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200. What of Israel's Apologists?
Sun Oct 15, 2023, 07:51 AM
Oct 2023

Breaching the 1947 borders? No problem? Occupying land you've no claim to? Hey, ask any Native American what we did! Ignoring UN Resolutions? The good ol' USA gotcha covered! Want us to go war with Iran for ya, like we did with Iraq? Just say the word! There's no such thing as spilling too much American blood for Israel, because you're our best buddy! Let's just forget about the USS Liberty, Jonathan Pollard, Rachel Corrie, and all those inconvenient breaks in the rosy illusion!

Who here is supporting Hamas? LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #1
Read posts and comments Joe Cool Oct 2023 #4
I don't see it. LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #15
We would all like that SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #74
Who blamed Israel? LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #79
If you've missed SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #82
Israel lives on the world stage too. LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #88
Look for the thread about bulldozing Gaza. Marius25 Oct 2023 #91
OK, I'll look for it. LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #93
Rep. Dan Goldman already said Israel is telling civilians where to hide Marius25 Oct 2023 #95
I agree with you 100% n/t SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #107
There are now 1000 dead and 5000 injured Palestinians- half could be kids womanofthehills Oct 2023 #122
Read up a little further in this very thread. marybourg Oct 2023 #127
Are you saying Israel has no agency? Redleg Oct 2023 #97
I'm not saying they don't have agency SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #110
There will be collateral damage no doubt Redleg Oct 2023 #150
Same n/t SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #151
But - we live in a different world now where everyone records everything on their phone womanofthehills Oct 2023 #179
No country SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #181
Hello -this is 2023 - that's not a rational statement womanofthehills Oct 2023 #189
Funny that SickOfTheOnePct Oct 2023 #190
I'll say it - Hamas "should" have not murdered innocent people" womanofthehills Oct 2023 #193
Concern for Palestinians is not support for Hamas iemanja Oct 2023 #140
This demand for absolutism in every word expressed even while the DUer(s) referenced hlthe2b Oct 2023 #143
+1 Celerity Oct 2023 #175
+1 Showing concern for Palestinian suffering doesn't diminish the suffering of Israelis SunImp Oct 2023 #180
The leader of Hamas isn't even located in Gaza... AntiFascist Oct 2023 #168
Not me vlyons Oct 2023 #16
Plenty of people are coming up with excuses or putting all the blame on Israel Marius25 Oct 2023 #60
The Israeli people are putting the blame big time on Netanyahu & want him removed womanofthehills Oct 2023 #194
I havent seen anyone on here supporting Hamas. Eko Oct 2023 #2
I think its less "pro Hamas" and more "anti Israel" brooklynite Oct 2023 #3
Making excuses for Hamas Joe Cool Oct 2023 #6
Who made excuses for Hamas? LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #17
People who spend more time whining about the war crimes of Israel than what Hamas Marius25 Oct 2023 #72
Do you have a link? LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #76
It's against the ToS I believe to call people out like that Marius25 Oct 2023 #80
Link to the thread(s) MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #99
It's easy to see all over this forum. Go find it. Marius25 Oct 2023 #100
So.... MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #102
Linking to threads generally is o.k., marybourg Oct 2023 #113
+1 Celerity Oct 2023 #125
I found some other responses in the Biden confirming beheaded babies thread Marius25 Oct 2023 #112
The WH walked that back -- no confirmation of beheaded babies obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #153
Marius25, it pains me that you meet supportive comments with as much disdain as you do those that hlthe2b Oct 2023 #145
Thank you. Calm, rational thought is wise, not pro-Hamas Attilatheblond Oct 2023 #186
But they didn't succeed in saving the babies womanofthehills Oct 2023 #196
Yes to Netanyahu and his Likudist government being the problem, but that is something hlthe2b Oct 2023 #197
And a lot is complete unawareness of the 75 year long marybourg Oct 2023 #130
No one is anti Israel but big time anti - Netanyahu womanofthehills Oct 2023 #184
Yea, I ForgedCrank Oct 2023 #5
A lot of excuses for Hamas Joe Cool Oct 2023 #9
I see ForgedCrank Oct 2023 #14
Nope obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #45
The democratic party is a very big tent. Sometimes a bit Tomconroy Oct 2023 #7
Point out specific posts, if you could... RockRaven Oct 2023 #8
Go read posts and comments Joe Cool Oct 2023 #11
