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16. You're picking a silly hill to die on IMO, but you do you.
Tue Aug 8, 2023, 02:58 PM
Aug 2023

People routinely assume that I’m Xtian and conservative because of my age, ethnicity & geographic region. I could get my junk in a twist about it, or I can chuckle and see it as an opportunity to defy their assumptions to their surprise and my amusement.

If you want to let it make you sour, then have at it.

I have no idea if they are or not, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #1
So your probability is around 50/50. emulatorloo Aug 2023 #5
I guess you could look at it that way, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #7
Yeah I am 59/41, but just a guess of course. emulatorloo Aug 2023 #10
The probability that any random white person you see is MAGA is fairly high. nt LexVegas Aug 2023 #2
True, unfortunately brush Aug 2023 #4
So as a random white person, who, BTW, is a truck driver, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #6
Only if you were assaulting a Black man who was simply doing his job. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2023 #8
Absolutely, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #9
I would call the statement reasonable and accurate Orrex Aug 2023 #13
No, it's not reasonable nor accurate, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #14
You're picking a silly hill to die on IMO, but you do you. Orrex Aug 2023 #16
Let's look at what the exit polls say... yardwork Aug 2023 #20
Got it, so any random white person walking down the street, in a car, etc, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #21
Not considered or assumed to be, no. yardwork Aug 2023 #22
That's absolutely a fair point. MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #23
you are not a 'random white person'. Voltaire2 Aug 2023 #34
I'm talking about any random white person walking down the street, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #36
I'm a random White person. Would that include me, if you saw me? Ocelot II Aug 2023 #15
I guess the understanding of 'random' is not clear. Voltaire2 Aug 2023 #35
Exactly, since a majority of white people voted for Trump, twice. yardwork Aug 2023 #18
I don't think many people understand statistics. nt LexVegas Aug 2023 #19
Magic 8 ball says, "Signs point to yes." emulatorloo Aug 2023 #3
What is the probability that they were drunk? Midnight Writer Aug 2023 #11
As the old saying goes, MarineCombatEngineer Aug 2023 #12
Highly likely.. Srkdqltr Aug 2023 #17
Along with being assholes. nt Raine Aug 2023 #32
80% I'd say. Elessar Zappa Aug 2023 #24
Post removed Post removed Aug 2023 #25
You're free to start a poll who are the real MAGA racists. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2023 #29
Kenny Rogers - The Gambler stuck in the middle Aug 2023 #26
What I find amusing here... stuck in the middle Aug 2023 #27
My bookie won't return my calls to place this bet Kennah Aug 2023 #28
no i bet they all read the guardian prodigitalson Aug 2023 #30
100% drunken, a$$hat boater... As for the rest??? JCMach1 Aug 2023 #31
I would say all signs point to yes. Initech Aug 2023 #33
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