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23. I saw Katyal on The Last Word
Wed Nov 15, 2023, 04:26 PM
Nov 2023

and he seemed rather indignant about the timeline Willis quoted saying that if Trump wins the election before being found guilty, he can't be imprisoned in any way. Willis on the other hand often reminds us that it's her job to follow the law with an absence of political considerations. But there may not really be that much daylight between them .

All I know is I'd love to see that loser lose everything and go to prison.

Good one........................... Lovie777 Nov 2023 #1
She can still indict Putin gab13by13 Nov 2023 #2
Don't worry about her overstepping, Trump will be demanding his redneck army arrest her. Chainfire Nov 2023 #3
Georgia Magats will fire her. gab13by13 Nov 2023 #4
I love summery justice. jaxexpat Nov 2023 #5
If you lived where I live the Summerys are quite unpleasant. It gets hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell here. Chainfire Nov 2023 #7
Guess you don't have any... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #14
Well, I will admit, the Summers do give me a case of the ice. Chainfire Nov 2023 #16
You obviously haven't been to Texas or Florida in the summer ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #20
Actually I have... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #24
You nearly owed me a keyboard. niyad Nov 2023 #6
LOL ananda Nov 2023 #8
Ha, ha, ha! PatSeg Nov 2023 #9
🤣👍 bringthePaine Nov 2023 #10
You got me! Goddessartist Nov 2023 #11
Listening to a guest on Stephanie Miller gab13by13 Nov 2023 #12
I saw Katyal on The Last Word BaronChocula Nov 2023 #23
Good one...very good. If she could, the entire World would be in her debt. Escurumbele Nov 2023 #13
Trump won't ever rat on Putin Yavin4 Nov 2023 #15
Mary Trump has offerred the opinion that his personality will collapse at some point in the process with the possible Ford_Prefect Nov 2023 #17
I don't think sane people can actually understand what goes on in a crazy person's head Bucky Nov 2023 #18
Manson did crack ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #21
He won't have a graceful ending. Yavin4 Nov 2023 #19
I hope it collapses before MadameButterfly Nov 2023 #25
More like Dracula IMO...far more blood thirsty than Caligula. Ford_Prefect Nov 2023 #27
but equally insane MadameButterfly Nov 2023 #30
But are the windows high enough? ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #22
I'll bet that soft ground did cushion your fall. ShazzieB Nov 2023 #28
Bwah! Blue Owl Nov 2023 #26
But it does include Putin's American assets. housecat Nov 2023 #29
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