Link? LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #19
Go through and read posts and comments. Joe Cool Oct 2023 #22
I read almost every post. Seriously, I don't see it. LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #29
No, the onus is on YOU to show the receipts for your claim. You made it, back it up. Celerity Oct 2023 #31
Are you unable to read the "But Israel" comments that have been on this board Joe Cool Oct 2023 #39
+100 n/t Just_Vote_Dem Oct 2023 #50
Again you are erecting false framings, as well as providing no evidence of actual 'pro Hamas' Celerity Oct 2023 #55
Call outs are against the DU TOS. former9thward Oct 2023 #89
How very convenient MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #104
You can do so without showing the posters name, or simply post a link to the entire OP thread Celerity Oct 2023 #105
+1 Disaffected Oct 2023 #111
That's not a call out ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #169
There are a few Dorian Gray Oct 2023 #66
What I see ForgedCrank Oct 2023 #83
False frame. The words 'but Israel' certainly do NOT auto-equate to pro-Hamas, nor support for them Celerity Oct 2023 #108
+1 MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #101
You understand that the OP is making a claim that is impossible to verify ... DBoon Oct 2023 #134
Posting a thread link is not against TOS, I have seen it done hundreds (thousands?) of times Celerity Oct 2023 #136
so you are saying the OP *could* provide evidence via thread links DBoon Oct 2023 #137
They theoretically could, but in reality likely cannot, as I maintain no one here is dong what Celerity Oct 2023 #139
So you are asking why so many people post things that you interpret as support for Hamas? RockRaven Oct 2023 #23
Nope obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #47
I don't believe that is permissible under our site rules. marybourg Oct 2023 #52
certainly isn't. I routinely see links to previous posts -(nt)- stopdiggin Oct 2023 #69
Linking to threads generally is o.k., marybourg Oct 2023 #114
I see the distiction. thanks. stopdiggin Oct 2023 #117
Are you perhaps confusing the plight of Palestinian AntivaxHunters Oct 2023 #10
No, I'm pointing out the Joe Cool Oct 2023 #13
There's 2 sides in this conflict AntivaxHunters Oct 2023 #133
'But Israel' is not 'Go Hamas!' Voltaire2 Oct 2023 #149
Maybe the Palestinians should stand up to Hamas for once. Joe Cool Oct 2023 #20
With their fist and forks or maybe voting Hamas out of office? uponit7771 Oct 2023 #61
Maybe the Russians should stand up to Putin, too DBoon Oct 2023 #128
People who are oppressed often can't AntivaxHunters Oct 2023 #131
That never occurs to people determined to hate someone ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #172
Exactly. Well said AntivaxHunters Oct 2023 #174
Hamas is a violent criminal organization DBoon Oct 2023 #132
So many new people here on DU! It's just wonderful! leftstreet Oct 2023 #12
People obviously missed the word APOLOGISTS Joe Cool Oct 2023 #18
Are you thinking of the women and children and the Palestinians? pwb Oct 2023 #21
Post removed Post removed Oct 2023 #24
You have it all figured out. pwb Oct 2023 #32
Post removed Post removed Oct 2023 #36
Says you. So eh? pwb Oct 2023 #38
Take it easy there, pal. LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #44
The women and children who support Hamas? Joe Cool Oct 2023 #26
"The women and children who support Hamas" obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #154
Absolute strawman and false framing. Show these 'pro Hamas' posts on DU. Celerity Oct 2023 #25
Read through posts and comments as I have done all day. Joe Cool Oct 2023 #28
You're wrong. LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #33
No, I'm right. Joe Cool Oct 2023 #35
If you say so then. LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #41
No, YOU made the claim, it is on you tp back it up. Speaking out against war crimes (potential Celerity Oct 2023 #37
Post removed Post removed Oct 2023 #42
You just called Celerity "Trump" obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #59
thank you obamanut Celerity Oct 2023 #85
Varsgod! obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #155
What does trump have to do with this? Right he killed Soleimani. pwb Oct 2023 #77
Why did you just call me Trump! Fucking outrageous smear, shameful! Celerity Oct 2023 #81
Looks to me like the poster was deliberately inciting DU strife with this thread. nt PufPuf23 Oct 2023 #124
I agree obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #156
Yep. n/t demmiblue Oct 2023 #160
Maybe its not PRO Hamas kwolf68 Oct 2023 #27
I don't see any Palestinians protesting against Hamas. Joe Cool Oct 2023 #30
I haven't either. I have seen demonstrations celebrating the attack. Tomconroy Oct 2023 #86
It's always "But Israel..." n/t Just_Vote_Dem Oct 2023 #92
I don't think it can be denied that much of the far left here in the US Tomconroy Oct 2023 #96
