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84. Cool. She can finally wear her NEW designer coat with "Fuck You All" painted on it.
Fri Nov 24, 2023, 03:15 PM
Nov 2023

Couldn't wear the same thing twice you know

There will be cameras there. I can't decide if she will go for the photos/videos. But gross, right?
Really kind of makes me sick mountain grammy Nov 2023 #1
Me too. She's as disgusting, gold-digging, and self-servingly corrupt as her filthy traitor husband. FoxNewsSucks Nov 2023 #6
Me, too claudette Nov 2023 #20
I read it somewhere... COL Mustard Nov 2023 #29
You might have seen it here in one of the image dumps. Pretty niyad Nov 2023 #51
COL Mustard, that could be the hardest challenge Her Excellency could ever face! calimary Nov 2023 #61
I love the saying COL Mustard Nov 2023 #85
Yes, the entire Donnie Dipshit era makes me see maxrandb Nov 2023 #46
Exactly! mountain grammy Nov 2023 #68
me too melanoma is a pice of shit gopiscrap Nov 2023 #98
Ya think tfg will let her go? chicoescuela Nov 2023 #2
Why would she care what her husband thinks? brooklynite Nov 2023 #49
Might be a condition MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #104
Will she go.. will the traitor let her? Cha Nov 2023 #3
Who knows, are they even living in the same place? FoxNewsSucks Nov 2023 #5
I seriously doubt that Melania wants to go PatSeg Nov 2023 #89
Agreed! ShazzieB Nov 2023 #95
I hope she doesn't bring her traitor husband nt doc03 Nov 2023 #4
I really hope neither Trump shows up. ShazzieB Nov 2023 #34
Jimmy Carter will have Military Honors as well. ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2023 #100
And he also smells. He would stink up everything. n/t RKP5637 Nov 2023 #79
If malaria has one iota of class or thoughtfulness, she will niyad Nov 2023 #7
What? And miss the opportunity to show off her "I don't care" coat? struggle4progress Nov 2023 #8
Had not thought of that. niyad Nov 2023 #50
Or worse Niagara Nov 2023 #63
I thought that was Ivanka. MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #105
You're so right, Morbid! Niagara Nov 2023 #115
Or, to talk about her 'new kidneys.' Mr. Evil Nov 2023 #73
Well, in that case, I guess she'll be there. ShazzieB Nov 2023 #35
Sadly true. niyad Nov 2023 #52
if she had any class, RicROC Nov 2023 #64
I don't really have a problem with this, for exactly the reasons they gave. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #9
+ struggle4progress Nov 2023 #10
Melania is at least capable of controlling herself Ocelot II Nov 2023 #11
At Barbara Bush's funeral, she looked like a real person. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #13
I suspect Trump was pissed at Barbara Bush. ShazzieB Nov 2023 #36
She looked like she was in ecstasy MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #106
You really think so? cab67 Nov 2023 #91
Her taste in clothing and home decor is irrelevant to her attendance Ocelot II Nov 2023 #92
Very much agreed. n/t SOteric Nov 2023 #82
Melanoma doesn't care. Makes me cringe, but it's class I'd expect from Carters. Silent Type Nov 2023 #12
The Carters blue neen Nov 2023 #14
She rode The Donald's coattails into infamy. czarjak Nov 2023 #15
Gracious duty, crass refusal to happen UTUSN Nov 2023 #16
Why is my bs detector fake news going off on this story ? kimbutgar Nov 2023 #17
I dont know. ShazzieB Nov 2023 #38
It's being reported in the Washington Post Tanuki Nov 2023 #88
she should decline Skittles Nov 2023 #18
Kind of ironic claudette Nov 2023 #19
Is being a lesbian now on DU's list of character flaws? mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2023 #33
No, and I never said it was claudette Nov 2023 #37
Mentioning it is weird enough. They way you did it is sick. twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #94
I don't think Melania is/was a lesbian. Most of the lesbians I've met have been cool people. LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #114
Yes, Rosalynn Carter was religous dflprincess Nov 2023 #117
Very classy of the Carters. 💕 nt Raine Nov 2023 #21
Yes they are. Thanks for your post. madinmaryland Nov 2023 #22
Absolutely claudette Nov 2023 #28
invite fair and proper thing to do dembotoz Nov 2023 #62
I doubt if she has the slightest interest in going. Demobrat Nov 2023 #23
