans believe in and defend the constitution because no American gains from harming another.

• Protect and expand medicare and Social Security so that health care is denied nobody.

• There is health, wealth and dignity for all when everyone pays their fair share.

• We fight for individual rights where others would deny them.

• America's needs are met by responsive, responsible government rather than contrived and fruitless culture wars.

YCMV (Your caption may vary)

Really? Chi67 Jul 2023 #1
No, we can get a lot of republican votes, if we don't drown them Meadowoak Jul 2023 #2
I am okay with drowning Republicans. rzemanfl Jul 2023 #3
I am too, but I think we can get a lot of republican women votes Meadowoak Jul 2023 #6
I sometimes struggle with what I read on the Internet TexasDem69 Jul 2023 #8
I wasn't suggesting that at all. I meant too many issues won't get us there. we have to pick one Meadowoak Jul 2023 #9
Thanks and apologies TexasDem69 Jul 2023 #32
I think it was a flippant Bettie Jul 2023 #10
Does "anyone" include the CMF rzemanfl Jul 2023 #17
Y'know, I'd probably Bettie Jul 2023 #18
How far would I have to drive? rzemanfl Jul 2023 #16
Wow Chi67 Jul 2023 #7
Thank you. I think the OP's suggestion is obscene. Mister Ed Jul 2023 #13
There is a difference between supporting and campaigning. brooklynite Jul 2023 #19
Trains Chi67 Jul 2023 #21
Do you really think Biden has to TELL people he supports LGBTQ and the Republicans don't? brooklynite Jul 2023 #22
Yes! Chi67 Jul 2023 #23
... Sky Jewels Jul 2023 #29
See, MY theory is: it's more important to WIN the election in order to address the issue... brooklynite Jul 2023 #30
I'll bring water..n/t SheilaAnn Jul 2023 #4
I should have said this rather than that I would pay to watch. rzemanfl Jul 2023 #15
I am thinking KentuckyWoman Jul 2023 #20
To answer your question... johnp3907 Jul 2023 #5
I listed some issues that look like good campaign material. usonian Jul 2023 #11
Thanks! Chi67 Jul 2023 #12
You are not wrong, unfortunately some of the responses Cosmocat Jul 2023 #14
I think they need an effective message against the culture issues... kentuck Jul 2023 #24
The wonderful thing about digital marketing is the messaging can be individualized. SYFROYH Jul 2023 #25
Exactly! Chi67 Jul 2023 #26
The message for the next election should framed as Hotler Jul 2023 #27
Money will be spent where it can get the most votes. Prairie_Seagull Jul 2023 #28
Dismantling Trickle Down Economics Johnny2X2X Jul 2023 #31
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