Maybe because it could be a Disaffected Oct 2023 #116
The Palestinians now have their chance to destroy Hamas themselves. Joe Cool Oct 2023 #34
Probably for the same reason that US citizens haven't wiped out all the MAGATs. LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #57
Right? Sky Jewels Oct 2023 #94
That is an utterly simplistic Disaffected Oct 2023 #119
Zero Hamas apologists here, stop it obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #40
"But Israel" Joe Cool Oct 2023 #46
Just stop it obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #62
+1 MorbidButterflyTat Oct 2023 #109
Not true. Go look at the Biden confirms beheading thread. Marius25 Oct 2023 #115
No there isn't obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #147
No, they're allowed to speak. Patton French Oct 2023 #187
Post removed Post removed Oct 2023 #43
For what, pointing out the Hamas apologist attitude on this site? Joe Cool Oct 2023 #48
Read the DU rules. TomDaisy Oct 2023 #49
Jury disagreed, huh? Tomconroy Oct 2023 #98
It's very safely one step removed, lapucelle Oct 2023 #144
No one here is supporting Hamas. However there are those of us who support the Palestinians. Autumn Oct 2023 #51
Why don't they rise up against Hamas then? Joe Cool Oct 2023 #56
The members here on DU? leftstreet Oct 2023 #67
Because while they are suffering badly, they are not yet suffering badly enough LuckyCharms Oct 2023 #71
and they have children they would rather not orphan stopdiggin Oct 2023 #90
this is extremely simplistic stopdiggin Oct 2023 #87
Why didn't black people rise up against Jim Crow? ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #170
I was almost believing you bigtree Oct 2023 #198
Any comment that does not unequivocally condemn Hamas Joe Cool Oct 2023 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author bigtree Oct 2023 #199
It's a left-wing forum, and while most of the people here are no pro-Hamas Marius25 Oct 2023 #54
Yep, and people are denying it. Joe Cool Oct 2023 #58
Post removed Post removed Oct 2023 #65
+ a million n/t Just_Vote_Dem Oct 2023 #78
Support might be a stretch, but there is a fair amount of rationalizing what Hamas is doing. egduj Oct 2023 #63
I'm seeing almost nothing of the sort stopdiggin Oct 2023 #64
Yup. Absolutist right down to the preferred "wording"... Nothing else acceptable. hlthe2b Oct 2023 #103
one just might reach for a word .... such as, intolerant? -(nt)- stopdiggin Oct 2023 #106
Okay, that's enough. Iggo Oct 2023 #68
I've not seen that at all NewHendoLib Oct 2023 #70
I seriously doubt there is a singe Hamas supporter or Hamas apologist on this site. Autumn Oct 2023 #75
No clue as to what you are talking about. Xolodno Oct 2023 #73
Going to guess you've been hit with a barrage of "Nobody said that" Maru Kitteh Oct 2023 #84
Yeah there's tons of "nothing to see here!" responses to this. Marius25 Oct 2023 #118
Excuse me but, Disaffected Oct 2023 #120
Do those same people think that the wholesale slaughter of Israeli civilians lapucelle Oct 2023 #135
Recognizing that 2 million civillians don't deserve death due to the actions of a terrorist group... jcgoldie Oct 2023 #121
Iarael is fine but Likud party is a disaster RANDYWILDMAN Oct 2023 #123
Post removed Post removed Oct 2023 #126
That's a great question. lapucelle Oct 2023 #129
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Oct 2023 #138
Who??? Strawman. scipan Oct 2023 #141
Unrec. nt BWdem4life Oct 2023 #142
+1 Celerity Oct 2023 #146
Top 10 Worst OP Ever ProfessorGAC Oct 2023 #148
Agreed obamanut2012 Oct 2023 #152
Yup hlthe2b Oct 2023 #157
Nope. NT Patton French Oct 2023 #162
If I Were You... ProfessorGAC Oct 2023 #163
Heh. demmiblue Oct 2023 #165
well played Celerity Oct 2023 #176
... LexVegas Oct 2023 #166
And bigoted in the extreme. ExWhoDoesntCare Oct 2023 #173
+10 Celerity Oct 2023 #177
... demmiblue Oct 2023 #158
Don't know but antisemitism has been around for millenia. LexVegas Oct 2023 #159
That's a really good question. Patton French Oct 2023 #161
... demmiblue Oct 2023 #164
LOL Kali Oct 2023 #192
The attitude of the OP won't help Israel. NotVeryImportant Oct 2023 #167
The atrocities committed by Hamas against innocent Israeli children and grandmothers are totodeinhere Oct 2023 #183
Being critical of Israel isn't the same thing as excusing Hamas. Crunchy Frog Oct 2023 #171
Weird how some Democrats in 2023 are starting to sound like Republicans circa 2001. Act_of_Reparation Oct 2023 #178
I am by no means a Hamas apologist. I understand that Israel is fighting an enemy that wants to totodeinhere Oct 2023 #182
The problem is that we have a number of people who won't pass the Hamas test ripcord Oct 2023 #195
They're all across the globe, so why not here? Kennah Oct 2023 #185
K&R. William769 Oct 2023 #188
I have seen posts supporting genocide here, so what? JanMichael Oct 2023 #191
What of Israel's Apologists? Fresh Water Falling Oct 2023 #200
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