Depends on what her handlers tell her to do JT45242 Nov 2023 #24
I've been calling this one an agent handler for a long time jmowreader Nov 2023 #43
I have thought the same. The "Einstein" visa thing was weird. niyad Nov 2023 #53
You have doubts? MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #107
She doesn't get a plus one, does she? gratuitous Nov 2023 #25
Hope someone dissuades her from the "I don't care" coat. nilram Nov 2023 #26
I can see why they invited her. Silver Gaia Nov 2023 #27
It is the correct thing to do, especially from people who "claim" to be Christians FHRRK Nov 2023 #30
religion is not required to be a good person Skittles Nov 2023 #31
I 100% agree with you FHRRK Nov 2023 #32
I was originally against Carter because he was just another phony Christian. I was wrong. keithbvadu2 Nov 2023 #103
But what is in it for Melania? tetedur Nov 2023 #39
She will wear her "I really don't care" jacket milestogo Nov 2023 #54
I wouldn't have invited that trash to come, Emile Nov 2023 #40
Will she have even a drop of self-awareness if she goes--sitting there and seeing the stark distinctions hlthe2b Nov 2023 #41
I think Michelle will sit next to Barack malaise Nov 2023 #42
I read that as Malaria sitting next to Barack MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #109
😀😀😀 malaise Nov 2023 #120
Melania's invitation is another example of the Carters going high democrank Nov 2023 #44
As she should be Docreed2003 Nov 2023 #45
The question will be when Jimmy Carter goes will Trump be invited dsc Nov 2023 #47
Being around thoughtful, decent people might be confusing to her. Might be terrifying. Judi Lynn Nov 2023 #48
My guess is Melania is very, very busy right now and can't attend... llmart Nov 2023 #55
😂😂😂😂😂👏👏 Traildogbob Nov 2023 #60
Thanks for that laugh mountain grammy Nov 2023 #69
Maybe She'll Take Time Away Deep State Witch Nov 2023 #71
If former FLOTUS attends, it will be the eulogy that gets to her... ProudMNDemocrat Nov 2023 #56
I would have invited her tavernier Nov 2023 #57
Hah! UTUSN Nov 2023 #96
"I don't care". twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #58
It will be a real study in contrasts. CaptainTruth Nov 2023 #59
I don't get it. Owens Nov 2023 #65
I don't get it, either. TSExile Nov 2023 #66
Inclusive, non-grudge-bearing folk, see a woman in a very lonely little clique struggle4progress Nov 2023 #86
Norms. Duty. UTUSN Nov 2023 #97
The Real Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue SocialDemocrat61 Nov 2023 #67
Class vs. Crass Deep State Witch Nov 2023 #70
"Former Nude model" is the more accurate description. NoMoreRepugs Nov 2023 #72
From a lot of previous comments Old Crank Nov 2023 #74
Seriously? Gold-digger was dragged intio the situation? NoRethugFriends Nov 2023 #76
Seriously Old Crank Nov 2023 #87
Maybe 🤔 nwduke Nov 2023 #75
She will be at the end of the line so pwb Nov 2023 #77
Just shows the class of the Carter family for inviting her. a kennedy Nov 2023 #78
They don't want this to be about Trump. Joinfortmill Nov 2023 #80
That trashy sack of $hit won't go. BigDemVoter Nov 2023 #81
Melania will attend. A rehearsal... Grins Nov 2023 #83
Oh MorbidButterflyTat Nov 2023 #110
Cool. She can finally wear her NEW designer coat with "Fuck You All" painted on it. librechik Nov 2023 #84
treating her normally is the wrong thing to do. ZonkerHarris Nov 2023 #90
It is a lose, lose situation for her. If she doesn't attend she will look like she is snubbing. If she does attend twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #93
Maybe the "fake Melania" would go, but I don't think the real one will FakeNoose Nov 2023 #99
She probably won't go anyway. Lunabell Nov 2023 #101
I really don't care, do you? Emile Nov 2023 #102
Rosalyn JustAnotherGen Nov 2023 #108
This move shows the graciousness of Mrs. Carter cabotnn22 Nov 2023 #111
This message was self-deleted by its author LudwigPastorius Nov 2023 #112
Does she know the "I am in danger" signal so she can be rescued? marble falls Nov 2023 #113
That's how classy the Carters are. BlueTsunami2018 Nov 2023 #116
Rosalynn would want her there Tree Lady Nov 2023 #118
I totally agree. nt Raine Nov 2023 #119
I actually did not need this news to inform me soldierant Nov 2023 #121
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